Will 'The Walking Dead' Break Ratings Records Again This Week? (Poll)

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October 20th, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere Walker

Update: in preliminary numbers Sunday night's episode drew a 7.1 adults 18-49 rating and 13.9 million viewers.

Last week, The Walking Dead returned to a giant 8.2 adults 18-49 rating. Usually, a show's ratings decline a bit after the premiere, but The Walking Dead breaks all the established rules of television. Since the American League Championship Series concluded last night, FOX will be airing reruns tonight, which should be signifigantly less competition than a game 7 featuring the Red Sox would have been. Sunday Night Football's match-up, featuring the undefeated Broncos versus the Colts may make some fans of both football and zombies decide to DVR TWD for later viewing. So how do you think the The Walking Dead will do tonight? Make your prediction!

  • CBSviewer

    It will break ratings record for the mid-season finale.

  • darkness

    TWD : 7.8
    TGW : 1.4
    Revenge : 1.9

  • AlanHalliwell

    8.2 or more since it ended on a cliff hanger people will want to see what happens

  • steve

    7.8 it will drop IMO However Mid season finale it will break the record again

  • Nerdbot

    Revenge is the one I am worried about. I really REALLY hope it gets higher numbers tonight, especially considering that last week’s episode was really good.

  • RJ

    The Walking Dead only sets series highs for premieres and finales. 7.5 is my guess.

  • California

    7.5 for TWD.

  • Riley

    I feel like it will drop .5 cause a lot of people probably just watched it because of the hype and to be honest with you, the first half hour was not great

  • John A

    Drop to a 7.0. Even though i hope it gets like a 7.5. Hope TGW can climb to 1.5.

  • kb

    It will never beat 8.2. That will end up being the highest. 7.3 this week. 7.8 for the finale.

  • aciel

    i’m prediction something like a 7.5 and as for revenge hopefully it ticks up like 2 tenths

  • POIFanatic

    7.5+ probably
    I’ve seen 3 whole seasons. Its mildly enjoyable, but has lots of groan-worthy moments of stupidity. No idea why this mediocrity is so popular.

  • Christian

    I’m guessing a 6.9.

  • jeremiah

    Idk there’s a big time football game(Colts vs broncos) on tonight I’d say a 6.2 bit I’ve been wrong before…..

  • Mike


  • Central

    I love the walking dead put most of that episode was boring.

  • Drew (@TheEmulator23)

    Makes even less sense since it’s nowhere near as good since they ended up in the prison. I’m done after this year. Don’t care about who’s left. People are watching it because they don’t want to feel left out, not because they love it. Some do sure, but not with these ratings.

  • don

    I will say above 8.2 .its funny some of your comments are the same as last week its going down never going. the show is get old

  • Glue

    Why haven’t you reported that the fosters has been renewed for a second season (on top of the second half of season one)?

  • John A

    @Glue TVBTN posted that well over a week ago.

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