Will the 'Reign' Premiere Rule in the Ratings?

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October 17th, 2013

Reign Pilot CW

Tonight, period drama Reign premieres on the CW.  The highly fictionalized take on Mary Queen of Scots is a departure from the CW's genre bread and butter. (I happen to think that complaining about the show's historical inaccuracy , as some critics have,is like complaining that Scandal is not a realistic depiction of the U.S. government, but YMMV.) Will Reign's light sprinkling of supernatural elements catapult it to relatively high ratings of CW's genre shows, or will be doomed to suffer the low numbers of the CW's other period ten drama, The Carrie Diaries? Make like the show's supporting character Nostradamus and predict the show's fate.


  • Shepherd

    Wonderland – 1.4
    Grays – 2.9
    Scandal – 3.1

    Ele – 1.9

    WTTF – 0.8
    SSTW – 0.8
    MJF – 1.2
    Parenthood – 1.2

    TVD – 1.1
    Reign – 1.1

  • buttondiet

    I think 0.5

  • ErwanFromFrance

    I think it will premiere huge ! There’s a lot of promotion on the CW, alrdeay more than 100 000 fans on Facebook
    So, here are my predictions :

    CBS :
    Big Bang Theory : 4.9
    The Millers : 2.8
    Crazy Ones : 2.6
    2,5 Men : 2.5
    Elementary : 2.0

    ABC :
    Once Upon A Time Wonderland : 1.7
    Grey’s Anatomy : 3.0
    Scandal : 3.3

    CW :
    Vampire Diaries : 1.2
    Reign : 1.2

    NBC :
    Parks & Recreation : 1.3
    Welcome To The Family : 1.0
    Sean Saves The World : 1.3
    Michael J Fox : 1.5
    Parenthood 1.5

    I’m really hopeful for NBC, I think it will recover a little bit from last week ! Especially for such great shows like Parenthood and Michael J Fox Show (I love them both), I also liked very much Welcome To The Family, so funny !

  • Tom

    I think it’s going to beat the walking dead’s ratings with a 8.3

  • Wright

    @ Tom
    I think it’s going to beat the walking dead’s ratings with a 8.3


  • Shepherd

    If this show gets an 8.3, I think The Bear has a heart attack and this site shuts down! ;-)

  • gerry

    0.9 for the premiere, small drop next week. tvd leading it in will help it immensely, just like it did batb.

    the real test will come later when they move it to another slot and see whether it can stand on its own two feet or will flop around like a dying fish until cancellation.

  • harry

    the originals repeat got a 0.5 last week so i guess the lower this show will get is 0.6 and higher 1.1 at least for first episode. but if i have to bet on just 1 rating , i will choose 0.7

  • avstylez

    this show will get a 1.0..its nice to see CW try something new for a change..i lv historical dramas..if this one is good, i’ll stick with it..!!

  • David Howell

    With no Glee in the mix, and laughable comedy competition on NBC, this has a shot of looking decent for one week.

    I’m still lowballing my guess at a 0.8 though, because it feels like a definite number 3 on their priority list, even with this lead-in.

  • RyanCanada

    see, i have coworkers that have already watched the show, it aired already in canada, so people who dont really watch CW shows watched this, so it might do well, i might check it.

  • avstylez

    i guess a 1.0..nice to see CW try something new for a change..i lv historical dramas..if its nice, i’ll stick with it..!!

  • paddii

    I predictet 0.7. The CW didn’t have much luck with this target group the last few years. I can see it being the next HoD. If it’ll keep 0.7 they most probably will keep this and combine it with HoD on mondays. But idk. Could also be a hit.

  • Abby

    With all the promotion this show has been getting, I’m guessing a 1.0.

  • feinn

    Cw promoted REIGN more than any fall show, other new shows doing well so I expect 3.5m 1.4 in demo

  • feinn

    Reign also rates on iTunes already and has more facebook fans than Tommorow People without airing a episode…this will surprise

  • Mark

    TVD – 1.2
    Reign – .9

    OUATIW – 1.5
    Grey’s Anatomy – 3.0
    Scandal – 3.4

  • Drama’sfan

    Uh yeah there’s now way this show’s getting high ratings. They can even over a million viewers. The CW needs to be cancelled altogethor.

  • Kevin

    @ Dude above

    Seen CW Tuesday-Thursday ratings lately? If they continue to improve, The CW will get extended for sure.

  • Joseph

    I think it will only get a 0.6 in the 18-49 demo for these two reasons:

    (1) It’s not the typical “CW Program”. It will likely appeal to older (over-40) demos. It probably would have been a hit were it on ABC, CBS, or NBC.

    (2) It’s first two (and maybe first three) episodes will face tough competition from both baseball and football. More and more women are watching sports coverage, so that will hurt.

    I think the 18-49 ratings for “Reign” will actually go up once the baseball playoffs and World Series end, and may go up further once the NFL Network’s Thursday-night games end in late December.

    If “Reign” can hang on past Christmas, it may actually pull very good (by CW standards) numbers.

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