Will the 'Reign' Premiere Rule in the Ratings?

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October 17th, 2013

Reign Pilot CW

Tonight, period drama Reign premieres on the CW.  The highly fictionalized take on Mary Queen of Scots is a departure from the CW's genre bread and butter. (I happen to think that complaining about the show's historical inaccuracy , as some critics have,is like complaining that Scandal is not a realistic depiction of the U.S. government, but YMMV.) Will Reign's light sprinkling of supernatural elements catapult it to relatively high ratings of CW's genre shows, or will be doomed to suffer the low numbers of the CW's other period ten drama, The Carrie Diaries? Make like the show's supporting character Nostradamus and predict the show's fate.


  • Jared

    I watch pretty much all the CW series..especially this season but Reign seems like a total toss up. It could do really well considering the promotion and TVD lead in or could completely bomb straight out the gate. I do have a feeling it will do better than most people expect. I predict atleast a 0.8 or higher.

  • s0303

    i actually think this looks good and i’ll give it a try. but it’s hard to predict…it’s so different from all the other cw shows…i’m guessing 0.8

  • FRED

    Well the reviews are mixed. USA TODAY’s Robert Bianco trashed it because of inaccuracies. But like Sara Bibel states, what show is realistic today?
    Anyway I’m going for a 1.0. I think CW is on a roll this season. Freshman Originals premiered fine and so did Tomorrow People. Supernatural , Arrow and Vampire Diaries are fairly stable. I actually commend CW for thinking out of the box and airing something like this.
    If the production values , script and acting are on par (or close) with other shows of this genre, I think CW may have another modest hit (CW standard of course) on its hands.

  • Brandy

    It’s hard to guess most people says it’ll bomb and there have been negative reviews (as well as positive).CwWs new show s this season so far premiered at 0.9 & VDs down.Its had a lot of promotion and the best leadin thugh which might help.Ill say 0.8-1 and I hope it does that well or better.


    0.9 is my guess & that may give NBC a run for their money

    VD @ 8:00 should REIGN over NBC

  • Anon

    When you consider what is airing against it, Reign has a decent chance to score a 1.0 tonight.

  • BigBrotherFan

    .8 then down
    This show looks horrible!

  • Kissan

    Guys X Factor and Glee don’t come on this week. Why are you all making predictions about it?

  • david

    It has gotten alot of promotion the past few weeks so, i think it will get at least a 1.0 for tonight. I hope it does really good so the CW can have 5 shows at or above a 1.0 this week.

  • jason50

    CW should call Thursday “The CW: We do love triangles” and have a triangle symbol with a heart in it. Reign looks like a 15th century Gossip Girl. Not my thing but since it’s paired with TVD it should get around a 0.8-1.0 at least for the first week.

  • Laina


  • Larry

    I hope it does 1.0 or higher, would be great to see CW with 5 shows pulling 1.0+ in one week. When is the last time that has happened?

    I like a few of the CW shows, I’d like to see them keep turning their fortunes around so the affiliates stay around.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Will the ‘Reign’ Premiere Rule in the Ratings?

    Um — no?

  • ludoredjohn

    This show is so doomed, esp. after the removed the risque angle that could add something a bit different – the premiere may do over 0.5 but it will quickly join the Beauty & the Beast ranks of ratings pointlessness…

  • HV

    Badly. well, as much “badly” as you can get when you air after TVD.

  • tv_viewer

    My predictions:

    Reign (pilot) 0.7
    The Vampire Diaries 1.0

    The Big Bang Theory 5.2
    The Millers 2.9
    The Crazy Ones 2.5
    2.5 Men 2.3
    Elementary 1.9

    OUAT in Wonderland 1.5
    Grey’s Anatomy 2.9
    Scandal 3.1

    Baseball 2.4

    Parks and Recreation 1.2
    Welcome to the Family 0.7
    Sean Saves the World 0.9
    Michael J. Fox Show 1.2
    Parenthood 1.1.

    I’m a bit surprised someone predicted better than a 1.0. I doubt a show set in a time long ago would work on the CW. Shows like The Vampire Diaries and Arrow have most of the scenes set in contemporary times. The pilot of the Carrie Diaries aired at 8 pm so Reign should do better with the help of The Vampire Diaries.

  • Sam

    I’ll be generous, but since the tomorrow people and the originals didn’t even make it to a 1.0 premiere, I’ll say 0.7 because I’m generous. I in fact don’t think it will get more than 0.5

  • Chris

    I think it will go 0.7-0.8 (that’s me being generous) since the vampire diaries is falling fast!

  • Tony JJ

    I always assumed this would be a complete fail from the day this was announced and the promos from the upfronts didn’t change my mind, but yesterday I read a positive review and that intrigued me, I haven’t watched it yet, but it could be an interesting little show for the CW. I might have to watch it tomorrow online. But I could see it getting a decent sampling for it’s series premiere. But this is so hard to predict because it isn’t like any other show The CW has ever launched.

    The Vampire Diaries 1.2
    Reign 1.1

    The Big Bang Theory 5.4
    The Millers 3.0
    The Crazy Ones 2.7
    Two and a Half Men 2.5
    Elementary 1.9

    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1.6
    Grey’s Anatomy 3.2
    Scandal 3.5 (promos look amazing! Will definitely rise from last week.)

    Parks and Recreation 1.1
    Welcome to the Family .6 (should be cancelled tomorrow if NBC has any dignity at all. These numbers are embarrassing)
    Sean Saves the World .9 (although this is low, with WTTF most likely cancelled any day now, it will buy this show some time to see if it can gain a following)
    The Michael J Fox Show 1.0
    Parenthood 1.3

    MLB Playoffs 2.6

  • feinn

    @sam originals got 1.0 and reign was promoted more, so don t be surprised

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