30 Day Multi-Platform Viewing Lifts 'Sleepy Hollow' Premiere 108% Over Live + Same Day Viewership

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October 21st, 2013

Sleepy Hollow cast

via press notes:

30-day multiplatform total audiences for the majority of FOX premieres represent lifts of +80% to +108% versus their same-day deliveries.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 3.23.44 PM

  • Wright

    Great news!!!

  • DenverDean

    30 days? C’mon FOX is acting like NBC or ABC. There’s no need to oversell SH – it’s a hit.

  • sh

    you gonna add tonight’s pilot repeat to the numbers? i’m hoping this and the fx marathon on saturday will help whoever is still behind tune in for the new eps on nov 4th

  • Christian

    @DenverDean I had to crack up at the headline. I wonder if they’ll still be bragging about the DVR lift of the pilot episode next year?

  • j

    What I get from this is…Oh look Dads is a bigger hit than New Girl!

  • DenverDean

    @Christian – I just realized that FOX is reairing the pilot tonight. Expect a release later this week talking about the latest “unduplicated” viewers of the pilot, etc.

  • Ultima

    30 days?

    They have to go out at least 21 days if they want to include the Live+7 numbers, so why not just make it an even month?

    Also, it’s not like many people are actually watching it via VOD/streaming 8+ days after the inital airing.

    The most interesting thing I get out of this chart is the really high VOD/streaming numbers for New Girl and Mindy Project (especially if VOD 1-3 is being counted in the Live+7 numbers).

  • Fake Me Out

    Even if these numbers don’t mean anything to the big picture, I still see that my statement last spring that Fox will come to regret renewing Mindy rings true … no matter what measurement you want to take, Mindy keeps coming in dead last by a big margin. If Fox loves Mindy, they should save her from this mess before her brand is permanently damaged … kill the show and try again.

    In other news, Gilligan’s Island has increased it’s initial pilot viewers by a gazillion % with 40 Year Multi-Platform viewing … CBS wins again!

  • Doug

    That really puts the Live + SD numbers in perspective, doesn’t it? What’s the answer here – more product placement? Commercials embedded in the shows themselves?

  • Fake Me Out

    @TVBtN Web Crew

    I have a comment (tried 2x) on this thread that appears to be caught in your spam filter but for the life of me I can’t guess what the problem is … if you see this in time can you please check the round file and let me know what I need to adjust to get the comment posted? Txs

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