'Dads' Gets Order for Six More Scripts

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October 11th, 2013


FOX has ordered six more scripts for comedy freshman Dads.

  • Bitter Go On Fan (Former Bitter Ringer Fan)

    Actually I do enjoy the show very much, probably because I love Family Guy and American Dad. But I know its cancellation is inevitable.

  • charmedcraft

    I’m sure FOX thinks the ratings are ok, there aren’t many shows pulling high ratings anymore and networks can’t dump all their shows. DADs and B99 have some funny aspects to them.

  • Dahne

    Are you kidding me? Give that money for extra season 1 Sleepy Hollow episodes and be done with this trash.

  • DB

    Wow seriously? This show is awful.

  • Dan

    The cancellation is inevitable but FOX finds themselves in a situation much like last year, although this year they have a hit drama where last year Mob Doctor was DOA.

    Fox is just delaying the inevitable, they figure 6 more episodes couldn’t hurt, especially as a bridge to a midseason series like Surviving Jack.

  • Networkman

    I believe Murder Police was to air on Sunday Night come midseason. With that show cancelled Dads can be moved over to Sunday night to air out of Family Guy. The two may share an audience and that will help Dads ratings increase. Giovanni is a real talent. And having Martin Mull on the show as well should provide for a lot of laughter. So, the show just needs to improve in writing.

    Sunday after Football
    7pm The Simpsons repeat
    7:30pm American Dad!
    8pm The Simpsons
    8:30pm Bob’s Burgers
    9pm Family Guy
    9:30pm Dads

    I feel Enlisted should air on Tuesday paired with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Also The Mindy Project’s episode order may be cut and then Us & Them can run for 6 weeks after New Girl to see how it performs. Friday night would then be Raising Hope and Surviving Jack.

  • Networkman

    @charmedcraft, you are right. FOX has to be thinking that both Dads and Brooklyn Nine-Nine have found their bottoms. They seem to be stabilized and both are doing better than the entire NBC Thursday night lineup. And that is saying something since the MJF show was much anticipated. Also without The Office and 30 Rock, Emmy nominated Amy Poehler’s Parks & Rec is not able to successfully lead off the night. Both comedies had to face The Voice, the dominating performance from the series premiere of SHIELD and the powerhouse NCIS. So FOX must be pleased with how steady they have been these weeks.

  • CreacK

    Why is everyone hating on Dads? I love it. Ive been having to watch it online since its at the same time as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. adn NCIS. It is hilarious. I want to see how it would do on Sundays. Maybe Fox canceling Murder Police and ordering six more scripts for Dads means theyll be moving Dads to Sunday. It is a Seth Mcfarlane and does seem to share qualities with his other shows.

  • James


  • Dan

    @NetworkMan- I believe with Murder Police axed, FOX’s intentions are to keep Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad and Bob’s Burgers in their current slots and not shift American Dad around to 7:30 even if it is the last season on FOX. My guess is if Dads gets more episodes, it will just air out in its current slot and then be replaced by Surviving Jack.

    Airing Dads on Sundays would be a bad move.

  • KevinY

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine has also received additional script orders.

  • David James


    I agree. Surviving Jack will air Tuesday at 8pm at midseason, Dads may receive a couple more episodes to bridge the gap. Enlisted will go after Raising Hope on Fridays and Us & Them probably be a burn off like The Goodwin Games last year.

  • Melanie

    Dads gains 6 scripts which may or may not become episodes, Us & Them loses 6 episodes = FOX ahead on production costs.
    No confidence in the midseason line-up and they have to air something. Also, I’m sure they remember the fiasco of cancelling Family Guy, only to have it blow up on Adult Swim. They have more reason to believe a Seth MacFarlane show will find its feet than that Raising Hope will suddenly be a ratings success on Tuesdays.

  • mike

    why dads is a disappointing show just like mom

  • mike

    since american dad leaving and murder police cancelled they should bring back the cleveland show

  • DM

    This show has scripts?

  • Tommy M.

    NBC to FOX – “Welcome to our neck of the woods!”

  • ToXiX

    So why did they make a post about this and not about Brooklyn Nine nine getting additional scripts?

  • ha

    lmao what

  • ToXiX

    Dads isn’t as bad as people claim. The pilot wasn’t good and last weeks episode wasn’t that good, but the other 2 episodes were very funny. My LOL goes to all the people who were dead on thinking Dads was the next cancellation. Brooklyn Nine Nine is far superior series however, and if I had to chose which one gets a back order, it’s definitely B99.
    Us & Them looked like basically another Ben & Kate, no idea why that was even picked up.
    Enlisted would make a better pairing with B99 IMO.

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