Will 'The Walking Dead' Break Ratings Records Again This Week? (Poll)

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October 20th, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere Walker

Update: in preliminary numbers Sunday night's episode drew a 7.1 adults 18-49 rating and 13.9 million viewers.

Last week, The Walking Dead returned to a giant 8.2 adults 18-49 rating. Usually, a show's ratings decline a bit after the premiere, but The Walking Dead breaks all the established rules of television. Since the American League Championship Series concluded last night, FOX will be airing reruns tonight, which should be signifigantly less competition than a game 7 featuring the Red Sox would have been. Sunday Night Football's match-up, featuring the undefeated Broncos versus the Colts may make some fans of both football and zombies decide to DVR TWD for later viewing. So how do you think the The Walking Dead will do tonight? Make your prediction!

  • Cle

    it will fall obviously..

  • Glue

    @John A

    Really?! I must’ve missed it! Sorry for the inconvenience

  • Randy

    My predictions for 9pm tonight:

    Sunday Night Football: 8.4
    The Walking Dead: 7.6
    Revenge: 1.9
    Family Guy (R): 1.5
    The Good Wife: 1.3
    American Dad (R): 1.2

  • Ashley

    7.9 only b/c of SNF.

  • LisaM

    I’m looking to find out the explanation for the increase in walkers at the prison (not just to add more gore with zombie killing).

  • Dante

    Carol dies tonight

  • aciel

    i’m guessing that glenn will die in like 5 episodes

  • BrieK

    That 8.2 was a complete shock. I just don’t see it getting anywhere near that again. I voted <7.1 because I think it will come back to earth tonight.

  • Doug

    What goes up must come down…

    I’m guessing that TWD peaked at the premiere, and probably will not hit that sort of high again. I’m expecting it to level off in the 7s this season, then decline slightly next season. Still the 800 pound gorilla, though.

  • Carl

    I continue to be baffled at the idea that people are watching because of a bandwagon. This show has been on four seasons now. The wheels would have fallen off.

    I feel like people are just waiting for the ratings to fall so they can say this is the public finally waking up. Shockingly, all shows eventually lose viewers.

    I watch the show because I like the actors and many of the characters interest me. Not because of hype. Or zombies.

    As for the ratings – of course it will fall. I’m guessing 7.1 or lower. That premiere number was way too high to last.

  • j

    Yes it will fall, as basically all shows do post-premiere.


  • Joseph

    I think “Walking Dead” will suffer from having to go up against an “NFL: Sunday Night Football” game on NBC with an intriguing storyline (Peyton Manning leads Denver against his former team Indianapolis).

    “Walking Dead” will still finish second in it’s time period behind football, but it might only do a 6.5 in the 18-49 demographic.

    On the other hand, the football game will (thanks to the storyline that NBC will no doubt hype) be the most-watched TV show of this season thus far, the most-watched program since the last Super Bowl, and possibly even the most-watched regular-season NFL game ever.

    If it does, that record will likely last for only four weeks. If they’re both unbeaten, look for the Denver/Kansas City game on November 17th to be “flexed” to Sunday night, and such a “battle of the unbeatens” would certainly become the most-watched regular-season NFL telecast ever.

  • Joseph

    In my last post, I omitted the opinion that broadcast and cable networks other than NBC and AMC may be in for a disastrous Sunday night this evening (October 20th).


    NO! I’m thinking a 10% to 15% slide, putting it around 7.5.

    I’ll be watching the low-rated TGW myself.

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    The Walking Dead does defy all normal ratings logic.

    1. Take long in season hiatus? Ratings crumble (Flashforward, V, Revolution, The Event)
    The Walking Dead returned to record ratings.

    2. Air against a major awards show? Ratings fall (Animation Domination, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Amazing Race)
    The Walking Dead ratings stay the same

    3. Air on a major holiday (Easter)? Ratings down (Amazing Race, Revenge, Celebrity Apprentice)
    The Walking Dead hits series high

  • k:Alex

    Around 7.s.
    Last episode was boring, except for the end.
    And a season opening is almost always higher.

  • Ultima

    @Patrick Ausgewahlt
    The Walking Dead does defy all normal ratings logic.

    I disagree. Normal ratings logic would suggest that a mega hit show that is appointment viewing shouldn’t have problems drawing viewers even during those conditions you listed. There’s plenty of examples over the past decade that support this.

  • Scot

    It will drop a bit, every show drops a tad after its premiere. 7.6 in the demo, 15.2 million viewers.

  • Reprise

    @I’m looking to find out the explanation for the increase in walkers at the prison (not just to add more gore with zombie killing).

    AMC slipped with this, on one of the trailers(Avoiding spoilers here) there’s a panic situation and a convo between 2 characters about the zombie increase which has a line like ‘Someone must be FEEDING them’ i.e someone is attracting them to the prison.

    It seems obvious as David Morrissey is signed on for Season 4, The Governor is the cause. He’l be wanting them out of the prison.

  • Brandon

    I think it will dip to like 14 or 15 milliom viewers but TWD has a loyal fan base, so it won’t dip that much even if it’s against an interesting Sunday Nigh Football tonight. The rest of the programs got to be worried though the night pretty much belongs to Football and Zombies.

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