'Glee' Will End Next Season, Series Co-Creator Ryan Murphy Says

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October 17th, 2013


Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy said on Wednesday that season six for the show (2014-15) would be its last.

The show's adults 18-49 ratings this season were relatively low for the first two episodes (2.0, 1.6) and then spiked up to a 2.9 with last week's tribute to Cory Monteith.

  • Brad


    Glee has not had Six Seasons. It’s currently in it’s 5th. A 6th is not guaranteed if the show continues to lose it’s audience. It’s last episode before the Cory OD’ed one was a 1.6.

    In comparison, Bones in it’s 9th Season got a 2.0.

    Comparing Lost to crap like Glee? Pathetic.

    If all goes well, Glee will whimper out this year or get a short 6 episode stint next year. It’s dead.

  • mike

    rejoice it finally over

  • ars041

    @ brad
    you are forgetting that glee was already renewed for season 6 which is why I said 6 seasons. I wasn’t necessarily comparing lost to glee cause I feel that lost should have gone on longer. As far as glee ratings go they still get decent ratings after dvr is included. I know a lot of people quit watching it live when it moved to Thursdays cause they didn’t want to miss Greys Anatomy. After dvr it still gets a 3.2. Somewhere in that range

  • Concerned gleek

    Why is everyone so happy about seeing this show end? This show helped me like me. If you don’t watch it fine Don’t watch it. Are you all right winged? And for those who are saying it’s too gay you need some serious help!!! I hope this show and it’s cast gets the credit it deserves some day without everyone bitching about it!!!

  • Gino S

    Really? Their best was Season 2? Come on guys. Anyone who’s strongly into this show knows that Season 4 has some of the best songs and the most intense episodes. I can understand Season 5 and Season 3 being crap, but not Season 4.

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