'General Hospital' Beats 'Young & the Restless' for 1st Time in Over 2 1/2 Years to Rank Number 1 in Women 18-49

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October 18th, 2013


via press release:

This Week Ranks Among “The Chew’s” Top 5 Weeks on Record in

Total Viewers and Women 18-49; The Past 4 Weeks Stand as

the Series’ Top 4 Weeks of All Time in Women 18-49


 “General Hospital” Beats “Young & the Restless” for 1st Time in Over

2 1/2 Years to Rank #1 in Women 18-49; Rises to Over 3 Year High

in Women 18-34 and Over 2 Year High in Women 18-49




For the week of October 7, 2013, ABC qualified as the #1 network in daytime in Women 18-34 (216,000/0.6 rating – tie) and Women 25-54 (766,000/1.3 rating), generating across the board growth year to year.


  • ABC gained on year ago levels in key demos, including by 10% in Women 18-49 (602,000 vs. 545,000) and by 9% in Women 25-54 (766,000 vs. 701,000).


“The Chew”: (1:00 – 2:00 p.m.)


Pacing at all time season highs, this week ranked among “The Chew’s” Top 5 weeks of all time in Total Viewers (#3 – 2.653 million), Women 18-34 (#5 – 189,000/0.6 rating) and Women 18-49 (#4 – 529,000/0.8 rating), registering the largest year to year increases of any broadcast program in daytime across all categories.


In fact, in an incredible feat, the past four weeks have ranked as the series’ Top 4 weeks on record in Women 18-49.


  • Wednesday’s show, featuring ‘Meals on the Go’ and Mario cooking with 2 Chainz, qualified as the series’ #3 telecast ever in Women 18-49 (624,000), and placed among its Top 10 airings of all time in Total Viewers (#7 – 2.792 million), Women 18-34 (#9 – 223,000) and Women 25-54 (#9 – 741,000).


  • Notably, “The Chew” has delivered its Top 3 telecasts on record in Women 18-49 this season.


  • Year to year, “The Chew” spiked by double digits across all target demos, including by 15% in Total Viewers (2.653 million vs. 2.307 million), by 32% in Women 18-49 (529,000 vs. 402,000) and by 28% in Women 25-54 (653,000 vs. 512,000).


“General Hospital”: (2:00 – 3:00 p.m.)


For the first time in over two-and-a-half years, “General Hospital” ranked as the #1 program in daytime in Women 18-49 (735,000/1.1 rating) – since week of 2/21/11 – placed #1 for the 8th straight week in Women 18-34 (285,000/0.8 rating) and came with 7% of “Young in the Restless” for #1 in Women 25-54 (938,000/1.5 rating), its closest competitive finish in over two years – since week of 8/15/11.


Impressively, this week stood as the series’ most-watched week in over 3 years in Women 18-34 and in over 2 years in Women 18-49 – since weeks of 9/27/10 and 9/26/11, respectively.


  • “General Hospital” surged by 40% in Women 18-34 (285,000 vs. 203,000), by 17% in Women 18-49 (735,000 vs. 629,000) and by 12% in Women 25-54 (938,000 vs. 840,000).



Source: NTI, U.S. ratings, weeks of 10/7/13 and 10/8/12, Live + Same Day. Gapped/Breakout programming excluded. 


    Damn go Gh and frank and Ron it seems Gh has a long life left to live and the chew is doing great numbers it’s hitting it’s groove.

  • moshane58

    Good for Gh…What happens when you don’t have Jill destroying the show…

  • Matt

    Wow! Knew it was bound to happen! OUTSTANDING for GH!

  • robert

    Y&R is not good now. The good news is a new writing team is taking over. Let’s hope that’s better.

  • DenverDean

    I think this is more about GH’s surge with the highly promoted “Robin” story – I don’t watch, but it has gotten a lot of coverage even in mainstream entertainment magazines, than Y&R’s slip. Y&R has been tracking same/ahead of last year’s ratings.

  • chrissy

    Go GH, now pay Vanessa Marcil whatever she wants to comeback, and Jacklyn Zeman.

  • Chris

    Finally GH! I think Ron and Frank are doing a great day and the rating prove that. The show finally is back on the right track.

    I have watched Y&R are years now but the show is stupid and has lost it’s way. JFP is draining the life out of it. Y&R needs to clean house and bring in fresh blood to revamp the show. If CBS/Sony want to keep it a #1 they need to dump JFP and get it new blood in there to put it back on the right track.

  • tad

    Hopefully the new writers can get y&r back to the great show it is. Said it once and will say it again, need to get back to the key families on the show. Lot of the teen scene and the day players need to get cut.also let’s get rid of the dragging on storylines. With jeanne cooper gone and Michelle stafford gone,show Eric B, melody s., and peter b. as often as possible.and def don’t loose Eileen d. again.don’t care much for the Winters family,but have the Newmans and Abotts on everyday.

  • Jeff

    GO GH! And, sad that Y&R is down in the ratings, but that’s what JFP will do to any soap she runs. It will probably only get worse for YR as long as they have her running the show, and hopefully only keep improving for GH!

  • Katee

    GH is on fire right now and once again the Scorpio family is front and center. Every time they are on, especially when Robert Scorpio returns, they hit new ratings highs

  • Dee

    Robin’s return has been highly promo-ed. You can thank the “good” ratings for that. Once Frank and Ron disappoint the viewers by shoving Robin under a bus for their pet Sabrina, then GH will hemorrhage viewers, just as before! People who say GH is good will watch anything, I swear.

  • Dee

    @chrissy are you a Plastic Surgery fan? Cause that’s Vanessa and Jacklyn’s life story now. Botched Botox is gross.

  • David C

    Let’s see. One of these shows is featuring a maudlin, unnecessary story featuring the death of a little girl known to the audience for years while the other tells well-paced, enjoyable ones including the return of a beloved young heroine. Hmmm, which show gets the higher rating for the first time in a long time?!

  • Dee

    No doubt Y&R sucks, especially for killing off Delia! But that doesn’t mean GH is so great in comparison. Far from it. Well-paced, enjoyable stories, David C? Please. And can we just look at the contrived pairings on it?

    That’s for starters …

    Overall. Maybe I could enjoy GH if it was anything like the GH I grew up with. But its not. It’s RC and FV’s own show, with no resemblance to the GH of old.

  • Dee

    If Kimberly Mc Hadn’t decided to return, GH would still be mired in the muck with stories about vampires and relish. RC and FV are riding the wave. Don’t start whining when they ruin Robin the way they have every other veteran character.

  • Rob R

    That ABC press release is deathly silent about “The View.”

  • Melanie P.

    Glad for GH, but the only thing I don’t like right now is the destroying of the friendship of Spinelli/Maxie and Dante/Lulu with this baby story fiasco!! I thought Maxie and Lulu had one of the best friendships on soaps that you don’t see much anymore amongst women and Lulu and Spinelli had an awesome friendship, well I guess we can kiss all of that goodbye!! Also, I am hoping they do Robin some justice on her return. I like Sabrina, but Patrick and Robin are meant to be.

  • moshane58

    I don’t understand soap fans slamming other soaps. I don’t watch Y&R but I don’t want it to loose viewers. They all have a fan base. We have lost enough soaps already. Dee we GH fans will watch anything. Kinda cruel remark. I don’t understand why we don’t back them all regardless if we watch them are not. Hell I want Y&R,B&B and Days to get great ratings every week too.I lost my favorite soap I watched from the day it started and believe me that hurts. So I wouldn’t wish anyone else to loose soap. Want all four remaining soaps to do good every week..

  • Marie K.

    Go GH. I would love to see Stefan back played by Stephen Nichols. I used to watch Y&R, but the show isn’t the same since JFP took over.

  • Heather

    Moshane 58, how do you know that GH fans will watch anything? Have you personally spoken to the 2.8 million GH fans and, if so, did they all told you that they will watch anything.

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