Monday Final TV Ratings: 'Sleepy Hollow'. 'How I Met Your Mother', '2 Broke Girls' & 'Mom' Adjusted Up; 'The Blacklist' Adjusted Down

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October 15th, 2013

The Blacklist The Stewmaker

How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, Sleepy Hollow and Mom were each adjusted up a tenth while The Blacklist was adjusted down two tenths among adults 18-49  versus Monday's preliminary ratings.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Time Net Show 18-49 Rtg/Shr Viewers (millions)
8:00 NBC The Voice (8-10:01PM) 4.5/12 13.87
CBS How I Met Your Mother 3.1/9 7.98
ABC Dancing With the Stars (8-10PM) 2.1/6 12.99
FOX Bones 2.0/6 7.30
CW Hart of Dixie 0.4/1 1.06
8:30 CBS 2 Broke Girls 2.6/7 7.99
9:00 FOX Sleepy Hollow 2.7/7 7.59
CBS The Big Bang Theory - R 2.2/6 8.54
CW Beauty & the Beast 0.3/1 0.90
9:30 CBS Mom 2.0/5 7.44
10:00 NBC The Blacklist 3.0/8 10.93
ABC Castle (10:01-11PM) 2.2/6 11.11
CBS Hostages 1.2/3 5.16


Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

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  • Ryan T

    CBS probably thinking about doing a How I Met Your Father series.

    I’m half-kidding. Maybe.


    Sweet for HIMYM, 2BG, Mom & SH (YAY)

    The Blacklist still over 3.0!

  • eridapo

    Coming soon the ABC press announcement trumpeting Castle’s first Total Viewer win over The Blacklist (11.11 versus 10.93) :)

  • It’s funny


    Wow, I hope they don’t! :D Let the lead be more than a couple hundred thousand people first. Though I wonder if that day is coming sooner than later?

  • JC

    Glad SH adjusted up. Hopefully it will either stabilize here or better yet go back up to 3.0 or so when it returns in November.

  • Paulo PT

    All new CBS comedies adjusted up, again, interesting…

    I believe MM could do better than a repeat anchoring a night. This could save CBS Monday Night comedy block.

    The Blacklist is doing better than Revolution. Better retention numbers and better total viewers numbers.

    SH with good numbers, but already lost 2,65M viewers and 0.8% A18-49. This mean old (above 50) and/or young viewers (below 18) are quitting.

  • Juan

    Too bad for Hostages. The show is getting interesting. Here in Argentina its rating is quitae good compared to the other US dramas airing on cable.
    Go Blacklist! Amazing episode last night. Hope it keeps steady above 3.0

  • eridapo


    The Indianapolis market is too small to really have an impact (less than 1% of National Total)

  • eridapo

    @Ryan T
    CBS probably thinking about doing a How I Met Your Father series.

    I’m half-kidding. Maybe

    Don’t be giving them any ideas ;)

  • Ultima

    @Paulo PT
    SH with good numbers, but already lost 2,65M viewers and 0.8% A18-49. This mean old (above 50) and/or young viewers (below 18) are quitting.

    The series premiere of Sleepy Hollow had ~44% of the viewers in the A18-49 demo; last night’s episode had ~45% of the viewers in that demo.

    There doesn’t appear to be any change in the makeup of the show’s audience.

  • eridapo

    @It’s funny

    The difference was 11.112 versus 10.928 or 184K viewers

  • Dr. TV

    Thank you all for all of the well crafted comments. You all make my day.

  • grey

    Interesting that “The Black List” was adjusted down while “Castle” wasn’t considering that both had a one minute run-over from their lead-ins but I guess the football pre-emptions factored into the adjustment to “The Black List.”

  • JJF

    Not only are Castle’s overall numbers pretty darn monstrous by ABC standards, but it’s demo is also fairly reliable comparatively as well. Not to mention it’s procedural nature makes it a better bet for reruns and syndication. (And it’s books make good supplemental products.) I think Castle should definitely have a future.

    Still good for The Blacklist. It’s a good show. But it’s clearly not a ratings monster, by any stretch. Most of the hits so far this season are fairly timid.

  • Scandalicious

    Yay for Sleepy Hollow! I think that is still pretty goo for The Blacklist. Even if Revolution scored the same ting in episode four I don’t see the qua lit of The Blacklist dropping the same way Revolution did. Both ABC shows pull in really big audiences. It is a shame they skew so old. I am kind of shocked theHow I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls had the same number of viewers. I still think that was about as good as could be expect from the CW shows.

  • Chris Parker

    Glad to see Mom holding on, I really love watching Anna Faris on TV every week… I find her to be so funny

  • alice

    Where are those crazy SH haters from the last post talking about freefalls? It basically has the same rating as last week.

  • It’s funny

    @Matt, I’m sure ABC was hedging last spring, but I always wondered why Deadline reported that ABC was looking at a two-season order for Castle, and then it didn’t happen. That would’ve been the time to do it, I think.

  • Paulo PT

    @Ultima SH premiere 43,8%, last night 45% (Previous I used Mom total viewers instead SH numbers, this result in 46%, instead of 45%. Still this means some change in viewership makeup.)

  • Kate

    Monday @ 9pm on the CW is cursed. BATB is a goner.

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