Will 'The Walking Dead' Season Four Premiere Set Another Record? (Poll)

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October 13th, 2013


The fourth season of The Walking Dead premieres tonight at 9PM. Last season opened to a series high 5.8 adults 18-49 rating, and the  finale hit another high with a 6.4 adults 18-49 rating.  Will tonight see another record-setting performance? Or has some of The Walking Dead fever cooled since last season? Make your prediction below and defend your choice in the comments!

  • richard

    I will watch this premiere and that might be it. The show has gotten worse every season. First Frank Darabont was fired,which was a loss for the show. But Glenn Mazzara was a decent showrunner. I’m guessing season 3 was such a mess because Mazzara might have had to compromise storylines based on what AMC and Robert Kirkman wanted. Robert Kirkman may be a very gifted comic book writer, but he isn’t meant for TV, and I fear he is gaining too much control on this show. At least Glenn Mazzara showed us he could do a great episode with “Clear” Still, Seasons One and Two were much better than Three, and I do not have very high expectations for Season Four.

  • Scot

    I will say an excellent start at about a 6.8, then will cool down through the season to high 5’s, then back over 6 for the next finale, as long as the momentum of the show holds for the season.

  • aciel

    “Revenge will get 10 million viewers and 3.6/10 ratings I don’t know why people are doubting it.”
    ya right don’t get me wrong i love revenge but i do see revenge getting like a 1.2 this week its going to take a huge hit as for the walking dead i’d say like a 6.2

  • Nigel

    “Cooled” is relative here. I’m gonna say it’s a monster 6.1. There has to be a ceiling at some point…

  • tunnelvision

    6.5! I think this season is gonna be boring. Season 3 was all about the Governor. we will have to see.

  • Mark3

    Season 3 was the best so far. But its just a average show. Nothing special at all. I say 5.5

  • Ringercomeback

    @Aciel Revenge will not fall that low this week.. it wiil be a while, before we see thoe numbers, if we see those numbers

  • j


  • tv_viewer

    My predictions:

    The Walking Dead 5.9 and 11 million viewers
    Sunday Night Football 7.2
    Revenge 1.6
    The Good Wife 1.5
    ALCS (Tigers vs Red Sox) 1.6

    Sunday Night Football will beat The Walking Dead.

  • KJ Styles

    I’m gonna predict 5.6. Cowboys/Redskins will do HUGE numbers, and the ALCS will take away from it’s audience as well.

  • New England Mike

    @The Old Man

    I disagree with you regarding the SNF matchup. I personally think it will score high. Both Dallas and Washington have a large national fan base so I actually think that’s going to be high. Also, most of New England will be tuned in to the Red Sox.

    So I am going with 5.9 or 6.0

  • don

    is everybody crazy the last show was great they hit the jail the governor killed his own people and andrea dies .yes what a boring show!if there a better show please tell I will watch it.

  • Hugh

    Season premiere between 5.8 and 6.4 (6.2)

    If the season’s good may be able to do 6.6 at the end

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    5.6 – 6.0

    It became the Walking Soap Opera last season so AMC fired their showrunner (for the third time), hired a new one, and Kirkman is now almost a showrunner in his own right (working on the show full time). That smacks of this becoming more like the comic (aka direct adaptation), which begins a very quick slide to mediocrity if the story develops as fast as the comic. I cannot say more without potential spoilers, but many quit the comics by what should happen at around the 8th episode of this season. I really hope they do not make it a total Soap like the comic, but only time will tell.

  • Cory

    I think this show’s highest ratings days are behind it, but I said the same thing going into the February mid-season premiere last time and was way wrong. I’m going with a 5.4, but wouldn’t be shocked if it broke a 6 once again.

  • João

    We all doubt of AHS:Coven and it breaks 3s,so i guess TWD will arrive kicking ass with that premiere.

  • Chris O.

    Does The Walking Dead’s ratings affect the Good Wife or Revenge more?! I love the Walking Dead but I love the Good Wife more. I hope the ratings don’t tank for the TGW tonight.

  • Tony JJ

    I definitely see a new high. This show is unstoppable and you know new viewers were added over the summer because of netflix. So I’ll guess….

    7.2 18-49 and 15 million viewers.

    Yes this is very high. But I am always completely shocked when I find out the ratings for walking dead premieres/finales. So I’m gonna guess shockingly huge numbers this time. If this does happen it will be insane!

  • John A

    I’d say a 10.3 in the demo. Talking Bad 13.6

  • ABC hater

    >6.6 is very possible.

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