'Us & Them' Cut to Six Episodes by FOX

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October 11th, 2013


Us & Them, which previously had a 13-episode order from FOX, will only be airing the six currently-produced episodes (plus the pilot), according to Deadline.

  • PRW

    Does this count as the 3rd cancellation (if we forget Murder Police)?

  • CrimTV


    But I read on a pretty reliable website

    “For now, Fox says it plans to air the produced episodes, but for all intents and purposes, the show is over, and the cast has been told they can take new jobs”

  • Nikki

    @ crimtv i saw that same thing on another site. That sucks though it was supposed to be really good.

  • California

    So what they could air after SB, NG and Surviving Jack? B99? The Mindy Project? Ohhh my…

  • Percysowner

    How bad was this if they cut the order and then order more scripts for Dads?

  • Joseph

    If the “Us And Them” pilot isn’t going to run after the Super Bowl, what will or should Fox do??

    The network might want to run “American Idol” to give that show a boost it may badly need.

    But I suspect most Fox affiliates would want the network not to feed anything after the Super Bowl broadcast ends, so their late-evening local news could directly follow the post-game show and clean-up in the ratings, not to mention promote their local news teams.

  • breathesgelatin

    Ugh, “Us and Them” looked really good. I’m disappointed. :(

  • Raykov

    I think there’s a real possibility that Fox only renews New Girl and doesn’t order any new comedies for next season… which will result in New Girl going to Sundays at 9:30.

  • sue

    @California @Joseph

    It’s already been confirmed that New Girl has the post Superbowl spot. Not sure what else after that.

  • Aron

    This show isn’t dead 24,glee, gang related and cosmos are airing Premiring late may. If that’s when fox chooses to premire it

  • ToXiX


    I think its a real possibility that you haven’t taken your medication today.

  • Billiam

    Damn! I hope they don’t get cancelled all together. I don’t watch many comedies but I like both actors of this one so am planning to give it a try… FOX needs to do SOMETHING because their current sitcoms just aren’t getting the job done.

  • Raykov


    Why? Comedies are not winners for FOX. They didn’t have comedy blocks in seasons 2008-2009 & 2009-2010 and launced the comedies along the animation domination block. On the other hand their dramas are strong this year. Maybe we can see full seasons next season of both Sleepy Hallows and The Following. And though The X factor is not as strong as Fox wants it to be, it’s stable and it may see another season (maybe without the result show). For the last two seasons their comedy block has been a drag, only New Girl performs well and Raising Hope was stable at a lower level.

  • California

    Couse Sunday is ANIMATION Domiantion night.No sitcoms there.And The Following will nto have full season order.

  • Nikki

    @ california We know The Following didnt get a full season.. it got 15 episodes like it did the first season. The Following is great.. im looking forward to the 2nd season. But about Us and them.. i cant believe they cut the order already. With the cast that have and the success the original had why would they cut it. Their other comedies suck. This looked really funny, who know maybe the 7 episodes they air will do really well and they will kick themselves in the ass for cutting it. I think its going to do well.

  • Alex J

    The Office had only 6 episodes it’s first season. Is there any hope?
    The preview looked good, and Gavin & Stacey was a great show in the UK.

    I am just very confused why FOX would do this since their line up looks weak and there is nothing I am really excited about. The same could have been said about Goodwin Games.

  • Mark Watson

    Why can’t Us & Them be broadcast by FOX?

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