Tuesday Final Ratings: 'NCIS', 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,' 'The Biggest Loser', 'Dads' & 'Person of Interest' Adjusted Up; 'Chicago Fire' & 'Supernatural Adjusted Down

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October 16th, 2013

NCIS October 15

NCIS, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Biggest Loser, Dads, The Voice and Person of Interest were each adjusted up a tenth, while Supernatural and Chicago Fire were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Tuesday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for October 15,  2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS NCIS 3.1/9 18.83
ABC Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (8-9:01PM) 2.8/8 7.85
NBC The Biggest Loser - Season Premiere 2.3/7 7.16
FOX Dads 1.5/5 3.42
CW The Originals 1.1/3 2.22
8:30 FOX Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.5/4 3.43
9:00 NBC The Voice (9-10:)!PM) 4.0/11 12.99
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles (9-10:01PM) 2.6/7 14.65
FOX New Girl 1.8/5 3.45
ABC The Goldbergs 1.6/4 5.05
CW Supernatural 1.0/3 2.33
9:30PM FOX The Mindy Project 1.4/4 2.73
ABC Trophy Wife 1.3/3 4.12
10:00 NBC Chicago Fire (10:01-11PM) 2.3/7 8.08
CBS Person of Interest (10:01-11PM) 2.2/6 12.69
ABC Scandal - R 0.6/2 2.58


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  • jake3988

    That’s good that person of interest stabilized. Not that I was really all that worried…

    Though, I keep forgetting it’s on tuesday’s now. This is the 2nd time in three weeks I’ve missed it.

    Glad that CBS.com has it free!

  • Bored Now


    I’m with you on certain parts of the SPN fandom. I’ve been a fan since the first episode and I’ve had to endure years of being attached to what seems to be one of the most spiteful fandoms in television history. But y’know what? It’s only a tiny fraction of the fans that make it seem that way. There’s a minority of us that scream their vitriol the loudest and make us all seem like nutballs but the rest of us? Pretty regular people who love to watch our favourite show every week.

    So, speaking on behalf of the vast majority of SPN viewers,let me ask you, why would you want it cancelled? And how does your first comment make you any better than even the worst of this fanbase? Just wondering.

    Regarding the ratings, a 1.0 is absolutely nothing to worry about. A few years back when we had been sent to the TV purgatory that is Friday nights, would anyone have believed we’d be getting a 1.0 on a Tuesday ever again? Doubt it.

  • Candy

    I’m a PLL fan, I know it’s been renewed. Still hope it dies though. Also, I’m a TVD fan, not so much TO. I’m just not putting blind faith in a show I know absolutely nothing about.

  • Deo

    I wonder what ABC intend to do with the 10.00 timeslot…with the ratings Scandal reruns are getting, they could well have maintained Lucky 7:)


    Maybe abc should swap the goldbergs and trophy wife.

  • Cath

    Person of Interest was so good last night. Just the right amount of dramatic complexity and humor, although I did figure out the solution at about the 35 minute mark. Ending was an interesting twist.

  • Tim

    Petition to move OUATIW to Tuesday’s at 10?

    They could make it a but more edgy/dark with the later timeslot, and it would move it away from TBBT…?

    Maybe it’s just me I don’t know

  • CC

    @JC – You must not know many girls 16-30… Fans pretty much have to watch PLL live so they don’t catch spoilers on Facebook/Twitter and I am sure Ravenswood will be the same. I don’t have to worry about that with TO or TVD. Which does make me think about who is watching TO/TVD and how much audience overlap there is with PLL/Ravenswood, because the same people posting about PLL don’t seem to be posting about TVD. But, I know I can’t be the only person in the world who is watching both shows… That being said, I don’t think PLL and SPN have much audience overlap at all.

    Personally, I am tired of PLL and have no interest in watching Ravenswood, I won’t even watch the first episode. But, I am also getting tired of TVD and am LOVING TO so far!

  • Timmy G

    @Tim; I would love that, especially since I thought the pilot was great, but it’s a family oriented show, so it won’t even more to 9 PM. The only thing I could see potentially happening is Revenge gets a time change and it airs after it’s parent show, and even that is a dream scenario. If ABC had huge faith in it to begin with, they would have never put it in their known death spot.

    My ultimate wish would be for the network to move Scandal to Thursday’s @ 8 to see if it implodes or breaks out even further.

  • layla

    Spn comment is commencing:

    Everyone calls fridays death slots. I know they are lower in ratings. I do believe dawn o sent spn there to die behind smallville. Which was ending. That plan back fired obviously. I would like to believe it back fired #1 because of the fan base the show already had and #2. The economy of the u.s. at the time. Why #2? Less and less people had money to go out forspending on nights out. no movies. No clubbing no anything. People found a quailty show on their t.v. which is something they could enjoy for free. They could get their drama horror and touching moments from a screen without paying $18 to see it.so when it did move out of fridays it kept the old fan base and the new one. Being a fan since season 1 I think the Friday night deal was a craptastic issue on dawn o’s part but turned into a great deal. I can’t help but watch now Friday nights are getting better with more networks putting horror/supernatural type shows on that night dracula/grimm/ nikkita repeats of sleepy hollow . Fridays do seem to do well with the small shows that have cult followings.

    As to the pll crossover fan base.. I am one of them. For me there is no deciding to be had. Spn will be seen live the rest will be on demanded later in the week. Usually its on thursdays I catch up but I will have to see how I like regin if I like it then most likely my on demand night will be on sat.

  • nathan

    A jump of 2 tenths week to week for dads. Maybe it’s not dead…yet…

  • Phoenixlighter

    @CC I think you might be mistaken. PLL will be up against TO at 8; and Ravenswood will be up against SPN at 9. And by week 2 TO will be up against Ravenswood. And PLL is returning in January, against TO.

  • grey

    “POI” is gaining on “Chicago Fire.”

  • JC

    @Phoenixlighter: but my point (which you seemed to have ignored) is that I don’t think the two audiences overlap that much. I’m sure PLL audience is loyal, but in case you haven’t noticed, SPN fans are kind of ride or die:) TO is a new show, but it’s a very different beast than PLL. Despite being on the CW, TO, like SPN, is aimed for a more mature audience; also, even for people who watch both, they’re going to live watch “loyal” to one or other more.

  • platypus perry

    Glad The Originals broke the 1.0 barrier again as well as SuperNaturaL! Both shows adjusted the same amount of 20,000 viewers from prelim reports but sad to see SPN adjust down. Either Way this is a major win compared to Tuesdays of last year and Tuesdays in general dating back to the early years of The CW!

    Hopefully The Tomorrow People second episode can maintain audience and possibly grow in plot I’m definitely watching.

    If Reign can be a modest ratings performer then that is three nights of solid tv. With the Critical Acclaim out on Reign I’m hoping it debuts to atleast a 1.0.. It is not my typical show but curiosity does strike with me regarding Reign so I for one will check it out.

    In Fox news those are not great numbers but those comedies do share the same audience in viewers.

    ABC is heading towards failure in the 9 hour for its comedies as it did last year but not quite at that level yet.

    Nice bump for POI and NCIS, CBS must be happy.

    NBC doing good and stable for both BL and CF, good for The Voice as well!!!

  • guest

    Wow, Supernatural ratings are very good this year! Best year since season 6! Still, too bad its lead-in The Originals has less viewers than Supernatural, but I guess they’re lucky to have Supernatural boosting their ratings.

  • Jim

    Hate to burst Dads’ bubble but it only got a boost from its ALCS Game 3 afternoon lead-in.

  • guest

    btw, supernatural has always been a teen show. nothing new with that 1.0 18/49 share.

  • Phoenixlighter

    @JC I do get your point but you keep comparing/analyzing PLL and SPN even though they WON’T be up against each other. Not next week, not in January.

  • JC

    @CC I’m a girl 16-30 lol. I’m also a major spoiler addict. There are plenty of TO/TVD spoilers to be found; you can basically watch the episode on the West Coast 30 minutes afer it airs back east.

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