NBC to Air New Episode of 'The Voice' on Thursday, November 7

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October 18th, 2013


The Voice Battle Rounds Judges

NBC's Thursday night line-up continues to perform poorly. The network has come up with a way to shore up it's numbers for a wee during November sweeps. On Thursday, November 7 at 8PM, it will air a special hour long episode of The Voice in which the results of America's votes for the top performers will be announced and the coaches will announce their final teams.


Here is NBC's description:



11/07/2013 (08:00PM - 9:01PM) (Thursday) : LIVE RESULTS – America’s vote will put through the top two artists from each team and the coaches will each save one artist leaving them to move on to the next phase of the competition. Carson Daly ("Last Call with Carson Daly") hosts.



  • Dude

    sounds more like avoiding TBBT. now that would’ve been an interesting hour of ratings.

  • Walker

    At this point, I don’t think The Voice on four nights next season would be too much of a stretch.

  • Oliver

    I imagine NBC doesn’t want The Voice’s ratings to be depressed by airing against The Big Bang Theory and X Factor.

    There’s also a decent chance that Community premieres on that night.

  • SJ


    You must be a lot of fun at parties.

  • Kissan

    How is this gonna help MJF and SSTW?

  • harry

    i just cant wait to see the voice hit low 3s against big bang theory. i really cant !!!

  • Oliver

    How is this gonna help MJF and SSTW?
    It won’t. It will help their sweeps average, though.

  • DenverDean

    And so it begins. NBC is going to burn out TV like ABC did with Millionaire. They are really being foolish here. Two cycles, plus all extra episodes is just short term gratification. Does nothing to help the overall line-up, while potentially hurting a winning performer. I know it’s one episode, but if it does “well,” they’ll be more.

  • Shepherd


    That won’t save your comedies, NBC…

    I think even NBC is smart enough to know that their Thursday comedies cannot be saved, and I doubt that they’ll try.

  • kim

    They are going to run The Voice into the ground.

  • Cyrax86

    This still does not solve the issue that is Welcome to the Family rated under 1.0, I wonder if a cancellation is possible today as we anticipated a week ago?

  • jami

    Nbc can you say desperate

  • ErwanFromFrance

    That’s a good, idea, but I think it will under-perform with mondays, I think it should be around 3.5, at best.
    Also, It will help Parenthood, good news !

  • CrimTV

    My bet is on

    8:00 – Parks and Recreation
    8:30 – Community (Premiere)
    9:00 – The Voice
    10:00 – Parenthood

  • Michael

    I would be surprised if Welcome to the Family isn’t cancelled by 11/7. Most likely, NBC will air Michael J. Fox at 8:30 on this night.


    Not really surprising, but they really should have gone w/ a permanent solution (2nd hour of TBL @ 8:00 & 9-11:00 as is).

  • bjssp

    It’d make more sense to boost the comedies, no?

    If NBC insists on having comedies on Thursdays, why not try out a game show or something similarly unscripted at 8:00? Just keep trying out new shows until next fall until something works, and then bring that back on the fall schedule.

  • Ricardo

    I don’t see it as desperate. I see it as NBC trying to gain some money by putting their biggest hit on a night that advertises pay premium dollar for. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    They just have to be careful so as not to burn out The Voice.

  • a_lex89

    Why are people freaking out? NBC has been airing 2 performances show and the result show like that for Season 3 and 4 already, it’s the way their live shows start. It’s just what the formula is, they usually do it one time during the whole season.

  • Steven

    fed up with the stupid show the voice

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