'Betty White's Off Their Rockers' Picked Up for 20 Episode Season 3 by Lifetime

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October 18th, 2013

Off Their Rockers

Lifetime has revived NBC's canceled sketch show Betty White's Off Their Rockers for a 20 episode season three, reports The Hollywood Reporter. The show's premiere dated has not been announced.

  • boogke

    Its almost as cheap for them to do 20 eps as it would be for them to do 10 or 13, because they do the same or similar pranks all at once and then insert them into different episode’s and build Betty Whites little vignettes around them. The vignettes for all 20 eps can probably all be filmed in a week or two max. NBC was foolish to cancel this, though the ratings did drop, it was because last season they ran not only a ton of repeat episodes but did countless “best ofs” which replayed many of the pranks that were shown in the repeats.

  • Restless

    Oh that’s awesome :D Congrats to Ms. White!

  • Samuel

    I too agree that NBC is likely kicking themselves over their decision to cancel. Lifetime just got it in time! I believe NBC would have revived the show to premiere in Feb to replace one of their dying comedies.

    The show is incredibly cheap and the ratings it was pulling in last season were great compared to the NBC downfall this season.

  • Nick

    NBC should’ve just renewed this. It was doing better than every single one of their comedies this season lol

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