'The Big Bang Theory' Tops All Broadcast Programs in 7-Day DVR Lift Among Adults 18-49

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October 21st, 2013

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"The Big Bang Theory" Adds +5.48 Million Viewers and +2.4 Rating Points


"Elementary," "NCIS" and "Person of Interest" All Add More Than +4 Million Viewers


CBS Leads in Lift Among Viewers, Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54


THE BIG BANG THEORY added +2.4 rating points among adults 18-49 (7.6 from 5.2, +46%) in 7-day DVR playback lift, the most of any broadcast program, according to Nielsen live + 7-day ratings for the week of Sept. 30 - Oct.6.


Among viewers, THE BIG BANG THEORY added +5.48m (23.70m from 18.22m, +30%), the second-most of any program.


ELEMENTARY (+4.82m, 14.20m from 9.38m, +51%), NCIS (+4.24m, 24.22m from 19.98m, +21%) and PERSON OF INTEREST (+4.09m, 16.44m from 12.35m, +33%) all ranked among the programs with the most additional viewership, adding more than four million viewers.


Among adults 18-49, ELEMENTARY gained +1.5 rating points (3.5 from 2.0, +75%), HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER added +1.3 (4.4 from 3.1, +42%), CRIMINAL MINDS gained +1.3 (4.0 from 2.7, +48%), NCIS added +1.2 (4.7 from 3.5, +34%), CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION gained +1.1 (3.2 from 2.1, +52%) and THE CRAZY ONES gained +1.1 (4.0 from 2.9, +38%).


Among networks, CBS added 2.30 million viewers (13.15m from 10.85m, +21%), +0.7 rating points in adults 18-49 (3.2 from 2.5, +28%) and +0.9 rating points in adults 25-54 (4.2 from 3.3, +27%).  CBS had the top lift in viewers and adults 25-54 and matched the top lift in adults 18-49.


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  • Douglas from Brazil

    CBS is still trying to make Elementary being a hit don’t they?Even with live numbers being so poorly.

  • Wright

    I don’t watch the show, but tell me something I didn’t know…lol.

  • Joan

    With over 14 million viewers and a 3.5, I’d say Elementary is, in fact, a hit.

  • OutOfSync

    I’m with you, Joan!

  • Phil

    Elementary is a great show!!!

  • Dant2590

    It’s a good thing they have BIG BANG cause the other new shows they’re pushing this season aren’t very good. They pulled the “men” show after only 2 shows. I could have told them that before they started the show. It just didn’t have a funny feel in the preview show the men hosted.

    It’s too bad they canned RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. They now need it more this year than ever.

  • DenverDean

    @Dant2590 ROE, CSI:NY, CSI:M all better than TGW, TM, Hostages, TM or TCO.

  • Tammy, from Brazil ;)

    I am with you, joan (y)
    Elementary is, in fact, an amazing show and I really hope that the numbers will increase even more…

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