NBC to Air New Episode of 'The Voice' on Thursday, November 7

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October 18th, 2013


The Voice Battle Rounds Judges

NBC's Thursday night line-up continues to perform poorly. The network has come up with a way to shore up it's numbers for a wee during November sweeps. On Thursday, November 7 at 8PM, it will air a special hour long episode of The Voice in which the results of America's votes for the top performers will be announced and the coaches will announce their final teams.


Here is NBC's description:



11/07/2013 (08:00PM - 9:01PM) (Thursday) : LIVE RESULTS – America’s vote will put through the top two artists from each team and the coaches will each save one artist leaving them to move on to the next phase of the competition. Carson Daly ("Last Call with Carson Daly") hosts.



  • busy06

    Oh god. Poor NBC only has the Voice and Football.

  • David James

    Pathetic NBC.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Desperate much?

  • AdamP

    Desperation in light of low ratings, although it is smart in order to boost their numbers.
    I think that due to low ratings the network will probably cancel Welcome to the Family but Sean Saves the World could get picked up for partial full-season (like Guys with Kids). They do still have Community, About a Boy and Growing Up Fisher to debut though, one will end up being “Save Me”‘d (delayed until May, burnt off season), probably Growing Up Fisher

  • SJ

    Notice how they’re NOT replacing Parks and Rec. ;)

  • clown4

    does NBC brass think people who pay for tv ads are stupid? those won’t be at all representative of how NBC Thursday usually looks

  • AdamP

    ^Also Undateable

  • CreacK

    What are they airing at 8?

  • Bram

    @AdamP About a Boy and Growing Up Fisher are premiering off a Voice lead-in.

  • AJ

    I hope it will give a little boost to Parenthood.

  • zerg

    Really?? That’s pathetic..

  • Kyle

    The mere fact NBC is not showing the 9pm hour instead of the 8pm hour is a little confusing. To me The Voice would air at 8pm and help out Sean and Michael

  • Shepherd

    lol, when I said they needed to cancel their entire Thursday night line-up; I didn’t think they’d actually do it even for a week. Since they’re replacing SSTW and MJF you have to think that they don’t plan on airing WTTF by that point. I just ant see WTTF airing during sweeps for four weeks while the other comedies only get three at most.

  • busy06

    I dont get it either. Whoever is running the NBC schedule is slacking off. They arent doing anything to get more people to watch the new comedies thats for sure.

  • Shepherd

    I just can’t see…

  • Ram510

    This is sad. I can understand having a special episode in Wednesday since The voice already airs on Monday and Tuesday but Thursday doesn’t even make sense. I don’t see it getting above a 2.7

  • Michael1


    NBC has some unexplained obsession with “Parks & Recreation”. The show has way too many annoying characters to be watchable, unless you run out of things to watch “On Demand”. It wasn’t even nominated for an Emmy this year, and the ALMA Awards have adjusted their categories so that Aubrey Plaza no longer wins them just for showing up. As Rob Lowe would put it, there is LITERALLY no good reason for that show to continue to receive the type of preferential treatment that it gets.

  • Daw Johnson

    Wouldn’t that be Top 12 rather than 20?

  • fourat

    good idea but they need to air i from 8:00–>9:00 to boost the sitcoms and parenthood

  • dantas

    That won’t save your comedies, NBC…

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