'Glee' Will End Next Season, Series Co-Creator Ryan Murphy Says

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October 17th, 2013


Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy said on Wednesday that season six for the show (2014-15) would be its last.

The show's adults 18-49 ratings this season were relatively low for the first two episodes (2.0, 1.6) and then spiked up to a 2.9 with last week's tribute to Cory Monteith.

  • Brad


    Doesn’t Fox currently only air 3 hour long scripted shows? It’s only #2 because the last episode dealt with the death of a cast member. It’ll settle back to last come the next episode. But I guess that’s an achievement haha.

  • Scandalicious

    I think this is a smart move by the creators. They are recognizing that the quality may have slipped a bit and are trying to quit while they are ahead.

  • CraveRecords

    I knew from the first few episodes that Glee was a show that would peak in the ratings and creativity during the first couple of seasons. Big question: how many episodes will next season be?

  • KC

    I will never understand people who cheer when a show they don’t watch or like ends or gets cancelled. Do you cheer too when friends or family lose their job because this is what it basically comes down to.

    I’m with you N – there is no other show that people continually bash and hate over. Don’t like it – don’t watch it, but also don’t comment on it.

    Big question: how many episodes will next season be?

    Already renewed for 22 episodes for Season 6

  • Wright


  • Quentin

    I really like the show but it’s time for it to go. Last season and so far this season, it’s missing something. Wouldn’t mind a spinoff.

  • TVDude

    Glee’s ratings aren’t great, but Fox is in a bad situation right now with new shows. Aside from Sleepy Hallow, they haven’t had much luck launching a new show. So whatever ultimately replaces Glee seems unlikely to do better at the moment.

    Fox’s real problem, in my opinion, is X-Factor.

  • rk911

    once many of the original cast “graduated” and moved on the show lost much, maybe even most, of it’s appeal. I seem to recall something ryan murphy said after the series premier about the music and that the characters would never just break out in song for no purpose other than to sing. that stopped being true a few seasons back. we still watch it (DVR record it) but it may be days or weeks before we actually watch the recording.

  • queeneeuq

    Good riddance The storylines went cr@p last season.

  • K

    Who cares?

  • KC

    @K – I do

  • milo

    “Well, its worth pointing out that that average is factoring in the tribute episode” Exactly what I was going to say. Out of three episodes one was a “very special” episode that had unusual ratings for the show at this point. Within a few episodes it will be the lowest rated of their three hour long scripted shows and more of the half hour ones will likely be ahead of it as well.

    I assume they’ll go ahead with a sixth season just because it would be too embarrassing to bail after it was already announced, but if ratings don’t improve consistently I wouldn’t be surprised if the last season is way less than 22 episodes.

  • Parker Wyeth

    I read an article with Ryan Murphy and he said he’s known how he would end the show almost from the beginning. The last scene was supposed to be between Lea & Cory. He said he even knew the dialogue. That’s all changed , now.

  • Flame

    The good news of the day. The raping and mutilation of good music finally comes to an end after 6 years.

  • Joe

    By next season, they should all be gay. Sorry to spoil the ending…

  • AlanHalliwell

    At least we have 2 more years!
    What I cant understand is why soemone would want a show to end and be glad about it! Especially a show like glee which helps alot of people

    I wont put it off the table of glee getting a seventh if the sixth is doing well

  • Alan

    It was about damn time!

  • Shawn

    Glee was already signed for seasons 5 and 6- so it is making it to next season reguardless! Its ratings are not horrible either!

  • Linda

    Kevin Reilly basically said that the sixth season would be the last for Glee at the Upfronts so why this is news now makes little sense.

  • Adam Decker

    I’m sure that there are some people who like Glee. I watched for a while and then promptly lost interest. There are much better things on TV, so I won’t miss it that much.

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