Will the 'Reign' Premiere Rule in the Ratings?

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October 17th, 2013

Reign Pilot CW

Tonight, period drama Reign premieres on the CW.  The highly fictionalized take on Mary Queen of Scots is a departure from the CW's genre bread and butter. (I happen to think that complaining about the show's historical inaccuracy , as some critics have,is like complaining that Scandal is not a realistic depiction of the U.S. government, but YMMV.) Will Reign's light sprinkling of supernatural elements catapult it to relatively high ratings of CW's genre shows, or will be doomed to suffer the low numbers of the CW's other period ten drama, The Carrie Diaries? Make like the show's supporting character Nostradamus and predict the show's fate.


  • Dorothy5334

    1.1 I think the vampires diaries will get a 1.3 tonight

  • iSayso

    Should be called “Rain” because I expect a torrent of tears from disappointment.

  • starship

    I’d expect at least a 1.1, it’s the most talked about CW series this year and the reviews have been somewhat positive. It’d be funny if it actually does better than VD which has dropped somewhat this season.

  • Duarte

    Hopefull about an 1.0

  • dantas

    The number of sarcastic comments here is actually bigger than the number of viewers this show is gonna have tonight. ;)

  • ToXiX

    I’d like to see a CW premiere throw everyone off and pull a 2.2.

    Anyone know the last time CW got a 2.0?

  • zerg


    TVD got 2.0+ for its series premiere

  • dantas


    On The Vampire Diaries’ first season, on it’s 7th episode.

  • dantas


    2.1 for the season premiere and 2.0 for it’s sixth and seventh episodes.

  • Jon

    This has flop written all over it. .5 or less.

  • KC

    Never even saw anything about it – 0.5 or below.

  • Ram510

    Well if this fails they can put Star Crossed in its spot

  • SS

    As a TVD and general CW fan the last couple years, I had absolutely no desire to watch this show, but I have read so many glowing reviews (for the type of show it is) and since there is nothing on at 9 anymore that I feel I have to watch, I find that I will be checking it out after all. If it does end up being horrible, then at least I will be able to comment on what made it so horrible.

    Predicting a 1.2 at the least.

  • Freyja

    I am going with 0.9-0.8

    but hey it could surprise us all, and be the sleeper hit for the CW. We never know…

    I hope it does well the CW needs a solid schedule..

  • Dave S.

    Having seen the premiere at NYCC I think the more revealing question is what will the ratings be next week.

  • Alan

    It will be high because of the masturbation scandal, but it will go down quickly to 0.5-0.6’s.

  • platypus perry

    My Ratings guesses for Broadcast Primetime tonight:

    The Vampire Diaries 1.2/2.51
    Reign 1.0/2.38

    Big Bang Theory 5.2/17.86
    The Millers 3.0/12.49
    Crazy Ones 2.6/10.03
    Two and a Half Men 2.4/9.17
    Elementary 2.0/

    X Factor 2.0/6.65
    GLEE 2.0/6.03

    Parks and Rec 1.3/3.88
    Welcome to the Family 0.7/2.44
    Sean Saves the World 1.1/3.30
    Michael J Fox Show 1.2/3.59
    ParentHood 1.4/4.26

    Wonderland 1.7/5.50
    Greys Anatomy 2.9/8.61
    Scandal 3.0/8.86

  • Riley

    OUATIW: 1.8
    Greys anatomy: 3.0
    Scandal: 3.3

    Parks and recreation: 1.1
    WTTF: 0.7
    Sean saves the world: 1.0
    The Michael jay fox show: 1.2
    Parenthood: 1.3

    TBBT: 4.7
    The millers: 2.6
    TCO: 2.3
    TAAHM: 2.3
    Elementary: 1.9

    Glee: 2.4

    TVD: 1.1
    Reign: .7

  • platypus perry

    Oops I guess Baseball is on tonight for Fox so I guess it will hit the 2.5+ mark as it is a game 5 and the series is tied 2-2 not to mention the fan base for Boston Redsox and Detroit Tigers I wouldn’t be surprised if it hit higher numbers than normal as baseball is way up compared to last year!!

  • harry

    OUATIW: 1.9
    Greys anatomy: 3.3
    Scandal: 3.5

    Parks and recreation: 1.0
    WTTF: 0.6
    Sean saves the world: 0.9
    The Michael jay fox show: 1.1
    Parenthood: 1.2

    TBBT: 5.6
    The millers: 2.7
    TCO: 2.2
    TAAHM: 2.2
    Elementary: 1.8

    Glee: 1.8

    TVD: 1.3
    Reign: 0.7

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