Actress/Comedienne Sandra Bernhard to Guest Star on ABC Family's 'Switched at Birth'

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October 11th, 2013


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Episodes to air in January, 2014


Burbank, CA (October 11, 2013) – Actress/singer/comedienne Sandra Bernhard (“Roseanne,” “The L Word,” “The Neighbors”) will guest star in ABC Family’s original drama series, “Switched at Birth.” In a recurring role, Bernhard will play Teresa Lubarsky, a groovy art professor at a local college where Bay (Vanessa Marano) is taking classes.  The Peabody Award-winning family drama returns for a third season in January, 2014.


“Switched at Birth” is executive-produced by Lizzy Weiss (“Blue Crush”), Paul Stupin (“Make It or Break It”) and  John Ziffren (“Melissa & Joey,” “Make It or Break It”). The series stars Katie Leclerc as Daphne Vasquez; Vanessa Marano (“Gilmore Girls”) as Bay Kennish; Constance Marie (“George Lopez”) as Regina Vasquez; D.W. Moffett (“Friday Night Lights”) as John Kennish; Lea Thompson (“Back to the Future,” “Caroline in the City”) as Kathryn Kennish; Lucas Grabeel (“High School Musical”) as Toby Kennish; Sean Berdy as Emmett Bledsoe; with guest star Marlee Matlin (“The West Wing”).


Part of the Disney/ABC Television Group, ABC Family is distributed in over 97 million homes. ABC Family features programming that reflects today’s families, entertaining and connecting with adults through relatable programming about today’s relationships – told with a mix of diversity, passion, humor and heart. ABC Family’s programming is a combination of network defining original series and original movies, quality acquired series and blockbuster theatricals. Emmy® Award-winning provides a variety of interactive entertainment and community features from rich fan-centric programming – including blogs, viewing parties, webisodes, full episodes of the network’s hit programming, along with sneak peek exclusive previews and behind-the-scenes clips. ABC Family is also the destination for annual Holiday events with “13 Nights of Halloween” and “25 Days of Christmas.” ABC Family. A New Kind of Family.

  • merrranga

    “Switched At Barf”

  • M

    ^ was that comment really necessary?

  • merrranga

    ^ was that comment really necessary?

  • M

    Wow you must really have nothing better to do with your life that you had to copy my own comment… No one ever taught you if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all?

    Leave the show alone

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    i find Sandra Bernhard to be a disgusting person inside and out. hence the comment.

    i don’t think anything on any entertain website ever in the history of man has ever been ‘necessary’, not a word.

    Wow you must really have nothing better to do with your life that you had to complain about my comments… No one ever taught you no one cares what you think?

    and don’t worry like most people on a Monday, i will definitely leave the show alone.

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    You should take your own advice then…. No one cares that you dislike her so you shouldn’t have posted the comment to begin with

    If you don’t even watch the show why do you care who guest stars on it or not?

    If people left the show alone it wouldn’t be in its third season

    So yeah maybe most comments are unnecessary but yours definitely takes the cake

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    i know no one cares what i think. still gonna say it. why? cause i don’t care what you think! see how that works?

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    So if you don’t care what I or anyone else thinks, and you know no one cares what you think, why have you wasted all this time replying back to a simple question… Was that really necessary?

    PS I can keep going at this forever… just give up

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    and as i said, not one word on this entire website is necessary.

    you can keep replying to me? congratulations! that IS pretty impressive.

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    “PS I can keep going at this forever… just give up”

    alas, would but it were…

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