CBS Has Four of the Top Five Comedies in Viewers and Adults 18-49, Including Number 1, 'The Big Bang Theory'

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October 16th, 2013

The Big Bang Theory Season 2 Episode 7

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CBS Has Four of the Top Five Comedies in Viewers and Adults 18-49, Including #1
"The Big Bang Theory"

"The Crazy Ones," "The Millers" and "Mom" Are the Season's Top Three New Comedies

In a season with the most new fall comedies since 2003-2004,  CBS is leading the pack with four of the top five comedies in both viewers and adults 18-49, as well as the top three new comedies in viewers and the top two in adults 18-49, according to Nielsen most current ratings for the first three weeks of the season.


THE BIG BANG THEORY is the #1 comedy in both viewers (20.00m) and adults 18-49 (6.0/20), while new comedies THE CRAZY ONES (13.71m) and THE MILLERS (12.41m) rank second and fourth among viewers.


Among adults 18-49, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (3.9/11) is ranked third, followed by #4 THE CRAZY ONES (3.6/10) and #5 THE MILLERS (3.2.09).


THE CRAZY ONES, THE MILLERS and MOM rank as the top three new comedies of the season in viewers, while THE CRAZY ONES and THE MILLERS rank as the top two in adults 18-49.


All of CBS's comedies deliver more viewers and higher adult 18-49 ratings than FOX's Tuesday comedy lineup and NBC's Thursday comedy block.




1.      THE BIG BANG THEORY                          20.00m

2.      THE CRAZY ONES                                      13.71m

3.      Modern Family                                               12.57m

4.      THE MILLERS                                              12.41m

5.      TWO AND A HALF MEN                           10.95m

6.      HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER                       9.47m

7.      The Middle                                                        8.84m

8.      2 BROKE GIRLS                                             8.73m

9.      MOM                                                                 7.98m

10.  The Goldbergs                                                   7.66m*




1.      THE BIG BANG THEORY                          6.0/20

2.      Modern Family                                               4.8/13

3.      HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER                    3.9/11

4.      THE CRAZY ONES                                      3.6/10

5.      THE MILLERS                                              3.2/9

6.      The Simpsons                                      3.1/8

7.      TWO AND A HALF MEN                           2.9/8

7.      2 BROKE GIRLS                                          2.9/7

7.      Family Guy                                                     2.9/7

10.  Super Fun Night                                             2.8/8*


*New fall comedy

Source: Nielsen NPM, (9/23/2013 - 10/13/2013)

  • Valentin

    YAY for Crazy Ones!!!

  • Wright

    I don’t watch any of these. I guess comedy isn’t my thing.

  • gerry

    way to spin it for mom, but if it helps it stay on, i guess i’m for it.

  • j

    Family Guy seems oddly low.

  • Michael1

    Something I noticed about this picture is that, although Sheldon is clearly disgusted, he’s looking at Amy rather than into the camera. Many have commented their disdain for the live audience, but shows that use live audiences are freed from the burden of taking an alternate path to “breaking the fourth wall”. “The Neighbors” is shameless at plugging ABC shows, “Modern Family” provides some sort of DVD-esque commentary every 5 minutes, and “The Goldbergs” uses a narrator. I love all of the shows, but I find their methods much more distracting than people who are laughing along with me.

  • William

    Never been a fan of many network comedies they just aren’t funny to me. I can watch renews of I Love Lucy, Sanford & Son & The Golden Girls and be rolling on the floor with laughter.


    Impressive stats

  • Jack Bauer

    NBC still needs to get comedy lineup back on track despite of its ratings fiasco. I still don’t know if Two and a Half Men is going to have a “final season” now that they don’t have to deal with Angus T. Jones anymore if people would never listen to him, calling the show FILTH. :-(

  • Joe

    Pretty mad no NBC comedies are on here. They have the best comedies on TV

  • duanculo

    we all know that the new comedies are most benefiting from lead insand not generating those numbers via their actual quality.

    based on QUALITY
    1. Modern family
    2. big bang theory
    3. two and a half men
    4. how i met your mother
    5. 2BG / new girl

    of ocurse that’s just my opinion but i say that to say this … as soon as millers and super fun night loses it’s major lead ins, they will probably drop very quickly. it is way more impressive to see MF, TBBT, HIMYM, 2.5 and 2BG pull the ratings they do on THEIR OWN merit.

    and keep in mind, abc has CONSISTENTLY failed once they move a comedy from it’s modern fmaily lead in time slot … cougar town (whichthankfully was saved), happy endings (which unfortunately was not). those two comedies were quality even if abc wasn’t happy with their ratings. and looking at it now, tuesdays just may be a bad night for comedies in general hence why only FOX has a comedy block on that night and why ABC gave up on that night after couple years of failures with comedies on tuesdays.

    CBS: mondays & thursdays
    FOX: tuesdays
    NBC: thursdays
    ABC: wednesdays

  • duanculo

    @joe NBC USED to have (some of) the best comedies. losing the office ad 30 rock, two CLASSIC comedies, has really softened their lineup to pretty much zilch. cbs produces the best comedies. but based on quality, ABC wednesdays (with the middle and suburgatory and WITHOUT SFN) was the best block in my opinion last year in terms of quality.

  • PurpleDrazi

    What’s so impressive about The Big Bang Theory is not only does it have crazy high total viewer numbers, but it also leads (by a good margin) in the 18-49 demo. That’s not usually the case with most comedies these days. TBBT and Modern Family are really the only two to pull that off.

  • Chris

    NBC needs to move their sitcoms to another night, having any of the four shows go up against Big Bang Theory is just ruining that shows ratings. If they moved there shows to either Monday or Tuesday they would do much better.

    The Millers is only doing good right now because Big Bang Theory is the lead in for it, any show in that spot would get those viewers. If We Are Men was put in this spot it would still be on and on this list guaranteed

  • s0303

    i don’t care for comedies much…i will occasionally watch the mindy project, but that’s about it…used to love cougar town, but haven’t watched it since it went to tbs…

  • Joe

    I wonder what it will take for The Millers to be bumped from that sweetheart spot. Guess they figured Mom would make it on its own, but it could better use the help. Arnett is sitcom cancer and The Millers will lose more of their lead in each and every week; which in turn will hurt The Crazy Ones. But if they leave it there after the Big Bang, it’s sure to get renewed… and then canceled next season when it’s shifted somewhere else.

  • Networkman

    I feel CBS is going to be patient with their remaining 3 new comedies. Each have good cast and have potential. This upcoming week Mom even has Oscar winner Octavia Spencer guest starring. CBS comedies begin to rise during midseason, especially with The Voice on hiatus. CBS comedies are like comfort food. And they are not trying to be too deep, simply entertaining. I like that many of them are more adult oriented and not pc, like 2 Broke Girls and Two and a half Men. One knows what to expect for Two and a Half Men. It is now deliciously raunchy. The sex humor is in your face, at times characters can get crude and vulgar, yet the show makes you laugh. There are a lot of WTF? moments but those times remain funny.

    If I also had to identify what demographic the CBS comedies target, I would say it is geared to attract more men. Their scripted comedies probably bring in more of the young adult male demographic than the comedies on the other network. ABC comedies are more geared towards family. I think FOX is trying to tap into that demo with Dads and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. So that would leave NBC tapping more into the women viewers. The problem with that is CBS comedies are so well balance, they have material and content throughout their content that also attract the female demographic.

  • Ann

    How I Met Your Mother is definitely by far the best out of all of these… I don’t find Big Bang Theory funny

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