Additional Scripts Ordered for 'Super Fun Night' and 'Back in the Game'

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October 22nd, 2013

Super Fun Night

ABC has ordered two additional scripts each for Wednesday comedies Super Fun Night and Back in the Game.

  • AniMatsuri

    The main thing is the writers will get paid and not go on strike. ;)

  • AdamP

    NOOOOO! I really hope Super Fun Night is canceled so the cast can move on to better projects (particularly Kevin Bishop) and Mixology can air after Modern Family mid-season because that has much more promise (it was in a bidding war between the networks and given a put-pilot).

    The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife are the best ones quality wise
    The Goldbergs and Back in the Game are the best ratings wise (not including Super Fun Night’s steadily decreasing ratings)

    Surely one of these four will be picked up for a full season come the end of the week. If so, my money is on The Goldbergs but I am pushing for Trophy Wife as that is my favorite new comedy.

  • Ryan

    I didn’t know anything about Mixology, so I looked it up on Wikipedia. It is from Ryan Seacrest Productions. Strike One

  • CBSviewer

    @ Ultima

    The “I can’t believe we have to leave one of these on our schedule all year” moment!

    Considering Back in the Game is doing better than The Golbergs and Trophy Wife and almost ties Super Fun Night (which has a bigger lead-in) I think it’ll get a full season order. Mixology will premiere on Wednesday at 9:30 in February-March.

  • Diana

    Just cancel back in the game, move Goldbergs and Trophy Wife to Wendesday. Then experiment with Super Fun Night and Mixology at 10pm Tuesday or Sunday Comidies can work at the 10pm slot they just need to be the right ones.

  • Randy S

    The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife are definitely more compatible with The Middle and Modern Family than Back in the Game and Super Fun Night, IMO. I enjoy both on Tuesdays, but I always though ABC should have aired them on Wednesdays instead. Back in the Game is okay, and Super Fun Night has some laughs out of it, but I feel the quality of The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife is better, & they are more suiting for the Wednesday comedies. It’s a shame that ABC has so much potential during these past few years, yet they screw it up with their scheduling decisions.

  • Charmed

    Hell yeah! Today has been a great day with BoP possible coming back and now this!

  • Alex J

    Round of up the gang from Happy Endings. It would be better than all of these new comedies.


    @ Ultima

    Stop stealing my thunder! (As in Rebel Wilson’s thighs!)

  • ToXiX


    You won’t be seeing that in May.

  • Rebecca

    Too bad it doesn’t say “additional BETTER scripts ordered.” Actually, I like Super Fun Night. Tried to like Back in the Game but I just can’t stand James Caan, and I’d rather see Maggie do more on Psych (I know her part was to be scaled down a bit for the new season…but the more Juliet the better).

    I agree with the ongoing comments on this and other threads about The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife fitting better with The Middle and Modern Family…maybe ABC can move them over there and make my Tuesday nights easier (too much on for me on Tuesdays. Streaming New Girl now to catch up). We should go to the ABC website and email/comment to them about that schedule idea. I’ve done that before about other shows; makes me feel like I “helped,” lol.

  • Laura

    Maggie Lawson is so much better as Juliet on Psych and i too i am hoping that Back In The Game will be cancelled soon. Never the less for those wondering Psych season 8 will have 10 episodes and Maggie will appear in most of them being absent in only 2. I can’t stand her new show and i am glad she is also sticking with Psych. It has also been stated tha season 8 will be Psych’s last, that is why Maggie took on this other role. Maggie has recently said that If Psych continues bayoneta season 8 she will continue as Juliet regardless of what happens with her new show.

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