Will 'The Walking Dead' Break Ratings Records Again This Week? (Poll)

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October 20th, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere Walker

Update: in preliminary numbers Sunday night's episode drew a 7.1 adults 18-49 rating and 13.9 million viewers.

Last week, The Walking Dead returned to a giant 8.2 adults 18-49 rating. Usually, a show's ratings decline a bit after the premiere, but The Walking Dead breaks all the established rules of television. Since the American League Championship Series concluded last night, FOX will be airing reruns tonight, which should be signifigantly less competition than a game 7 featuring the Red Sox would have been. Sunday Night Football's match-up, featuring the undefeated Broncos versus the Colts may make some fans of both football and zombies decide to DVR TWD for later viewing. So how do you think the The Walking Dead will do tonight? Make your prediction!

  • YourFaceMySalad

    Of course not, it’s not going to keep going up forever. Every hit show has a ceiling that it can’t break. In fact, I’d bet TWD has already reached as high as it ever will.

  • Reprise

    Good thing is, The Walking Dead can afford to lose 50-60 percent of its viewers and still pull renewal figures. AMC will never have anything that will ever come close to The Walking Deads numbers and would look the fool if the show fell to say 7 million, 3.4 18-49 and cancelled.

  • Jagger Dagger

    Big NFL game tonight for SNF.
    Probably 7.3
    Except for football, it still will be stomping everything else on sunday though.

  • Tony JJ


  • Matt

    The Walking Dead – 7.8 / 14.8 million viewers
    Revenge – 1.8 / 6.6 million viewers
    Once Upon A Time – 2.5 / 8 million viewers
    The Good Wife – 1.3 / 8.5 million viewers
    The Mentalist – 1.4 / 9 million viewers

    TWD will suffer a minor drop, 3-5 tenths, most likely 4 and will be fall about 1 million viewers.
    Revenge and ONCE will probably each rise around 2 tenths and 500K viewers. TGW and The Mentalist will also probably rise a tenth or two. Basically, all broadcast dramas will see some rises as TWD hype is simmering.

  • Ekras

    @don – they’ve been saying the same thing since season 1 – “That’s as high as it will ever go!” – the last couple times I even kinda went along with it…. at this point there is no way to even remotely predict viewer behavior with this show.

  • JJ

    The show has had a pattern of breaking records with 1) The season premiere 2) The midseason premiere and 3) The season finale. I’m sure this season will be similar. It likely won’t match/beat last weeks ratings until the second half of the season.

    But I would have never guessed they would ever reach an 8.2 so who knows what the show is capable of lol.

  • Samunto

    It will drop about a ratings point to about 7.1 which is still extremely impressive.

  • k:Alex

    Cost a 30 second add more at The Walking Dead or The Big Bang Theory?
    I’m curious.

  • gerry

    8.0 this week

  • Mike, DDS

    According to NBC press release for SNF, Dead dropped all the way down to 6.0!!

  • zerg

    In the Adults 18-49 demographic, Sunday Night Football easily won the night posting a 10.0 rating – 64% better than the second-ranked show in the demo (6.1 for AMC’s “The Walking Dead”)

    Ouch! NFL struck badly

  • hanp

    6.1 and still beats everything in the TV the past week (non-football).

  • CP

    high 6’s to low 7’s.

  • john

    6.1 would still be its second best ever performance against football. Interested to see what will be its normal rating against football this fall.

  • skyfi

    This was the last rating record for TWD. From now, it will do nothing but fall, believe me…

  • john

    Considering it still did over a six against the monster football rating, I wouldnt be surprised to see Walking Dead increase next week as football returns to its regular ratings.

  • YourFaceMySalad


    Why should we believe you?

  • Austin

    The reason THE WALKING DEAD is so popular is because it is an AMAZING show with a phenomenal cast and writing and such…depth to all the characters. It is a show about a group of survivors that become a family and are thrown into one of the worst type of apocalyptic possibilities known to humans. It is about the human will to not only survive, but to thrive and keep their humanity under the most horrific of circumstances. That is why it is such a great show! It is about the human will to survive in the face of extinction! There has never been a show like it. In my opinion it is one of the greatest shows ever on tv! And Im not a huge fan of blood and gore…but this show is SO MUCH more than that! It plays on EVERY human emotion and draws you in and it makes you wonder…”How would I be in that new world?” “Who would I become?” “How would I change?”

  • Dan S.

    Austin…that is EXACTLY why my friends and I all watch the show!!
    I heard it did 6.1 which is still the BIGGEST show under stupid football for the night!!! AND…that is still not including DVR and the like…so that will raise a LOT over the next few days!! The second episode was GREAT…not that that is a shock!! LOVE THIS SHOW!!

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