'Dads' Gets Order for Six More Scripts

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October 11th, 2013


FOX has ordered six more scripts for comedy freshman Dads.

  • Dan S

    Why doesn’t Dads just die already ? I see Fox is now promoting Raising Hope on Fri which is a BIG mistake. It belong on Tues & if any show goes to Fri it should be Dads.

  • Tom

    “For brands that want to hit females 18-34 (or younger though younger isn’t categorized) and gay males (sorry if anyone finds that offensive) – there is no cheaper way to target them than the CW.”

    @ Kate

    Except that the CW programs don’t prominently feature gays. If you’re assuming gay guys will get all giddy over the male models on that network, guess again. There’s no study out there to suggest that gay viewing habits differ materially from the rest of the population. I would, however, expect gays to be somewhat more interested in programs like “The L Word” or “Southland” that featured gays in a realistic context. Similarly, I doubt if gays would be more inclined than anyone else to watch badly written shows like last season’s The New Normal just because they feature gays.

  • HV

    fox has ordered more scripts for both this and B99. i think that Fox will pick one of them up for a full season. which will obviously end up being B99.

  • cas127

    “If the last episode ends with a mass shooting of the cast members, I’ll watch.”


    They could do a “very special” crossover episode with “Sons of Anarchy”…

  • HalCapone

    Meaningless PR gesture. Don’t be fooled. Dads will be canceled.

  • Steve

    Remember: this is a network that renewed The Simpsons for its 26th season even though it hasn’t been funny since the Clinton Administration.

    Let’s face the truth: Fox owes Seth MacFarlane big time for basically keeping the network relevant for the last 15 years. Why wouldn’t they order more scripts for Dads? American Dad and Family Guy are about as funny as colon cancer, why wouldn’t they want more? If Seth threatens to leave, their ratings could be zero and they’d still renew his drivel.

  • Igwell

    I see Fox is now promoting Raising Hope on Fri which is a BIG mistake.

    FOX is done with Hope. It topped out at 1.8 last season.

  • CraveRecords

    This has to be one of the cheapest shows to make. Not surprised as it could get stuck on any night and do within .1 of what it’s doing now. It won’t grow, though.

  • JonniMac

    Dads is underrated. The pilot wasn’t good, but I’ve seen a couple episodes since and the jokes are 10 times better than any multi-cam on CBS. Nice to see Fox sticking by a multi-cam.

  • Dan

    Looks like we have another Full season / additional episodes situation like we did last fall with Mindy Project and Ben & Kate

    Brooklyn Nine Nine will probably get a full season and Dads will get additional eps maybe totaling 19 episodes.

    This shows us two things

    1) Fox has no faith in its midseason comedies Enlisted, Us & Them, and Surviving Jack

    2) Dads isnt flopping bad enough to warrant cancellation just yet, in a word they would rather air all episodes maybe get a full season in, pretend that they’re fine with in and cancel it in May.

  • Joseph A

    Can only think that the order of scripts would be to see if they have something better that can be put into production and shot

  • Dan

    I posted my recent comment and sure enough Us & Them was cut to 6 episodes.

    Looks like there’s no faith in that department.

  • Anon

    There must be a TP shortage in El Lay.

  • KJ Styles

    SMH, so much for everyone who had this being among the first 3 cancellations (myself included).

  • spinthesky

    If Dads is getting more scripts, while they’re at it, FOX might as well renew the rest of the comedy block altogether for new seasons.

  • KJ Styles

    “FOX is done with Hope. It topped out at 1.8 last season.”

    Dads has only topped that rating once, which was the pilot..and that was before the season premieres of NCIS, SHIELD, and The Voice.

  • Alan

    I think it will air from 12 to 14 episodes and have some unaired ones., like it happened with Ben and Kate.

  • Ray

    One word. Why?

  • Igwell

    “Dads has … topped that rating”

  • MS

    The name “MacFarlane” pulls a lot of weight at Fox.

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