'Arrow' & 'The Tomorrow People' See Big Live +3 Ratings Gains

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October 14th, 2013

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via press note:

The season premiere of ARROW saw sizable increases in Live + 3 Day delayed viewing versus Live + Same Day ratings. In total viewers, ARROW saw a 34% gain over L+SD viewing, gaining nearly a million viewers (2.73M vs 3.68M). In adults 18-49, ARROW grew 41% (0.93 vs. 1.3), and in adults 18-34 it increased 27% (0.85 vs. 1.08).


The delayed viewing was up considerably from last season’s premiere, when ARROW gained just 16% in total viewers when L+3 viewing was added, and gained 21% in A18-49 and 24% in A18-34.


THE TOMORROW PEOPLE also rose considerably in L+3 viewing, rising 27% in total viewers compared to L+SD (2.31M vs 2.96M), up 50% in A18-34 (0.54 vs 0.81) and gaining 34% in A18-49 (0.85 vs. 1.15).

  • Shepherd

    So Arrow was only .02 away from getting a 1.0 in the demo. Not too bad. TTP barely got that .9. Thanks for the info CW press department.

  • reedmac

    not as big as I thought they would be

  • Ahsan

    Arrow grew 41% in A18-49 (0.93 vs. 1.3), and in adults 18-34 it increased 27% (0.85 vs. 1.08). In Comparison Supernatural grew 34% in A18-34 (1.39 vs 1.04), and 30% in A18-49 (1.56 vs 1.2).

    Just Awesome by SPN

  • Percy


  • david

    So Arrow got the same numbers as it did last year at this time but in live +3 day. I remember it got 3.7 million viewers for episode 4 last year and a 1.3. The Tomorrow People got a 1.1 that is pretty good for that show. I hope they both dont fall to much this week.

  • TimsDale4ever

    Sorry — but their numbers still suck regardless.

  • Dave

    Those are some ugly A18-34 numbers for the shows, especially TTP.

  • Robin

    Yeah… these numbers still suck

  • Wright

    Good for them.

  • Hmm

    So for comparison’s sake, Live+3 figures for the season premieres of the CW shows:

    TVD: 1.93 in adults 18-34, 1.88 in 18-49, 3.7m total viewers, 2.79 in W18-34
    TO: 1.53 in adults 18-34, 18-49 unknown, 3.07m total viewers, 2.22 in W18-34
    SPN: 1.39 in adults 18-34, 1.56 in 18-49, 3.29m total viewers, 1.67 in W18-34
    Arrow: 1.08 in adults 18-34, 1.3 in 18-49, 3.68m total viewers, W18-34 unknown
    TTP: 0.81 in adults 18-34, 1.15 in 18-49, 2.96m total viewers, W18-34 unknown

    I couldn’t see the figures for BATB and HoD.

  • CrimTV


    In what way do these numbers “suck”?

  • skyfi

    So Tomorrow People got just 0.85, not 0.9.

  • CrimTV


    It is rounded to the nearest tenth, therefore yes it got a rounded 0.9 rating. All ratings are rounded when posted on overnight/final ratings.

  • Bernard

    So Arrow does almost 4 million people and Tomorrow People 3 million on the CW. regardless of demos these shows aren’t going anywhere.

  • Robin

    Because even with DVR all tomorrow people could do is a 1.2 which was what batb did last year without dvr and look how that’s doing now.

    And arrow even with dvr barely got a 1.3 which is what it regularly got last year without dvr. And its only the second season so don’t give me that “shows decline as they get older” bs

  • Kev

    Well Robin, aside from that BS you mention. People’s viewing habits have changed considerably over the last year. I’d expect we’ll see closer to 50% of a shows entire ratings to be within the 5+ day period after the live showing now. That young demo just doesn’t watch live any more, they watch when they want to.

    We also need to take into account digital channels, not just DVR. iTunes, Hulu and the CW website itself are also viable ways to watch post live and they’re not even taken into account here. By the numbers is all well and good but we need to find ways of counting all those numbers, not just the live and DVR viewers, otherwise the stats are horribly skewed.


    Good job for both shows,I especially like Arrow,IMO, DC Comics have the best comic book shows on television,way better than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • Lisa

    Robin, so do you actually think Arrow is in trouble???? It’s not’ and that is all that matters.

  • alice

    was arrow pulling nearly 5 million a year ago in dvr ratings?

  • Brian B

    The CW’s target audience is 18-34 which in the U.S. is a pretty small number. Those numbers are excellent for the CW.

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