Additional Scripts Ordered for 'Super Fun Night' and 'Back in the Game'

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October 22nd, 2013

Super Fun Night

ABC has ordered two additional scripts each for Wednesday comedies Super Fun Night and Back in the Game.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    I Maggie coming back for Psych season 8?

  • AllOfHerTw!st


  • Ultima

    The “I can’t believe we have to leave one of these on our schedule all year” moment! ;)

  • Androme

    Although I know what a script is, does anyone know what it means to order more scripts for a TV show?

  • Anthony

    Although I know what a script is, does anyone know what it means to order more scripts for a TV show?

    Could mean a couple of different things. It could mean, that the network wants to see what creative direction the show is taking before deciding if or how many episodes to order on the back order. The second meaning is that the network is undecided on whether it wants to order more episodes at all (due to ratings) and is just keeping the writing staff in a holding pattern (basically keeping them busy while they decide).

  • Dan

    @Androme – That just means that ABC wants to see the direction that these shows are going with scripts so that if more episodes are ordered to be produced then those scripts can be used.

    Sometimes scripts are ordered when networks gave faith in the shows but since ABC has ordered scripts for all 4 freshman comedies then its feasible that maybe all of them will get extra orders though no guarantee of anything.

    It’s possible that ABC could order more episodes of all shows and when DWTS ends in Jan maybe shift some shows around while Greys, Scandal, OUAT, Revenge and Nashville are on hiatus.

  • Kissan

    Rumor has it ABC is trying to bring back Body Of Proof since Lucky 7 got cancelled and Betrayal and Wonderland aren’t doing good.

  • Androme

    Got it. Thank guys for your answers. Much appreciated.

  • Alecia

    I’m guessing ABC is just waiting to see which one or maybe two holds up the best before ordering anymore episodes. They should have a clearer picture in the next couple of weeks.

    If they actually bring back Body of Proof, I wonder what that means for Nashville.

  • Adam3648

    I have been enjoying Super Fun Night. I find all of the characters very likeable. It’s too bad more critics don’t seem to like it, but as long as it can maintain a rating above a 2.0 I feel like it’ll last the whole season.

  • Mike


    I read back in june that Maggie Lawson Will be in a few episodes of Psych season 8 but not all

    Im kinda hoping that Back in the game gets cancelled so USA Network will give Psych a 9th and Final season of at least 13 episodes…

    Then after that i hope they all find new shows and movies to be on

  • Scandalicious

    This is a bad sign for The Goldbers and Trophy Wife! It is so frustrating to see ABC going with comedies like Super Fun Night and Back in the Game when both The Goldbergs and Trophy WIfe are vastly superior. I don’t mean to hate on the other comedies but I just hate to see good shows go down the drain!

  • Shepherd

    The “I can’t believe we have to leave one of these on our schedule all year” moment! ;)

    :lol: Classic!

  • Ronald

    OMG Im happy abou BITG is a really good one! but what about The Goldbergs¿?

  • Alecia


    All four comedies were given additional script order and quality is subjective. The Goldbergs was also the only sitcom to get a ton of promotion and the plush spot behind Shield. I live in NY and I can’t walk by a bus or take a train without seeing a poster for the show. So if any of the four get back orders or renew it’s going to be because of their ratings not “quality”.

  • Dan W

    I suppose this can be seen as a good thing…even though I know just because additional scripts were ordered does not mean the show will get a back 9 or even air all of said scripts, it’s a step in the right direction at least! I really enjoy Super Fun Night and would love it if it got a full season pick up/season 2 renewal!

  • Ram510

    ABC, just let Super Fun Night go

  • dee

    Happy endings picked up for a fourth season because all new comedies suck. I can see that in may

  • forg

    Despite not having good retention out of the Middle, BITG’s ratings are not too far from when it premiered which is not high but of all the new comedies it had the slimmest drop so I think it will get a back 9 just like Better With You and The Neighbors which also drops from The Middle but was consistent that is until they aired new episodes in an all-rerun night which may likely happen to BITG if they get a pick up.

  • Mumbo

    Yeah, they’re going to have to just suck it up and give a back 9 order to one of these shows, and I’d guess The Goldbergs are the lottery winners here.

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