'The Blacklist' is NBC's Top New Drama in L+3 / L+7 Total Viewers Through Three Weeks Since 1999

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October 15th, 2013

The Blacklist Episode 2

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L+3 / L+7 UPDATE:
  • With 16.808 million viewers overall through its first three weeks in “most current” results that combine “live plus three day” Nielsens with “live plus seven day,” “The Blacklist” is NBC’s top new drama through three regular telecasts in 14 years (since “Providence” averaged 16.9 million viewers through three weeks in early 1999; regularly scheduled telecasts only, excludes specials and previews).
  • It’s NBC’s top new fall series of any sort through three regular telecasts in 12 years (since “Inside Schwartz averaged 19.4 million viewers with a “Friends” lead-in in the fall of 2001).
  • Excluding “spin-off” series, “The Blacklist’s” 16.8 million makes it the top new non-spinoff scripted program on the broadcast networks through three regular telecasts in total viewers in seven years (since CBS’s “The Unit” averaged 17.5 million viewers in the spring of 2006).
NOTE: Three-week “most current” figures for “The Blacklist” are averages of “live plus seven day” data for week one and “live plus three day” ratings for the two most recent weeks, while all other “most current” figures are “live plus seven day” for all three weeks.
  • Caitlyn

    Looks like this one might be around for a while… Which makes me happy. It’s a great show.

  • It’s funny

    This headline is bizarre. “Top New Drama in L+3/L+7… Since 1999.” Might that be because there weren’t DVRs, OnDemand TV, or Hulu in 1999?

  • Matt M.

    MUCH more of a hit than Revolution. I believe that by this time, Revolutiong (in the same time slot), was around a 2.8 and 8 million viewers. Plus, it had a bigger premiere. Good for The Blacklist.

  • DryedMangoez

    Aww, I really enjoyed Providence.

    What’s amazing is that Providence averaged 16 million viewers… ON FRIDAYS!

  • Ultima

    @It’s funny
    Might that be because there weren’t DVRs, OnDemand TV, or Hulu in 1999?

    That doesn’t even make sense. The Blacklist has better ratings than any new drama on NBC since 1999… that includes every new scripted show since ~2005 when Nielsen started tracking DVR usage!

    Furthermore, comparing Live+7 ratings for shows now with Live ratings for shows prior to DVR tracking is completely reasonable because DVRs have depressed Live+SD viewing while not increasing overall viewing.

  • Doug

    The real test comes when The Voice is not the lead-in, but this is definitely a big bright spot for NBC after going so many years without one on the scripted side of things. Really, their last scripted hit (big hit) was The Office.

  • greysfan

    This show is brilliant and is deserved of the ratings its receiving.

  • Paulo PT

    Maybe this time NBC think better and only airs The Blacklist following The Voice.

    Next season they could shift the show to other night, as a anchor show.

    I believe The BLacklist could hold a good viewership unlike Revolution, despite The Voice better lead-in.

  • Chris J

    @Paulo PT

    I hope that NBC will leave The Blacklist behind The Voice for one more season (moved to Tuesday instead though). By it’s 3rd season it could be a major established hit that has a fanbase that will move with it to a lower rated night.

    A single season is too short a time before a show can stand alone.

  • Ultima

    @Chris J
    A single season is too short a time before a show can stand alone.

    Based on what? Certainly not the countless shows that have stood on their own in their first or second seasons.

    By the end of the season, it will be obvious if The Blacklist is a legitimate hit or just another show being propped up by a huge lead-in.

  • Chris J


    NBC has a hard enough time getting viewers on nights that are not Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. Even for a sophomore Blacklist, I think NBC should be careful to nurture, similar to what they are doing to assure Chicago Fire is a legitimate hit in it’s second season.

    Could Blacklist stand on it’s own?

    Probably, but for NBC “stand on your own” means a 1.7.

    I think The Blacklist is capable of far higher consistently if it’s given time to grow, even next season on Tuesday 10pm after the Voice rather than Monday.

  • Ultima

    @Chris J

    I actually do agree that if The Blacklist is a legitimate hit, they should probably leave it behind The Voice for at least a third cycle.

    However, if it’s not showing ratings and retention growth by spring, then leaving it behind The Voice next season would be a complete waste of one of the best timeslots on the network. With the level of exposure it has, if it can’t take off after ~20 episodes, it never will.

  • anna g

    Do you think NBC will separate The blacklist from The Voice? Currently 22 episodes are planned for TB and the voice has only 20 as I remember. While I like the show, I doubt it would get 3.0 ratings on its own.

  • Ultima

    @anna g
    Do you think NBC will separate The blacklist from The Voice?

    NBC currently has enough room on their schedule to air 24 episodes of The Blacklist after The Voice, so they won’t need to air the former without the latter as long as they’re fine with a three month hiatus.

    I don’t expect The Blacklist will air in January.

    While I like the show, I doubt it would get 3.0 ratings on its own.

    If the show actually hits, then it’s certainly possible in the future. Right now though, it’s just another hyped show with a lot of potential and a huge lead-in.

  • Michael1

    CBS waited 3 seasons before they separated “The Big Bang Theory” from “Two and a Half Men”. “CSI” aired after “Survivor” for longer than that. They still got viewers and still developed followings. ABC has yanked numerous shows from “Modern Family”, and all have tanked except for 1 that airs of Fridays and another that airs on TBS. What did that prove? There’s nothing wrong with giving a show a generous time slot for more than 1 season.

  • RJ

    The solution to NBC’s ratings woes is now obvious. It has to bring back “Providence”.

  • rgxx


    I Agree!

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