How Many Hours Until NBC Announces That 'Community' Is Replacing 'Welcome To The Family'? (Poll)

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October 11th, 2013


When a new show face plants out of the gate, with an obvious replacement in the wings, we typically do a "How Many More Episodes Until It Gets Replaced?" poll, but I thought I'd change things up a bit.

NBC's rookie sitcom Welcome To The Family was clearly DOA after it's premiere last week. After another dreadful rating last night, it's in, as Tony Kornheiser might say, "A gotsta go" situation.

Conveniently, NBC has long time Thursday sitcom veteran Community just waiting to take over, as it certainly will (perhaps directly for WTTF at 8:30, perhaps into 8:00 with Parks & Rec moving to 8:30), it's just a matter of when.

Or for the purposes of this poll, exactly when it will be announced.

Take your best shot. Or several.

  • Greg

    Well, they have to replace Sean Saves the World too. I would rotate between Community, Parks, and MJF airing double episodes for each week until December.

  • Jeff (Canada)

    Sometime today.

    If NBC is dead-set on keeping comedy on Thursdays, I think it should be:

    8:00 – Community
    8:30 – Parks & Rec
    9:00 – Michael J Fox Show
    9:30 – Sean Saves The World (or another new show)

  • Hobbitual

    Probably sometime this afternoon.

  • Pinkle

    This poll just made my day!

    WTTF gets pulled within the next 24 hours, probably today.

    NBC will put Community at 8pm. While fans would probably prefer it at a different time, it’s the best and smartest move for them now.

  • Seth

    I think today (Friday), by the end of the weekend for sure.

  • snoot

    I am in agreement with Jeff. I like that lineup for NBC.

  • PRW

    SSTW or new show
    MJF show

  • Ricky

    Is it too much to hope for a full-length season order for Community when Welcome to the Family gets pulled?

  • shogun

    Better question, who acutally thinks that Community will get significantly better ratings than Welcome to the Family?

    ‘Cause I don’t.

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    Welcome to the Family is becoming eerily similar to The Mike O’Malley Show. I aired on NBC in fall of ’99 with the same star of the show. It was cancelled after 2 episodes (just like this one will be), and ironically costarred Will Arnett, who is the star of the show’s main competition, The Millers.

  • Dan

    @Bill – Let me ask you this. Is Community ready to return like Mike & Molly was?

    If production in Community is at a point where it can premiere soon then I’d say it could return by next week maybe the week after.

    I could see this by November

    8:00 Community
    8:30 Parks & Rec
    9:00 The Michael J Fox Show
    9:30 Sean Saves the World
    10:00 Parenthood

    Maybe by midseason Sean could pair with Undateable Tues at 9 when Voice goes on hiatus and About a Boy and Growing Up Fisher could share the 9:30 slot.

  • Cyrax86

    Don’t they have several other comedies on the bench? Community might be saved for later use.

  • James

    I don’t think Community has even hit 0.8 even facing TBBT.

  • Michael1

    Wouldn’t NBC be better off replacing “Welcome to the Family” with “We Are Men”?

  • Dan

    @Cyrax86 – NBC has other comedies but they have set slots for About a Boy and Growing Up Fisher and plus its better to put in a show that is familiar like what CBS is doing with Mike & Molly.

    @Ricky – it’s entirely possible for NBC to order more Community episodes maybe 3 more so it can reach 100.

  • HV

    I say that in 5 hours (around 2:00 Pacific time) NBC will announce WTTF’s cancelation. i think though that NBC will let the show burn off its remaining episodes in its timeslot, and then air MJF repeats until January, when Community finally replaces the show. also, i think that NBC will add 3 episodes to Community’s 13 episode order.


    NBC should do more changes on Thursday than just plug Community in here.

  • Oliver

    I think NBC comedy is such a disaster that they might have to take more radical measures than just bringing in Community.

  • Dan

    @Michael1 – I see what you did there

    @Shogun – Community will do better than WTTF, significantly I’m not sure but it will get above a 1.2

  • Bram

    @Cyrax86 It’s literally just Community and Undateable.

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