ABC Replaces Tuesday 'Scandal' Repeats with 'Shark Tank' Repeats

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October 17th, 2013


ABC canceled Lucky 7 after just two airing when it fell to a 0.7 adults 18-49 rating. It filled the timeslot with Scandal repeats, which earned a slightly better 0.9 two weeks ago but fell to a 0.6 this week. So, for at least the next two weeks, ABC will plug its Tuesday night hole with repeats of Shark Tank.

  • Ultima

    @SVU Hannibal
    They have Killer Women coming midseason, which is basically Tricia Helfer (Caprica 6 from the modern Battlestar Galactica) as a Texas Ranger kicking ass and taking names.

    Now that’s how you write a tagline! ;)

  • skyfi

    This agony is so funny to see.

  • DTravel

    Does this mean that ‘Scandal’ failed to jump the Shark Tank?

  • Ram510

    And now they can move Scandal repeats to Sunday @ 10

  • TBM

    Did somebody really suggest bringing back the “Mystery Wheel”. LMFAO

  • Harvey

    Yes. How is that worse than a show about people who win the lottery or cancelling a decent show like Body of Proof? This show never set the world on fire, but it was an ok performer, better than yesterday’s scandal rerun.

  • Tim

    Again I say…move OUATIW to Tuesdays at 10.

  • It’s funny

    ABC has been trying to develop procedurals since 2009, with only Castle managing to survive. They bought a few concepts last year that didn’t get past the pilot stage, I think, and it looks like they’re developing a few more with Shonda Rhimes’ company. It’ll be interesting to see how well those fare from script to pilot.

    Your guesses that Scandal will go to Sunday at 10PM makes sense. And it may even perform better there.


    Really is a smart move to put ST there & it should improve the hour with no trouble.

    Can’t get over this Revenge obsession.

    Oh, ROB!

  • Roco

    That was a brilliant move by ABC, considering BET is showing reruns of Scandal on the same night. ABV was smart to di this, dont make the mistake they made with Who wants to be a millionaire.

  • Igwell

    dont make the mistake they made with Who wants to be a millionaire.

    I think Shark Tank has already peaked in popularity and is on the down-slope.


    BUT WILL KILLER WOMEN BE AS GOOD AS “Killer Klowns From Outer Space” I wonder.


    @Igwell. I don’t think Shark Tank has peaked just quite yet. Still getting high 1’s/low 2’s. About same as last year. Think ABC shouldn’t be stupid and air too many repeats tho.

  • CrimTV


    even Desperate Housewives 2 years ago,one of abcs greatest hits back in the day was struggling with low 2s on its last season at this timeslot + it hit a series low of 1.8 …

    I actually love Revenge and wish it was doing better but DH only fell below at 2.0 once and that was up against the Grammys I believe, for the rest of the season it was hitting mid to high 2’s.

  • a p garcia

    ABC needs to uncancel BOP!

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Bring back Detroit 1-8-7! ;-) :-)

  • ludoredjohn

    Scandal repeats should move to Sunday after Revenge… Once that awful Betrayal gets canned as it should

  • Raul

    Im I the only one that loves both Revenge and Scandal? I don’t know why the fans seem to hate each other.
    @Harry Desperate Housewives only felled below the 2’s when it was competing against the Grammys(30 million viewers, I believe because of the tribute). When it was against football it was from 2.7-3.1’s 8-9 million viewers.
    I think ABC knew that it wouldn’t get as good ratings, but I think they were hoping for it to be in the low 2’s. I hope Revenge can rise in the ratings around March. But sadly It most likely won’t, we probably have 1 or 2 more seasons left in it :(

  • Michael

    When ABC realizes that it somewhat works….We’ll it will no longer be “Temporary”. :)

    If this doesn’t work, they will repeat “20/20″ XD.

  • jRobnyc

    @kissan Lol!! ????

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