'Dads' Gets Order for Six More Scripts

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October 11th, 2013


FOX has ordered six more scripts for comedy freshman Dads.

  • Eric

    Wait…. How? I thought “Dads” was tanking in the ratings? Or am I mistaken here?

  • WoWza


  • Jess

    Seriously what are they thinking? It’s ridiculous

  • Derek

    Well, well..the Seth MacFarlane factor must be a powerful thing.

  • EatMorePez

    Remember, this is the same network that refused to pull The Mob Doctor last year when everybody and their mother thought it would be yanked after 2 episodes.

  • BenA

    I’m sure Dads will be cancelled before May of next year. I think that it get additional scripts due to it being from the creator of Family Guy. However, if FOX can move this to Fridays and move Raising Hope back to Tuesdays, that will be great.

  • AdamP

    MY DEAR GOD! This is a huge surprise, as I made a very confident guess that Dads would complete it’s six episodes and then be yanked. This is a vote of confidence apparently in the second worst comedy to debut this fall (1st being Super Fun Night). If this has happened, then there should soon be a full season pick-up for Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  • bluelp85

    Scripts are not the same as actual episodes. The network just wants to see where the show is going. Very doubtful they’ll get made.

  • CrimTV

    wtf? If I were Fox I would just put it out of it’s misery! It should not stay on the air any longer!

  • Babar Suhail

    Wait, what?

  • Ricky

    If this gets six extra scripts, Brooklyn Nine-Nine deserves a full season order!

  • Midnight

    Admittedly this hasn’t quite tanked to CW levels just yet. I certainly thought it would do worse, but it’s only been Mindy Project levels of bad.

  • Shepherd


    Spot on. I think Fox just wants some extra ammunition when it comes to cancelling the show. If these scripts are bad, they can easily justify the cancellation.

    On the other hand, Fox may have asked the writers to make some adjustments and they just want to see if that might work out first.

  • Mel

    It’s pretty obvious Fox has given up on Tuesday night and with three comedies under 2.0, it’s pathetic.

  • Kate

    I’ve said ALL ALONG that Fox would be hesitant and need A LOT of ammunition in order to yank this one. I think they’ll at least let it run through midseason. Fox will not risk screwing up their relationship with Seth MacFarlane.

    Also for the comment on CW – Yes CW has low ratings; however the network survives because it’s the closest to targeted advertising that can be found anymore. For brands that want to hit females 18-34 (or younger though younger isn’t categorized) and gay males (sorry if anyone finds that offensive) – there is no cheaper way to target them than the CW. Also the reason the 18-34 and 18-49 matters rather than total viewers is b/c advertiser would rather spend money on undecided brand users who they’ll have for 50 years than older people who’ve already chosen their brands and will not be buying 50 years from now anyway.

  • eridapo

    You have to be kidding me…. Fox is desperate than. They must not have anything in their stable to replace this turkey.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    How many episodes have been ordered so far?

  • Wright

    Well good for them.

  • nexttodads

    Well that explains why the writers have been staying past midnight this week!

  • AniMatsuri

    Somewhere Seth MacFarlane is rubbing his hands and says “suckers!”.

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