'Supernatural' & 'The Originals' See Big Gains in L+3

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October 13th, 2013

I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here

via press release:
In Live +3 Day delayed viewing, the second episode of THE ORIGINALS, in its new Tuesday night time period, saw a 35% increase in total viewers versus Live +Same Day viewing (2.59M vs. 1.92M), a big 48% bump in A18-34 (1.22 vs 0.83), a 57% gain in W18-34 (1.74 vs 1.11), and a 43% increase in A18-49 (1.28 vs 0.9).

The ninth season premiere of SUPERNATURAL, which in its L+SD ratings was the most watched  and highest-rated season premiere for the show in three years, saw an additional 27% boost in total viewers (3.29M vs 2.59M), a 34% jump in A18-34 (1.39 vs 1.04), a 30% increase in A18-49 (1.56 vs 1.2) and a 35% gain in W18-34 (1.67 vs 1.24).

Versus its 2012 premiere, in L+3 ratings SUPERNATURAL was up 26% in total viewers, up 24% in A18-34, up 28% in A18-49 and up 38% in W18-34.

  • Dave

    Great for both shows!! Looks like TO gave SPN a boost with the W18-34 rating.

  • Brandy

    Yay TO!

  • starship

    The Supernatural repeats on TNT are very highly rated, so I guess some of those viewers are finally catching up with the previous 8 seasons and starting to watch the current one on the CW. Can’t find another way to explain the L+3 increase vs last years premiere for a show in its 9th season.

  • Matt

    Wow a 1.6 and 3.3 million is awesome for a CW show, especially a CW show that’s been on for 10 years.

  • Pepper

    @ Starship

    that’s how I became a fan! Caught half of an episode on TNT during my lunch break at work back in 2010, went home and binge watched seasons 1-5 in like 2 weeks, and the rest is history – still watch live every week to this day. I’m sure there are lots of other people like me who have only caught on to the show in the last few years through reruns and Netflix.

  • wow

    i have actually watched supernatural from the start. geez, i was 14 when the show premiered (am obviously 23 now) i’m not as into it as i was in the first 4 or 5 years (i was good with the 5 year kripke plan) but i mean hey i still watch it after all this time. wonder when they’ll let it go. think season 10 will be the last or will the cw try to keep it longer?

  • Ali

    So happy for Supernatural. It’s one of the most underrated shows on tv in my opinion. I also became a fan from TNT

  • Freyja

    i have actually watched supernatural from the start. geez, i was 14 when the show premiered (am obviously 23 now) i’m not as into it as i was in the first 4 or 5 years (i was good with the 5 year kripke plan)

    Kripke never really had a plan, in terms of storytelling. He had a 5 year plan to end that specific arc, not the show.

    However; I am proud of SPN not bad for a show 9 years in the making. =)And I’ll be here till the show ends.

  • Melanie

    Woo Hoo! Good for SPN! I’m glad that the Originals is doing well so far. I’m quite liking it.

  • david

    Great numbers for both shows. I hope the Oringinals continue to do well, i know Super Natural will do good. I also became a fan of Super Natural thanks to TNT. I watched over the summer last summer and watched last season on the CW.

  • chriscross

    Supernatural has always been must see TV for me. But the Originals is a surprising treat too. Tuesday nights could turn out to be the best night of the week.

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    I though SPN would do well, but not that well! The episode was solid, so the numbers could grow from here, instead of the usual dip after premier.

    Freyja – He had a plan per season, and knew how he wanted to end the arc, but he also walked away after that point. The rest of the team stepped-up, floundered, but eventually found their footing and are doing a better job than he did. Sure, he is still and Exec. P., but at this point he is mostly out of it (or should be), and should be focused on saving Rev. It appears he is still using the same basic design (one year plans), but it is too bad that he called the first year’s arc “the major premise of the show” when it obviously was not.

    Oh well, SPN will soon surpass Rev. numbers, and that will cement the future of Crowley and Co. I just hope Rev. is not cancelled before J. Beaver gets his screen time.

  • Christian

    I watched in the very early when it followed Gilmore Girls. Then they moved it up against The O.C. later that Spring and I just lost track of the show. Maybe I’ll catch up one day in the distant future..

  • DonnaT

    As a SPN fan from the beginning I’m continually delighted at reports of how many new fans the show has gained (to replace those fans who decided not to watch anymore for whatever reason)from Netflix or TNT viewing; both secondary markets must be very profitable for The CW/Warner.

    Great news for TO, too; the show has really hooked me and I hope as Dave said that most of the TO W18-34 demo sticks around to watch SPN as SPN has been weaker in that demo.

  • rehabber

    I am so happy SPN is finally getting ratings it has deserved all along. The Winchesters have been members of my family since 2005 and I fell in love with this a story about FAMILY that happens to hunt things that go bump in the night.

  • Quin

    Yay so happy for Supernatural! I still love this after all these years from watching it from Sept. 2005! Love this show so damn much! 9×1 was such a damn good episode!

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