'Dads' Gets Order for Six More Scripts

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October 11th, 2013


FOX has ordered six more scripts for comedy freshman Dads.

  • Caitlyn

    @James Do you have any idea how television works? New girl is one of their highest rated shows… Not in a million years would they consider dumping it for a show like Dads or even B99.

  • Body of Poof

    Now that’s funnier then the actual show. lol. What a joke!

  • Ike

    Once again Mitchell makes some good points. What kind of rating is Dads getting in the elusive MEN 18-34 demo? Certain advertisers will pay a lot for that audience.

    Also, the person who said that you shouldn’t underestimate the power of politics in the TV world has an excellent point. As I’ve also pointed out before, MacFarlane is powerful now.

  • Dan

    Dads isn’t horrible its just predictable and repetitive jokes. But FOX wants to please Seth Macfarlane and keep his writers at work so instead of cancel the series now

    They did the same thing with Mob Doctor last season. Instead of pull the show, they sucked it up, aired all 13 episodes and waited for The Following.

    Last season they also extended Ben & Kate because they had no faith in The Goodwin Games and they still abandoned that hour (after doubling up on Raising Hope) in favor of Hell’s Kitchen. My guess is their original plan was to air Ben & Kate’s 19 eps and then premiere Goodwin in late March/Early April.

    This season, the two hour Tuesday block will kept intact all season.

    Raising Hope will probably produce 20 episodes this season combined with 2 leftover form last season totaling 22. 9 or 10 are expected to air this fall so the remaining 12 should pair nicely with Enlisted on Fridays.

    IF Dads gets extra episodes totaling 19, they will likely air in the current slot until Surviving Jack premieres. Although FOX may want to flip Surviving Jack and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Its very likely that Dads may move to 7:30 by February and Surviving Jack will premiere around then.

    Us & Them will probably get a Goodwin Games style Burnoff.

  • merrranga

    for those of you saying it must be macfarlane’s name that keeps this alive and they don’t want to ‘screw up their relationship’, i have 2 words for you: The Winner.

  • Joseph A

    If you have the backbone of a good show it makes sense to order more scripts

  • paddii

    Ordering more scripts doesn’t mean anything. It just means: “At the moment we think the show is a total flop. But we wanna air the episodes we produced before we make our decision. So we order new scripts so people don’t get to suspiscious.”
    Same happend to Emily Owens MD last year. They ordered more scripts but the cancellation was still obvious…

  • Huh

    For everyone saying that Fox is doing this to cozy up to Seth MacFarlane; if that’s true, why’d they cancel Cleveland Show, and why are they shuffling American Dad to TBS?

  • Kev

    …wait what!? okay now Fox is just pathetic.. the ratings are so horrible – please let it go, the actors deserve better.

  • Jon

    This sure is better than the reality shows that would replace it. I am still hurting since Life On A Stick was yanked.

  • Kyouya

    Is this some kind of sick joke?

  • E.S.


    “The Cleveland Show” got four–count them–FOUR seasons. Enough to get the show into broadcast syndication, despite the mediocre ratings it had. McFarlane can–and will–pull the strings at FOX to get what he wants.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    ““The Cleveland Show” got four–count them–FOUR seasons. Enough to get the show into broadcast syndication, despite the mediocre ratings it had. “

    Demonstrably nonsense.

    2009-10 and 2010-11 Cleveland Show was at or above Fox’s average ratings for scripted shows. Average rated shows get renewed.

    Only in the Spring of 2012 (3rd season) did its ratings dip well below Fox’s scripted average, and by then Fox was going to get the show 4 seasons no matter what.

    Dads is already lower compared to the current Fox ratings average than the Cleveland Show ever was. It’s 100% dead, notwithstanding people’s fantasies about Seth MacFarlane’s powers.

  • Lord Seth

    Has ANY show where scripts–not episodes, just scripts–have been ordered been actually renewed? Because it seems like that “only ordering scripts” thing only occurs for low-rated shows, and they never seem to get renewed.

    The only show I can think of where scripts were ordered but the show was renewed wass Adventure Time, and in that case the scripts were presumably ordered before it even aired as a way to “jump start” the next season if it turned out to be a success, but not investing the money necessary to animate it in case it turned out to be a bust.

  • Why Watch

    If they are keeping this show on, it must mean Fox doesn’t have any better replacement for this sad sack of a show.

  • pete

    Dads is great, funny and very not PC that’s what makes it great

  • Spero

    6 scripts, and not a full season pickup, means cancellation.

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