'The Blacklist' is the First Show to Gain 6 Millions Viewers in Live +7 Ratings

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October 20th, 2013

The Blacklist Episode 2

via press release:

The Sept. 30 episode of “The Blacklist” has set a new record for biggest “live plus seven day” lift, becoming the first broadcast network show to add more than 6 million viewers when going from its “live plus same day” audience to its “live plus seven day” result.
The Sept. 30 telecast of “Blacklist” averaged 17.858 million viewers in L+7 results, an increase of 6.504 million or 57% versus its 11.354 million in L+SD,  according to data from Nielsen Media Research.  That 6.504 million lift tops the previous record set the prior week by CBS’s “Big Bang Theory” (5.705 million).  The “Blacklist” L+7 percentage increase went up from 45% in week one to 57% in week two.
Week two of “The Blacklist” retained 98% of its premiere-week viewership in L+7 (17.858 million vs. 18.279 million).
This episode of “The Blacklist” also set the record for biggest jump fro L+SD to “live plus three day,” 5.081 million viewers, and was the first broadcast show to grow by 5 million viewers or more in that comparison.
Adults 18-49
Week two of “The Blacklist” retained 100% of its premiere rating in “live plus seven day” 18-49 results (5.49 in week two vs. 5.49 in week one, L+7).
The lift from L+SD to L+7 was bigger in week two than in week one – from a lift of 1.66 rating points in week one to 2.20 in week two.
That L+7 increase jumped from 43% in week one to 67% in week two.
In adults 18-49, week two of “The Blacklist” rose from a 3.29 rating in “live plus same day” to a 5.49 in “live plus seven day,” according to data from Nielsen Media Research, a lift of 2.20 rating points or 67%.  In week one, the show grew from a 3.83 rating in L+SD to a 5.49 in L+7, a gain of 1.66 rating points or 43%.
  • Kissan

    This show is a hit. Revolution wasn’t doing all of this in it’s first season. Now if Blacklist just stays in the 3’s at least until mid November and if it does good in January without The Voice then it’ll really be a hit.

  • DenverDean

    Question for TBL viewers – is the show closer to a procedural or serial? (I watch MNF and way to full on other shows throughout week. LOL) The reason I ask is that it appears the NBC is not going to air repeats of TBL between cycles. This seems bizarre to me. Isn’t the point of having procedurals so that you have shows that are highly repeatable and that you constantly don’t need new “product” to fill the timeslot? Maybe it’s just me.

  • k:Alex

    Dean, the story of the characters is serial (story of her husband), but the criminals are procedural.

  • Networkman

    With this show gaining so many viewers in Live +7 ratings, NBC may really want to consider moving it to an earlier timeslot so that it can garner more viewers watching at the actual time it airs. That certainly would help any new show airing after it. Blacklist seems like their first actual hit drama, therefore it may not need support from The Voice.

  • Jazz

    I wonder if Blacklist and Revolution should air on the same night. It seems like Revolution might benefit from moving to 10 p.m. again. I don’t know if airing Blacklist ahead of it would help.

  • DonJ1973

    This really shows how inaccurate overnights are. But I know this site wouldn’t exist without people going crazy about fast overnight numbers.

  • Samunto

    I asked myself the same question while watching Monday’s episode. It’s neither a classic serial nor procedural.
    There’s the criminal of the week but the storytelling is in a completely different line….

  • EatMorePez


    L+7 and the overnights measure two different things. That doesn’t make the overnights inaccurate.

  • Ashley

    I LOVE this show. My favorite show going right now

  • Harvey Kolfax

    I wonder how much longer advertisers are going to ignore these numbers. I also wonder how much AMC charges for commercials during Walking Dead. They should be commanding big numbers at this point.

  • eridapo

    EW just released the whole list for various shows… Come on TVBTN’s I count on you to be the first.

    Net Program Name Day 1 DEMO
    7 Days DEMO
    % Day 1 VIEWERS
    7 Days VIEWERS
    NBC BLACKLIST 3.29 5.49 67% 11354 17858 57%
    CHICAGO FIRE 2.64 3.90 48% 8743 12392 42%

    CBS BIG BANG THEORY, THE 5.19 7.61 47% 18216 23698 30%
    CRAZY ONES, THE 2.89 3.97 37% 11709 14606 25%
    CRIMINAL MINDS 2.75 4.01 46% 11121 14459 30%
    CSI 2.06 3.17 54% 9657 13080 35%
    ELEMENTARY 1.99 3.52 77% 9379 14197 51%
    HAWAII FIVE-0 1.49 2.35 58% 9750 12914 32%
    HOSTAGES 1.49 2.47 66% 5962 9034 52%
    HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER 3.13 4.41 41% 7875 10149 29%
    MENTALIST, THE 1.47 2.22 51% 8516 11539 35%
    NCIS 3.52 4.72 34% 19978 24217 21%
    NCIS: LOS ANGELES 2.69 3.55 32% 15086 18206 21%
    PERSON OF INTEREST 2.05 3.03 48% 12347 16435 33%

    ABC CASTLE 2.22 3.33 50% 10884 15043 38%
    GREY’S ANATOMY 3.08 4.93 60% 9602 13622 42%
    MARVEL AGENTS S.H.I.E.L.D 3.26 5.44 67% 8662 13165 52%
    MODERN FAMILY 4.23 6.17 46% 11124 15210 37%
    NASHVILLE 1.90 3.16 66% 5982 9001 50%
    ONCE UPON A TIME 2.61 3.84 47% 7998 10423 30%
    REVENGE 1.94 2.93 51% 6838 9433 38%
    SCANDAL 3.63 4.93 36% 10517 13836 32%

    FOX BONES 2.24 3.07 37% 7257 9747 34%
    GLEE 1.63 2.72 67% 4417 6760 53%
    MASTERCHEF JUNIOR 1.35 2.05 52% 3954 5497 39%
    NEW GIRL 1.94 3.59 85% 3846 6484 69%
    SLEEPY HOLLOW 3.01 5.13 70% 7967 12793 61%

    CW ARROW: YEAR ONE 0.54 0.75 39% 1741 2287 31%
    ORIGINALS 0.97 1.59 64% 2205 3214 46%
    VAMPIRE DIARIES 1.22 2.01 65% 2589 3939 52%

  • j

    I think it needs to have the Voice lead-in for at least the first half of the year before they think about changing it.

    January is a sensible time for networks to change up their schedules anyway.

    But…I think I would try keeping it in the same timeslot for the second half, with one or two episodes airing when The Voice isn’t airing, just to see how many people come without the lead-in, to get an idea for how to schedule it S2.

  • Joseph

    Will our own Cancellation Bear dare to go after the inventor(s) of the DVR, since it may prevent him from doing his job to cancel shows??

  • Ultima

    This really shows how inaccurate overnights are. But I know this site wouldn’t exist without people going crazy about fast overnight numbers.

    You shouldn’t try to be snarky when you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about.


  • Kissan

    Does anybody think this will do good without The Voice for at least two episodes in January?

  • Ultima

    Does anybody think this will do good without The Voice for at least two episodes in January?

    Does it matter? Does anyone think NBC will actually air The Blacklist without The Voice in January?

  • Randy


    Are you somehow in my head? I gather all of these comments I want to make to people and by the time I get to the bottom of the page you have already said them all!

  • Igwell

    Does L + 7 include Video on Demand? I’m leaning more and more on VoD at the expense of the DVR.

  • bjssp


    It might want to try it once or twice, if it hasn’t already set the schedule in stone.

    If it holds most of its audience, the decision to move it is easier. It can help anchor a night next season.

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