Second Biggest Total-viewer Jump Ever in Live+3 for October 7 Episode of 'The Blacklist'

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October 12th, 2013


via press release:

Week three of “The Blacklist” has delivered the second-biggest time-shifting increase ever for a broadcast show going from “live plus same day” ratings to “live plus three day,” and “Blacklist” now has generated the two highest increases ever and three of the top four.


The Oct. 7 telecast grew by 4.526 million viewers overall going from its L+SD audience of 11.184 million to a L+3 viewership of 15.710 million.  The only program in broadcast-network history to add more was the Sept. 30 “Blacklist,” which grew by 5.081 million viewers.  Number three on the list is the Oct. 3 telecast of CBS’s “Big Bang Theory” (4.398 million) and fourth is the Sept. 23 premiere of “The Blacklist” (4.362 million).


Week three of “The Blacklist” retained 96% of the show’s week-two viewership in L+3 (15.7 million vs. 16.4 million).


In adults 18-49, week three of “The Blacklist” retained 92% of the show’s week-two rating in “live plus three day” 18-49 results (4.53 in week two vs. 4.95 in week one, L+3).


In adults 18-49, week three of “The Blacklist” rose from a 3.09 rating in “live plus same day” to a 4.53 in “live plus three day,” according to data from Nielsen Media Research, a lift of 1.44 rating points or 47%.


  • zth

    Wow, The Blacklist is the biggest DVR player EVER. What a huge HIT for NBC.

    And no, people who are watching it on DVR are not just watching it because of The Voice.

  • bjssp


    Indeed. It looks like a legitimate hit for NBC. These slips are fairly minor, and it appears to be holding its audience well. I’ll be very interested to see how it holds up this week.

    The key, of course, is to get people to watch it live.

  • coonio

    it’s a great show

  • Joseph

    LOVE this show! So well deserved

  • ha

    I’m not a fan like everyone else seems to be of this one. I actually think it getting a full season will be detrimental to the story. 22 eps of this? They focus too much on the perps (like every other procedural) then in the last few minutes have some new ~twist to keep you coming back the next week. Probably gonna drop it soon.

  • California

    It will have next year post SB slot if stay steady. :)

  • anna g

    The show keeps getting better with each episode- especilly now with the inrigue concerning Liz’s husband and mysterious murder connected to his gun.

  • rose rony

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