Which New Fall Broadcast TV Show Will Be Canceled Fifth? (Poll)

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October 18th, 2013

RIP, Welcome to the Family and Ironside. The bear had a double NBC cancellation meal on Friday, October 18.  The drama-comedy combination plate was delicious,, but the cancellation bear always has room for more.

Which new broadcast primetime show will be the next caught by the cancellation bear and canceled fifth? With several more shows getting full season orders, it should be easier to predict now. Right?

Because comment thread lawyers are everywhere, let's be clear that for the purposes of this poll "canceled" means removed from its initially scheduled timeslot, either off the air entirely or rescheduled to a burn off timeslot, even if the network *claims* the show will return later.

What's your guess for this season's third to go?

While I've included all new shows in the poll (in randomized order) expected to premiere before Christmas that are not already renewed, full season ordered or canceled, the ones premiering late are obviously very highly unlikely to be canceled first, but the adventuresome are more than welcome to take a shot.

Like they say in Chicago, vote early, vote often.


  • Diana

    Wonderland will play out it only has a 13 episode commitment and is then done with a complete story. Betrayl could be canceled but is another limited commitment. I think Back in the Game or Super Fun Night is the next to go on ABC.

  • anna g

    I am guessing Betrayal like many people here on this board. MJF is in danger as well but it will get few more episodes to go.

  • HV

    They ordered an undisclosed amount of additional episodes for OUATIW before it aired, probably around 3 bringing the total to 16. I doubt ABC would pull the show, it would make OUAT look bad, so they will either let it air all its episodes, or reduce the order back to 13 and air all of those episodes.

  • JR35

    The thing with Wonderland- will anything fare any better in that time slot? Judging by the last several years, probably not.

  • NJ Viewer

    Betrayal, hands down.

    Michael J Fox will be renewed, because NBC wants it to succeed. Remember, back in the day, Cheers and Seinfeld almost got canceled in their first year, but NBC hung onto them and they became their top rated shows.

  • Carl

    Trophy Wife.

    You have to love that the CW shows are probably doing the best in terms of survival (and in several cases almost doing as well as other programs on all four “big” networks)

  • Joseph

    NJ Viewer:

    In the early 1980’s, NBC decided to renew both “Hill Street Blues” and “St. Elsewhere” after disastrously low-rated initial seasons.

    Both shows went on to become long-running smash hits and were both among the most popular series of that era.

  • fox

    4 cancelled already? We are men(cbs), Ironside and Welcome to the family(nbc)

  • Michael

    Who’s the nut voting for shows that haven’t even started yet?

  • Mary

    I am hoping that Back In The Game will be the next to go on ABC. Awful, awful show. Maggie Lawson is cute and she is great on her other show Psych, but her role on Back In The Game is just her overacting and the character “Terry” is boring, unlikeable and well, just plain pathetic. Take it off the air now ABC and do us all a favor.

  • buttondiet

    It has to be Hostages or Betrayal, right? I doubt NBC will cancel 4 new shows in a week and ABC will probably just let Wonderland run it’s course.

  • Sarahx

    Wonderland is expensive to produce. Even if nothing else will fare better in that time slot, could they find a cheaper alternative? I suspect that’s the question.

  • HV

    You’ve forgotten the first cancelation, Lucky 7 (ABC)

  • Adam Decker

    FOX and the CW are the only two networks that haven’t cancelled something. Every new show is automatically a hit, no matter what network it’s on. I don’t know if they think they are fooling us or not, but not everything can be a hit. I’m fairly certain a hit new show never showed its third episode. Since it’s pretty much a toss-up right now, I chose Super Fun Night as most likely to get cancelled.

  • Ming

    I think they’ll cancel one of the following:

    — Dads (still waiting for news on actual cancellation)
    — Sean Saves the World
    — Hostages
    — Betrayal
    — Trophy Wife

  • j

    Why are Dracula and Almost Human on the list now.

  • Colin

    Here’s hoping it is the dire super fun night.

  • miss may

    Shows to be cancelled/moved:

    1)Wonderland (ABC will try to save the show and move it to a new timeslot)
    2)SSTW and MJS will stick around for a full season before being cancelled since NBC doesn’t have much else other than Community.
    3)Betrayal (cancelled)
    4)One or two of the ABC comedies.

  • j

    I’m pretty confident MJF will last at least a full year.

    It has a chance of being the 2nd renewed comedy like Community was. Community will make it to syndication #s this season, and there’s a decent chance MJF will make a dent in awards esp for Michael J Fox’s performance.

  • Justin121

    I kinda sorta think we’re done with ‘pulled from schedule’.

    Next: shut down production.

    Hostages, Beyrayal, Sean/World, Wonderland fall into this category.

    Trophy Wife, too.

    Dads gets partial full order.

    Goldbergs & Back/Game get full seasons

    Super Night, Regin too early to tell, but probably fall somewhere between Dads/Trophy Wife

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