Which New Fall Broadcast TV Show Will Be Canceled Fifth? (Poll)

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October 18th, 2013

RIP, Welcome to the Family and Ironside. The bear had a double NBC cancellation meal on Friday, October 18.  The drama-comedy combination plate was delicious,, but the cancellation bear always has room for more.

Which new broadcast primetime show will be the next caught by the cancellation bear and canceled fifth? With several more shows getting full season orders, it should be easier to predict now. Right?

Because comment thread lawyers are everywhere, let's be clear that for the purposes of this poll "canceled" means removed from its initially scheduled timeslot, either off the air entirely or rescheduled to a burn off timeslot, even if the network *claims* the show will return later.

What's your guess for this season's third to go?

While I've included all new shows in the poll (in randomized order) expected to premiere before Christmas that are not already renewed, full season ordered or canceled, the ones premiering late are obviously very highly unlikely to be canceled first, but the adventuresome are more than welcome to take a shot.

Like they say in Chicago, vote early, vote often.


  • POI15FAN

    Betrayal for sure.

  • South African bystander

    Probably Betrayal. It’s ABC’s turn to act again.

  • AaronM

    I can’t see how Ouat Wonderland lasts much longer.

  • Kimberly

    FOX isn’t going to cancel Dads until midseason, for sure. It’s too close to B99 and TMP, which they seem to want to keep, so they’re hedging their bets right now. They’ll switch it out with Enlisted and hope B99 and NG bump it and TMP up after the Super Bowl airing.

  • omabin

    Maybe Betrayal but it won’t shock me if they don’t outright cancel anything else anymore and simply don’t give them backorders. It’s just that there is no obvious replacement for these. Betrayal, Hostages, Trophy Wife, Sean Hayes, Super Fun Night are all certain cancellations at this point (maybe TW is just a likely one because there is a tiny tiny chance it moves to wednesdays) but I don’t see them being pulled. I think CBS would have pulled Hostages already if they were to do it, don’t see what they could gain from doing it now. ABC is likely to let all comedies play their 13. I doubt NBC cancels Sean now if they haven’t done it yet and are even giving it a special voice lead-in. Betrayal could be for shark tank repeats I guess but if production is far ahead they wouldn’t even save anything and ratings would likely be the same so I don’t know. I doubt FOX pulls Dads. They just gave B99 a full season order and they have basically the same ratings now.

  • Walker

    Betrayal ‘s time has come.

  • Reprise

    I’m going with Betrayel too.

    My bonus pick would be Two and a Half Men being announced as ending this season before May.

  • charmedcraft

    Hostages (which I actually like), Betrayal, Sean Saves the World, and Alice in Wonderland will be cancelled but not sure in what order.

    The ones that haven’t even aired shouldn’t be taking up pace on the list since no one has seen them yet.


    I went with Betrayal since it’s the lowest rated of the lot

  • Chmarin

    I’d say Hostages, but that probably won’t be canceled, but rather moved to a different night (Fridays). I’d also say Super Fun Night, but ABC is delusional about it and trying to convince people it’s a hit (for example, the announcer calling it “the new hit sitcom” at the end of Modern Family). So I say Betrayal. Although I have no clue what they could air in its place. Cause you can’t really have repeats of Shark Tank every other day.

    I don’t think Dads or OUATIW will be pulled before episode 13. If ABC dismantles the Tuesday block, I think they won’t cancel the shows but rather try them out in different time slots.

    So this is a tricky one. If it’s not Betrayal, I don’t think we’ll be hearing about any cancellations any time soon.

  • a p garcia

    Wow 2 shows at one dinner table. I think he bear is not through with NBC with SSTW as my pick for next meal. I think TW and Betrayal will survive a few more weeks.

  • Colin

    FOX and CW are good with their shows. CBS too… ABC and NBC are not…

  • Jay

    Sadly, too many to choose from. I actually voted for Dracula to fail. Just too many of these goofy shows on TV. Hopefully, there will be new, realistic dramas in the future. Don’t want to see “CW shows” on the major networks. Tried the Vampire Diaries, God help us.

  • Babar Suhail

    Sean Saves The World or Betrayal.

  • starship

    I see Betrayal as the only potential premature cancellation left. Other than that, I don’t see Dads, Back in the Game, Hostages, Sean Saves the World, OUATIW and The Goldbergs getting back orders, but I can see all of them potentially airing the rest of their orders. Trophy Wife while being very low-rated is really good, just stuck in the wrong slot,so I’m holding out hope that ABC might try and save it by trying out after Modern Family, if not it’ll be gone after 13 eps too.

  • Fionn518


  • JoshuaCanada

    Betrayal, Hostages, OUATIW, Dads, SSTW and BITG in that order. Everything else will either air all their episodes, get a full season pick up or are yet to debut.

  • HV

    I say it’s time for a ABC comedy cancelation, and it’ll be a Tuesday comedy. Like last time, I’m going with The Goldbergs.

  • Breed

    I can’t see Wonderland being canceled — the ABC Thursday 8:00 p.m. slot is the death slot, and I’ll bet ABC will just let Wonderland run its course there, rather than risk killing something else by putting it there.

  • DenverDean

    Wonderland won’t be cancelled. ABC has too many other problems right now.

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