'Glee' Will End Next Season, Series Co-Creator Ryan Murphy Says

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October 17th, 2013


Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy said on Wednesday that season six for the show (2014-15) would be its last.

The show's adults 18-49 ratings this season were relatively low for the first two episodes (2.0, 1.6) and then spiked up to a 2.9 with last week's tribute to Cory Monteith.

  • Josh

    No way it makes it to a Season 6 with it’s current ratings.

    HELLO?!? Fringe says hi !

  • bababooey88

    OH NO! You mean good music won’t be eviscerated any more?! The horror!

  • Cookie

    As long as he keeps American Horror Story going, I’m happy!

  • betty

    i wish every show got proper ending.happy for glee fans including myself.

  • Pants on Fire

    I am always baffled by peoples “glee” when a show they purportedly don’t watch and hate are cancelled or ends. Just seems to me they have really sad and unfulfilled lives or are just hateful souls.

  • Rissa

    Expected this so not surprised. Happy they will be able to end it with some closure for the characters, actors and loyal fans.

  • SG

    Quinn as a punker in the season 3 premiere ended my interest in the show. I think the first 2 seasons were very enjoyable. Britney / Brittany and Fleetwood Mac Rumours are my all time favorite episodes and of course the tribute to Finn was a little awkward but pretty decent and heartfelt.

  • David C

    I haven’t watch this since I missed the episode after the Super Bowl.

  • KC

    To those who follow the show, this is not a surprise. When it was renewed for Seasons 5 & 6, there was talk that 6 would be the last. I’m glad Ryan got the 2 year renewal to tell the characters stories the right way. It will interesting to see if people tune in now knowing there is only a year and a half left.

  • bob

    never watched it

  • s0303

    6 seasons is good for any show…i watched it a couple of times, but it was not for me, but i’m glad its fans will get closer…with cm’s death and the declining ratings, this probably isn’t a surprise to many people…

  • s0303

    i meant closure…i haven’t had my coffee yet :)

  • dan

    Yay! Never liked this craptacular show!

  • HBIC

    I’ve never been so happy for a show I used to love to end. It should’ve ended after season 3.

  • kupal

    good riddance…this show is so gay

  • Dan

    Everyone expected Season 6 to be the last when Fox renewed it last May for 2 seasons, no one expected it to go on past Season 6.

    At least the show will get a proper final season along with likely Bones.

  • N

    It’s no surprise me it will end after season 6. FOX has hinted at it a few weeks or months ago already.

    I am glad the show gets time to find a good and satisfying ending for the storylines. FOX has axed shows before which didn’t get enough time to write a decent ending.

    I will never understand people who cheer when a show they don’t watch or like ends or gets cancelled. Do you cheer too when friends or family lose their job because this is what it basically comes down to.

  • Charmed

    Noooooooo :( this show helped so many people, more than the sci-fi shows everyone seems to love on here do

  • Tom Shaw

    Edit: And #4 scripted overall? And as other’s have noted, already renewed for next season?

    Well, its worth pointing out that that average is factoring in the tribute episode; without it, Glee has only averaged 1.8, which puts it behind everything except for the three comedy pileup (Dads/Brooklyn/Mindy), and explains why it is ending.

    As you said, the ratings are somewhat irrelevant, as the renewal is already in. Which adds an interesting wrinkle: Season 5 is currently scheduled to end in June or July sometime. Is Fox okay with the series finale also ending in Summer sometime, or will a fixed May ’15 series finale mean that it has a fixed spot on the 14/15 schedule for the entire year?

  • Potato

    @Charmed– (and please don’t take this personally, I’m speaking to a greater point and not calling you out directly, it’s just that I know your opinion is shared by many) the idea that the show could “help” people, mostly perpetuated by the show itself, always struck me as a little toxic. The show is about being yourself… as long as you fit into an easily definable stereotype. It encourages hateful competition rather than cooperation (how MANY times have characters been applauded for being “divas” and making all sorts of horrible unreasonable demands) and it’s desire to be a satire and afterschool special at the same time sends all sorts of mixed messages. I’m not denying that the show has done well for helping people’s self esteem and to an extent has pushed the position of gay rights in a more positive direction, but the show’s ending will not truly be a tragedy for those who needed it, as I’m sure something with a better handle on what it’s trying to say will come along to fill the void. I appreciated what Glee was trying to do, but it did it so poorly I wouldn’t find it tragic if it was replaced with something that did it better.

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