'Us & Them' Cut to Six Episodes by FOX

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October 11th, 2013


Us & Them, which previously had a 13-episode order from FOX, will only be airing the six currently-produced episodes (plus the pilot), according to Deadline.

  • Charlie

    looks awful smart move

  • Oliver

    looks great dumb move

  • Mitchell

    Ha, I literally just said this in the Dads post, that Fox’s midseason comedies must suck if Mulaney is being ordered and they’re debating extending Dads’ episode order. Us and Them gets cut to six, Enlisted gets pushed to January and Murder Police gets cancelled outright: Fox is having some bad luck with their midseason comedies, and it’s not like their Fall comedies are doing much better.

  • CrimTV

    The Goodwin Games 2.0 :(

  • SJ

    NOOO! This was the show that was supposed to get the post-SB boost! Dammit Fox, why do you always push your most promising shows to the summer? (Because let’s face it, there’s no way this sees light of day before May.)

    Horrible decision. But now we know why Dads and B99 got additional script orders.


  • CrimTV

    Hopefully Dads either moves to Fridays or doesn’t get those scripts ordered to episodes and Raising Hope returns to Tuesdays at 8pm.

    I’m thinking that it will be New Girl/Brooklyn Nine-Nine after SB?

  • Jerry

    I do hope that Surviving Jack, well, survives. I was amused by the preview!

  • Tommy

    Ugg… With every passing day I’m get more and more annoyed with FOX. Sure! Lets give ‘Dads’ more scripts and more or less cancel the series that seemed to be able to reach the most audiences… brilliant!!!!

  • AppleStinx

    Oh, it has nothing to do with Pink Floyd.

  • CrimTV


    Change B-9-9 to Surviving Jack

  • CBSviewer

    Us and Them is the next The Goodwin Games.

  • Justin121

    Because FOX is doing sooooo hot right now with comedies they don’t have room for this…

  • Ram510

    Well now we know why Fox ordered 6 scripts for Dads

  • Babar Suhail

    And thus this becomes The Goodwin Games of this season.

  • Mirelle

    I was looking forward to ‘Us & Them.’ Why is fox cutting it short before it even begins?

  • Charmed

    I was looking forward to it :( why would they do this, it can’t do much worse than Dads and B-9-9

  • Anne Noise

    Stacked cast. Too bad it appears to be doomed.

  • HV

    I say that Surviving Jack replaces Dads, and if Enlisted does awful, then Fox will pull it after around 7 episodes, and Fox will put Us & Them there. either Enlisted’s remaining episodes, or Us & Them if Enlisted does awfully, will be aired in the summer, if it’s Us & Them, it will air on Mondays, if it’s Enlisted, it would air on Friday or Saturday.

  • Shepherd

    Despite all of the networks (except FOX) being up this year, they all still seem to be struggling, except maybe CBS. FOX already seems to be in panic mode, and I expect NBC and ABC to begin their own scramble soon.

  • Igwell

    FOX couldn’t cut it to zero because they already made six.

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