ABC's 'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland' Debut Improves its Hour

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October 11th, 2013


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ABC Thursday Prime (8-11pm – 7.8 million and 2.5/7 in AD18-49): ABC earned second place on Thursday, beating Fox (6.9 million and 2.4/7) and NBC (3.4 million and 1.1/3).  The Net was up 67% over the year-ago night in Adults 18-49 (1.5/4 on 10/11/12).


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (8-9pm – 5.7 million and 1.7/5 in AD18-49):  During the 8 o’clock hour, ABC’s debut of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland topped NBC’s comedies by wide margins (Parks and Recreation/Welcome to the Family = 2.9 million and 1.0/3) in Total Viewers (+97%) and Adults 18-49 (+70%). The Wonderland premiere gained young adult audience (+6%) from its first half-hour to its second half-hour. Given the strong TV playback gains for Once Upon a Time, the ABC drama spinoff will likely see a substantial increase in the L+3 and L+7 numbers.  Once Upon a Time in Wonderland improved its time period over the year-ago night with Last Resort by 6% in Adults 18-49 (1.7/5 vs. 1.6/5).


Grey’s Anatomy (9-10pm – 8.7 million and 2.8/8 in AD18-49):  At 9pm, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy ranked #1 in Adults 18-49, tying Glee’s Cory Montieth tribute episode, while leading CBS’ comedies in the hour by 17% in Adults 18-49 (The Crazy Ones/Two and a Half Men = 2.4/7) and more than doubling NBC’s comedies (+155% over Sean Saves the World/The Michael J Fox Show = 1.1/3). 


Scandal (10-11pm – 9.0 million and 3.1/9 in AD18-49): Once again building on its Grey’s Adult 18-49 lead-in (+11%), ABC’s Scandal (3.1/9) towered over its 10pm drama competition, beating CBS Elementary by 63% (1.9/6) and NBC’s Parenthood by 158% (1.2/3).  It also ranked #1 in the slot with Total ViewersOn average in Adults 18-49, Scandal is up 70% over its first two telecasts last year (3.4/10 vs. 2.0/6) making the ABC drama the fastest growing returning series this season.  For the 2nd week in a row, ABC’s Scandal was Thursday’s #1 drama and also the #2 TV show of the night in Adults 18-49 (tie), behind only CBS’ The Big Bang Theory.

  • Cas

    Hmm this article says it improves over Last Resort and the other ratings article says it was lower than the Last Resort premiere. Interesting, as I thought networks compared premiere numbers to premiere numbers?

  • UKTVFan

    ABC is comparing the Wonderland premiere last night (10/10/13) to the third episode of Last Resort, which aired the Thursday of the comparable calendar week last year (10/11/12).

  • r0ckmypants

    @Cas – In the comparable week one year ago, which ABC is using, Last Resort aired its third episode, not its premiere. That third episode got a 1.6.

  • Percysowner

    Networks only compare premiers to premiers if it makes the new show look good. If, as in this case, the numbers for the new series are worse from the premier, then they scramble for something to make it look good. Which is why they are comparing year ago ratings. I highly doubt you will ever see a network Press Release stating, “Lord did the ratings tank on this show”.

  • UofMguy423

    Cancel Betrayal and move wonderland to Sundays at 9pm. Only way to make that show work in live airings.

  • Alecia

    Always love reading ABC press release ;-).

  • Rod

    Disney needs to Stop resuscitating this dead show and let it go gracefully!

  • Josh

    They really should move OUAT Wonderland to air after OUAT on Sunday… Thursday is killer (competition wise) and if they want the show to survive, it won’t on Thursday. That said, not sure if there is an audience for it — I love OUAT but am not really interested in OUAT Wonderland although I will give it a watch this weekend On Demand.

  • Shepherd


    I highly doubt you will ever see a network Press Release stating, “Lord did the ratings tank on this show”

    Nice! :) Of course, people might actually take them seriously if they did.

  • Wright

    Well that’s good news at least. I thought the show was OK. It’s not like there is anything else to watch at that time.

  • Alex J

    Wow, thats a great spin article. Some politician should hire the ABC new release team.

  • cimmer

    I keep saying, if ABC issues a PR it’s because they’re not happy about how a show did,(I suspect it’s much the same for the other networks but with ABC it’s a given).

  • Linda

    I really enjoyed,
    Once Upon a Time In Wonderland. It was quite a refreshing new show!

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