‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’ Premieres See Big Gains in Live + 7

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Premiere

via press release:


The season premiere of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and the special Thursday night series premiere of THE ORIGINALS both saw huge increases in Live + 7 Day DVR data versus Live + Same Day. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES rose +52% in total viewers (3.94 million vs 2.59M), gained +64% in adults 18-34 (2.08 vs 1.27), rose +73% in women  18-34 (3.08 vs 1.78), and jumped +65% in adults 18-49 (2.0 vs 1.22).


The series premiere of THE ORIGINALS drew 3.21 million viewers in L+7 (+46%) and rose +70% in A18-34 (0.96 vs 1.3), +78% in W18-34 (1.34 vs 2.38), +64% in A18-49 (0.97 vs 1.59), and +65% in W18-49 (1.33 vs 2.19).


Digital viewing of the season premiere of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (CWTV.com, mobile, tablet and Xbox apps, and Hulu) increased viewership by an additional 50% when adding to L+7. That’s up from the 43% increase that digital viewing boosted last year’s season premiere. Digital viewing of the series premiere of THE ORIGINALS increased its L+7 audience by 41%



In Live + 3 Day delayed viewing, ARROW drew 4.08 million viewers, up +33% from its Live + Same Day average and up +11% from its L+3 average for last week’s season premiere. ARROW rose +42% in adults 18-34 versus L+SD (1.28 vs 0.9), and was up +19% week to week. In adults 18-49, ARROW rose +43% compared to its L+SD rating (1.53 vs 1.07) and was up +18% week to week. Among women 18-34, ARROW was up 30% versus L+SD (1.26 vs 0.97) and rose 20% week to week.


The second episode of THE TOMORROW PEOPLE also saw sizable percentage gains compared to its L+SD ratings, jumping +33% in total viewers (2.86M vs 2.15M), +32% in A18-34 (0.89 vs 0.67), +34% in A18-49 (1.14 vs 0.85) and +30% in W18-34 (0.74 vs 0.61).  THE TOMORROW PEOPLE also rose +10% week to week in L+3 in A18-34.

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