NeNe Leakes Reads TV by the Numbers Waiting For News About 'The New Normal' During 'I Dream Of NeNe: The Wedding'

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October 17th, 2013


In last Tuesday's episode (10/15) of her new Bravo show, I Dream Of NeNe: The Wedding, NeNe Leakes waits for news last spring about  the fate of her previous show, The New Normal, while reading TV by the Numbers.

In the scene, she’s reading news on TV by the Numbers, her show (The New Normal) and Community are still "alive" but she’s reading a post (by our Amanda Kondolojy) about all the comedies that NBC had cancelled so far.

“That is shocking,” she exclaims after reading the headline that Go On has been cancelled after one season. Then she reads the very short post aloud: “Go On has been cancelled after one season, it joins Whitney, 1600 Penn, Guys With Kids and Up All Night. Now we’re just waiting on The New Normal and Community.”

“Oh.My.God. They have cancelled a lot of the shows that came in when we came in,” she tells her fiancé.

Then there's more talk about how it sucks to have to wait to find out if your shows are canceled, and she’s not sure who is more unpredictable her bridesmaids or NBC executives.

They shot video for the scene in  near real-time since the same post was pretty quickly updated to reflect The New Normal’s cancellation, but that update did not get any screen time.

Much later in the show, in the show’s final scene, she learns of the The New Normal’s cancellation via a phone call from her manager.

We're happy to have NeNe Leakes as a fan of the site!

Here are some more screen caps from the episode:




  • RyanCanada

    i love the new normal??

  • Refrain

    @The level of trolls that have arrived here over the past 2 years or so has made the comments section almost unreadable

    What about the people who go all Incredible Hulk like on trolls with their rage? It’s evident on quite a few comments here. The people that react so badly to comments about their show being in danger that they’re acting like someone has insulted a family member of theirs lol.

    Some people take crazy to a whole new level.

  • One @ Rob3008 and RJ

    I suppose that is a downside. After all, I’ve lessened my own activity here in recent years.

  • TomJH

    My, have this little website has grown. I still remember the early days when you did retrospectives about yearly top 20 lists from the 50s and 60s, educated the layman about how total viewership is worthless and only 18-49 ratings matter, and when a 2.0 would get you canceled even on NBC. You started the movement of viewers really caring about the ratings of their favorite shows. Be proud of yourselves.

  • PurpleDrazi

    I think it’s safe to say that Ne Ne is off Kathy Bates’s Christmas card list. ;-)

  • zerg

    Kathy Bates,Suburgatory,NeNe…Everyone loves the bear ;)

  • k:Alex

    As I sad last season, she need her own spin-off, it’s a fun character she plays without a lot of drama.
    Would have done way better as WttF.

  • Jeff

    Don’t know who she is, but I know she leakes, which is gross.

  • gerry

    funny, that’s what i was doing that friday night as well!

  • greyfm_dan

    Congrats to Bill, Robert & the crew on getting some love & free publicity. :D

    And I always figured that commenter “NeNe Leakes” to be a sock. Maybe she’s the real deal… Hmm.

  • Simon van Kempen

    It’s no surprise that they only aired the first part of the TVByTheNumbers article and not the update, as the call from her manager with TNN cancellation news added ‘dramatic effect’. However, as I’ve found at a ratings site I run, the talent on Reality TV shows are incredibly interested in their shows’ ratings and they’re something the networks never want to share with their casts. Something to do with contract negotiations and future dollars apparently! ;-)

  • Dan

    I wonder what Will Arnett said when he went to the site and read that Up All Night was cancelled.

    Will: (Reading Tvbythenumbers) Up All Night has been cancelled by NBC, “Well it’s about time”

    (To his manager) I’m finally free, thank god. Call CBS so they can pick up that Greg Garcia pilot.

    At least this time when Will Arnett has a show airing in the Thursday 8:30 timeslot. It actually has a good lead in

  • Dan

    @Simon Van Kempen – I thought that too, if the article was updated and she obviously read the cancellation on the site like everyone else then she already knew of the show’s Demise by the time she got the phone call.

    Poor NeNe but she was funny in the show so she’ll bounce back and find success.

  • CrimTV

    It’s so interesting to see how the actors in the shows find out about cancellation and it’s kinda cool to think people from a wide range of broadcast and cable shows could come on here to check about their show!

  • Bitter Go On Fan (Former Bitter Ringer Fan)

    I was as shocked as her when i read that headline. I miss Go On.

  • Simon van Kempen

    @Dan Poor NeNe but she was funny in the show so she’ll bounce back and find success. So far her ‘I Dream of Nene: The Wedding’ spin off is actually down 12.33% in 18-49 viewers after five episodes, when compared with Kim Zolciak’s first season of Tardy – and the expectation was that Nene would do way better. I personally think, knowing them all, that Nene left it too late and only took the Bravo spin-off route once she realized her acting career wouldn’t take off. (I specialize in analyzing Bravo TV shows’ ratings)

  • Amanda Kondolojy

    Ha! This is great. Clearly I need to track down this episode…

  • DTravel

    Can someone please translate that headline into English?

  • Robert Ford

    I miss Go On too but going by its ratings it did deserve to be canceled.
    Now if TNN had been renewed with even worse ratings (with all respect to Ne Ne Leaks), I would have been bitter.

  • Robert Ford

    And to be clear, Ne Ne was the best part of TNN.
    The show itself was OK, but her parts were generally the only funny ones.

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