Will the 'Reign' Premiere Rule in the Ratings?

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October 17th, 2013

Reign Pilot CW

Tonight, period drama Reign premieres on the CW.  The highly fictionalized take on Mary Queen of Scots is a departure from the CW's genre bread and butter. (I happen to think that complaining about the show's historical inaccuracy , as some critics have,is like complaining that Scandal is not a realistic depiction of the U.S. government, but YMMV.) Will Reign's light sprinkling of supernatural elements catapult it to relatively high ratings of CW's genre shows, or will be doomed to suffer the low numbers of the CW's other period ten drama, The Carrie Diaries? Make like the show's supporting character Nostradamus and predict the show's fate.


  • Chicco

    I really hope it premieres big for the cw they deserve to have 3 strong nights they did amazing selecting their pilots this year and organizing their schedule i wish them the best even though the promo didnt grap me

  • dantas


    Hahaha! You made me spill my coffee! :D

  • NBC Fan

    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland-1.4
    Grey’s Anatomy-3.1

    The Big Bang Theory-5.2
    The Millers-2.9
    The Crazy Ones-2.5
    Two and a Half Men-2.3


    Parks and Recreation-1.2
    Welcome to the Family-0.7 and cancellation tomorrow.
    Sean Saves the World-0.9
    The Michael J. Fox Show-1.2

  • Josh

    With TVD before, think it will do well… and I am excited about the show. This show was the one I was most looking forward to watching this season. But alas, I am not a Nielsen viewer so my opinion doesn’t matter.

  • NBC Fan

    The Vampire Diaries-1.1

  • Shepherd

    ooooh, sneaky poll! :) I guessed .9-1.1 earlier this morning, so I guess I’ll have to go with >1.0. It will be good counter programming to FOX’s MLB, the NBC comedies are flailing, the CBS comedies skew pretty old, and so does Gray’s to some extent. I think that it will be interesting to see. :roll:

  • eelna

    1.2, and drop to 0.8 by end of the season. TVD Fans with the supernatural being, a very good lead, and a juicy love triangle. TVD Fans will like. But historical fans won’t. But the show has promise. It depends. It is states as one of the best Fall Shows.

  • Shepherd


    With that being said, I think that Reign will premier with strong numbers tonight. I know everyone says that it will be DOA, that it doesn’t fit with the CW’s audience, or that it’s the worst pilot this season (for CW) etc., but I’m predicting it does .9-1.1 or more if it’s actually a decent show.

    lol. :)

  • PRW

    “ten drama”


  • Sierra

    VD – 1.2
    Reign – 0.8

  • Michael

    TVD: 1.2

    Reign: 0.5

    TVD fans just don’t care enough to stick around after an episode ends.

  • Shepherd


    I think you meant 3.2, not 2.3! ;-)

  • Melanie

    I hope for the CW that it does well and I voted .8 but in my heart of hearts I think it will be DOA.

  • Dan

    0.9 maybe. I predict this one will be done after 13.

  • Tom

    0.7-0.8, I’d say.

    The Tomorrow People had positive Amell buzz and Arrow as lead-in and the premiere barely scored a 0.9 (0.85 = 0.9). The Vampire Diaries was down last week, and if it hits a 1.0 tonight, I can’t see Reign retaining all of that.

    Not to mention Reign is up against Grey’s Anatomy, whose target audience may well overlap somewhat with Reign. So I think the CW should be very pleased if it gets a 0.8. I can’t see it do better than that.

  • Dante

    I think this show will run for 10 seasons

  • Kissan

    Well TVD currently tied their series low last week cause it was preempted but since it’s not tonight I think TVD will get 1.1 with Reign getting 0.9-1.1. It is a very risky move for the CW, but the promo looks good and it’s trying to draw in the Gossip Girl crowd as well as TVD crowd. And since NBC comedies aren’t doing any good, CBS comedies are falling AND skew old, Grey’s Anatomy is aging and Glee isn’t on, it looks like Reign has a chance. I’ll be DVR’ing this and watching Grey’s Anatomy. But I do hope a lot of people watch this.

  • Charmed

    I predicted 0.9, not 100% sure though. I’m looking forward to watching it, the ratings should be interesting

  • Ivan


  • Dan

    100 seems like a good replacement around February or March shoud this show flop.

    Originals and Tomorrow People will both definitely get full seasons maybe in a week or 2.

    I predict by midseason, Beauty and the Beast will move to Fridays in Nikita or Carrie Diaries slot, Carrie Diaries will be cancelled and air ts last episode o January 24, Star Crossed will premiere on Mondays following Hart of Dixie.

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