'The Walking Dead' Draws 13.9 Million Viewers In Season's Second Episode

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October 21st, 2013


Sunday's The Walking Dead episode dropped from the ginormous premiere ratings last week to a still gigantic 13.9 million viewers and a 7.1 adults 18-49 rating. Still, your predictions were a little optimistic.

  • Simon

    Looks like Governor back next episode according to IMDB! I am guessing he is orchestrating the feeding of the rats to walkers. Burned bodies? Thinking someone else…

  • j

    I predicted 7.3. Hmm.

    If this follows last season’s trajectory, next week will perk up.

  • AlanHalliwell

    What we need to rememeber if it falls to a 5 it still incredible

  • Jack

    Only a 7.1? WOW. Time to cancel this and bring Low Winter Sun back.

  • dan

    Much improved episode over the season premiere!

  • gerry

    larger drop than i expected but i wasn’t taking football into account and apparently it was some big game for some reason (?) – anyway, still a monster number.

  • Cory Smith

    Maybe low winter sun could pull a 0.6 with this lead in

  • gerry

    LOL @ jack

  • turkey

    I seriously hope you people are joking around those ratings smoke everything else that has ever been on AMC besides last weeks domination.

  • eridapo


    Come on folks.. it scored a 7.1 which is unheard of in Broadcast nowdays and Cable…

  • somebody85

    Very solid drop against one of the biggest NFL match ups of the year.

    I’m loving this season so far. Last nights episode didn’t have a dull moment and flew by way too quickly. I don’t know how anyone could have found it boring. I’m a huge NFL fan and watched it over that game during that hour and it was totally the right call. I hope the balance that Gimple has shown with these first two episodes continues throughout the season. Judging by previews next week it definitely looks like another solid episode with a huge set piece. Excited to see how it all plays out!

  • Jack


    If you cannot detect the level of sarcasm in the majority of these posts, then I cry for you.

  • Wright

    Great rating. Great show!!!

  • RJ

    The ratings for this show always seem so inflated to me. I believe them, of course (I’m not questioning the correctness of the ratings for the show), I am just always amazed by how it beats all network entertainment programs.

  • Dan

    @Jack – I agree, ONLY a 7.1? It could have done better.

    Quick someone do the math, how much percent is an increase from Low Winter Suns’s finale’s 0.2 to The Walking Dead’s 7.1?

    Dead Air would have done better in the slot then LWS.

  • Chris

    There was 12% drop from the Season 3 premier to episode 2, so not too out of sort.

  • Carl

    @Jack, it’s pretty tough to tell what is sarcasm here these days. Anything and everything is a flop.

  • IMJ

    Does anyone know how much AMC is charging to advertise during Walking Dead now?

  • Reprise

    @I am guessing he is orchestrating the feeding of the rats to walkers

    Doubtful, but it’s obvious he’s drawing The Walkers to the prison. Can’t be coincidental that as soon as they take the residents of Woodbury to the Prisons the number of Walkers at the fences increases by many many many times.

    It’s going to be amazing watching the build up to the mid season finale.

  • bjssp

    After seeing these numbers, I wonder if NBC will seriously reconsider trying to do The Sixth Gun. It’d be a gamble to some degree, but it could pay off handsomely.

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