TBS’ Exclusive Coverage of 2013 National League Championship Series Averages Five Million Total Viewers to Deliver Audience Growth

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October 19th, 2013


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TBS’ Exclusive Coverage of 2013 National League Championship Series Averages Five Million Total Viewers to Deliver Audience Growth Network Culminates MLB Postseason Coverage with Viewership Increases

TBS’ exclusive presentation of the 2013 National League Championship Series (NLCS) – the St. Louis Cardinals defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in six games – averaged a 3.2 U.S. HH rating, up 10% compared with a 2.9 U.S. HH rating for the same number of telecasts during the 2011 NLCS between the Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers. The corresponding average of five million total viewers for this year’s six-game series is an increase of 9% over an average of 4.6 million total viewers in 2011, despite two afternoon telecasts this year compared with one during the last NLCS to air on the network.

Throughout the NLCS series, TBS averaged 5,535,000 total viewers for four primetime telecasts, a 14% improvement over an average of 4,872,000 total viewers for five primetime telecasts in 2011.

Friday night’s decisive NLCS Game 6 – a lopsided 9-0 win by the Cardinals – averaged a 3.7 U.S. HH rating and 6.1 million total viewers, both up 3% over a 3.6 U.S. HH rating and 5.9 million total viewers for Game 6 of the 2011 NLCS. The telecast peaked with a 4.8 U.S. HH rating from 9:30-9:45 p.m. ET.

Local highlights for Game 6 include a 34.4 HH rating in St. Louis, the highest rating among all markets during the 2013 MLB Postseason, and a 10.3 HH rating in Los Angeles.

Overall, despite all four MLB Division Series going the full five games last year and the absence of a team from New York this postseason – the largest television market with 7.5 million homes – the 2013 MLB Postseason on TBS averaged 4,160,000 total viewers for 24 game telecasts, up 2% compared with an average of 4,079,000 total viewers for the same number of telecasts in 2012. The network equaled last year’s 2.7 U.S. HH rating.

Since the start of the MLB Postseason, TBS ranked as basic cable’s No. 1 network in primetime among total viewers. Through Tuesday’s games, TBS won the night in primetime 10 times among total viewers.

Source: Fast Nationals and Metered Market Ratings based on Nielsen Live + Same Day data stream for the dates of the 2013 MLB Postseason vs. 2011 MLB Postseason on TBS 10/01/2013 – 10/18/2013 vs. 10/09/2011 – 10/20/11. 

  • Edward

    This series should’ve averaged in the area of 8-9 mill. With the match-ups. This what MLB gets for always changing networks…TBS has to be the worse coverage for baseball.

  • jay

    Lol really a New York team wasn’t in the postseason? So what. Despite the market size, the Red Sox are just as big of a ratings draw as the yankees. Last year the sox were not in it, this season the yanks are not. Actually historically the red sox have had bigger world series ratings than the yanks. Cards vs Sox will be the highest ratings since 09. That’s a guarantee. If it goes 7 it will be bigger.but the alcs ratings have been a dissapointment this season. I expected much better.

  • Baseball4Ever


  • E

    TBS and MLB have to be very dissapointed with the numbers for this series. They could not ask for a better matchup and could not reach 7 million in any game. MLB made a terrible mistake by going with TBS.

  • jj

    These ratings for this series are absolutely dreadful. To only average 5 million for a 6 game series is beyond pathetic. To only have a 9 % increase with the dodgers playing the cards compared to the brewers in 2011. Wow! It was the brewers!the nlcs needs the phillies vs cards. Would be much better. Too bad the phillies fell apart after the cards eliminated them in 2011 first round.

  • The Watcher

    Terrible ratings. Should have been on a broadcast network or a real sports outlet like ESPN.
    MLB sold out for the almighty $$, but will cost themselves billions more if they continue this short-sighted policy.

    Oh yeah…..Go Cardinals!

  • kb

    So a 6 game series between two powerhouse franchises(dodgers vs cards) averaged 5 million viewers which is the same amount as a spurs vs grizzlies sweep(worst wc finals matchup EVER!) Hahaha that is hilarious. You realize that spurs vs grizzlies would be like the rays vs royals if comparing it to baseball. Imagine what a rays vs royals alcs would average? 2 million?

  • kb

    It’s unbelievable how much baseball has fallen. Only a few years ago(2007) red sox vs indians game 7 attracted 19 million viewers. Or cardinals vs mets had 17 million in 06. Now these games can’t even break 10 million for game 7s. Now the world series doesn’t even get thos lcs numbers. I don’t know how baseball can possibly regain it’s popularity. It seems that too many old folks are watching.

  • kb

    A dodgers vs cards game nlcs 6 or 7 years ago would average 12-14 million. Now just 5 million?

  • aj

    Kb baseball hater. so many mistakes wont even respont to all of them

  • renaado

    Kb dude.. if your just sayin negative stuffs about baseball tv ratings and other crap s#!t then shut up already. Yeah we get what you said so what! ? WE DONT CARE! !

  • pgwenz

    Comparing NBA and MLB playoff ratings is an apples to oranges thing for two reasons. One, all of the NBA playoff games (except weekends) air in prime time. Several MLB playoff games air in the afternoon, including LCS games. That makes a big difference. Also, the NBA has no competition from the NFL or college football.

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