'Us & Them' Cut to Six Episodes by FOX

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October 11th, 2013


Us & Them, which previously had a 13-episode order from FOX, will only be airing the six currently-produced episodes (plus the pilot), according to Deadline.

  • Gio

    Us and Them seems to share some audience with New Girl… It could be a good pair =(

  • SJ


    And CBS is not struggling? Have we been reading the same ratings reports?

  • Nikki

    Sad..i was looking forward to this show. Who knows it might do well and get more episodes. It looks really good, with a really great cast. Hope it does well.

  • Donof

    I agree that this can’t do worse than Dads and I have no idea why they wouldn’t give it a shot. Some of the best shows are given no shot. Friends With Benefits on NBC was moved to Summer on Friday a few years back. It’s has some of the most clever writing of a sitcom comedy. People should check out the 13 episodes on Netflix.

  • Dan

    Brooklyn Nine Nine is this seasons Mindy Project

    Dads is this seasons Ben & Kate

    Us & Them is this seasons Goodwin Games

    I’d be surprised if it makes it on the schedule but with all the comedy for midseason, Enlisted & Surviving Jack fox doesn’t need the extra Us & Them eps.

    I saw this coming after Fox ordered more Dads eps

  • sue

    @SJ @Crimtv ….FOX has already confirmed that New Girl has the post SB spot…at least for now. I’d say a combo of NG and Brooklyn 99 is a good bet.

    I wonder if this early boot means good things for The Mindy Project.

  • Em J

    Well as a huge Gavin and Stacey fan, I was going to watch this to see how it was. I saw the trailer it’s a little bit different but if I am honest, there is only one Gavin, Stacey, Nessa and Smithy! (Smithy’s name has been changed to Archie if I remember right) SO if this gets canceled I won’t be surprised. But then again, Gavin and Stacey had 6 episodes each series (It’s normal here, in the UK. I am still confused, about your lots Nilsens ratings.)

  • Dan

    The cast of Us & Them should look for new pilots for next year.

    I could see Surviving Jack succeeding Dads and maybe Us & Them replacing Enlisted.

    Idk well see. One things for sure, Fox isn’t canceling anything anytime soon, unless Almost Human tanks.

  • sue

    When I watched the trailer it seemed very heavy on charm, very low on comedy. Then again, New Girl’s pilot kind of did the same thing and it got funny pretty quickly after that. I guess the following episodes/scripts for Us & Them just didn’t give FOX enough hope that it would build momentum the same way.

  • Dan

    My guess is that Raising Hope and Enlisted will air 13 eps for both on Fridays through April. Fix could dump Us & Them in that slot after those 2 are over or save the show for the summer. Either way its cancelled.

    Surviving Jack could replace Dads by March assuming Dads gets more eps and it airs all of them.

    I expect New Girl, Brooklyn 99 and Mindy Project to remain in their current slots all season.

  • John A

    Never heard of it. But how bad could it be? Surely no worse than Dads. Sometimes the crap shows can be hits. Look at Under the Dome.

  • starship

    Pretty sure Raising Hope has a full (20 + 2 left over from last season) episode order. It’s definitely not going back on Tuesday at this point. Even if Dads doesn’t get any additional episodes ordered, Raising Hope would be doing worse in its place, so Dads will be replaced with Surviving Jack or that new show they ordered. I have a sneaky suspicion that most of the new comedies will bomb nonetheless and Mindy will get a 3rd season, which would be great news in my book as I find myself enjoying it more and more with each episode, unlike New Girl which has become unwatchable and has completely lost its Season 1 charm.

  • Alan

    So it seems that FOX prefers dumb comedies about stupid men than a romantic comedy LOL, it’s a shame. No wonder why their comedy shows are doing so bad.

  • Networkman

    Unfortunately, I just don’t think Jason Ritter has what it takes to lead a comedy series. I think he is charming and can be a great supporting player in a dramedy. I think he would fit well in The Crazy Ones having a huge star power in Robin Williams to lead while in plays more the serious role. But he just doesn’t have the comedic timing or the charisma like his father.

  • Wildchild

    All I want is for Surviving Jack to premiere already. THAT show is going to be funny and brilliant!

  • Flame

    The series will become this year’s Goodwin Games.

  • David Howell

    The question is whether it can top the two in-season episodes of the other BBC adaptation this year, Lucky 7. With this lack of confidence I suspect it might not…

  • The 47th

    That’s a shame, I was really looking forward to this.

  • David James

    By May Fox will probably end up renewing New Girl, The Mindy Project and as long as it’s stable Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Other than those three the only other show that may eek out a renewal is Surviving Jack, and they appear to have the most faith in that one out of their midseason efforts.

  • AdamP

    Huh, well then.

    Murder Police got “Next Caller”d (cancelled before debut)
    Dads is getting “Mob Doctor”d (terrible ratings stretched out to Nov. sweeps)
    Now Us & Them has been “Goodwin Game”d (promising show has episode order cut down, possibly delayed until Summer)

    Not surprised considering Fox supposedly weren’t very happy with it.
    Wow, I’m just saying I could run Fox better than this.

    What I would’ve done by now:

    Picked up Brooklyn Nine-Nine to full season
    Let Dads make it to episode six then cancel it
    Wouldn’t have cut down Us & Them order

    Fox is panicking that their schedule is weak, as I predict all four networks to do this season.

    ABC is in a tough spot with their comedies, as it is difficult to decipher which of the four is worth giving a full season as they’re all performing fairly equally (Goldbergs and Trophy Wife for full seasons, but that’s just me)

    CBS already panicked with We Are Men, cancelling it after two episodes because it’s ratings weren’t as good as the other three shows. Thing is, ratings weren’t much worse and I expect 2 Broke Girls and Mom to hit those level ratings before the end of the season as well.

    NBC’s Thursday night block is suffering greatly from CBS’ new, stronger block, meaning even established hit Parks & Rec is doing badly. The one network I would NOT want to be in charge of right now is NBC because after the hell Mary comedy purge they performed last season most all of the new comedies are doing even worse. I said it then, they should’ve kept Go On and Whitney, though in comparison ratings wise it appears that keeping even Guys with Kids would’ve been a smart move compared to the new train wreck they have. It would be unwise for them to do another purge and keep only Parks & Rec, Michael J. Fox Show and possibly Community, they just have to except that in the comedy department their slate is weak, and must lower their standards for comedies in order for ANY to succeed.

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