Could 'Body of Proof' Be Un-cancelled?

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October 22nd, 2013

body of proof

Deadline reports that ABC is considering resurrecting legal procedural Body of Proof. The story notes that a resurrection would be difficult since the cast and crew have moved on.

Bill later added: Impossible to judge the credibility/likelihood of this happening, little PR birds have a willing ear to whisper into in Nellie Andreeva, but sometimes they speak the truth.

However, the idea Body Of Proof's return somehow has to do with the fate of new fall series Betrayal and Once Upon A Time in Wonderland is completely ridiculous. First of all, both of those shows are completely dead. There is nothing contingent about their fates. (although if ABC's considering switching an hour of sitcom time to dramas next season that would make sense) Second of all, any resurrection of Body Of Proof would be for the 2014-15 season at the earliest, so it would seem more contingent on the perceived quality of this spring's pilots.

  • Ultima

    If this is true where would it go since ABC already has three mid season dramas and as many slots?

    ABC’s problem at this point is a lack of programming, not an excess of it.

    They have three DOA dramas, with the only hit being the very obvious Agents of SHIELD.

    They have four failed comedies and are in the position of needing to give one a back-nine out of necessity rather than desire.

    At this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see the DWTS results show back on the schedule in the spring just because it’s a fairly safe way to fill an hour.

  • SerferTJ

    “Damn they’re desperate”

    Yeah, but they should be. ABC just had 2 new dramas flop right out of the gate (Lucky 7 & Betrayal), Once in Wonderland is tanking, Shield isn’t the MONSTER it was expected to be, and all the other dramas (aside from Scandal & Castle) are nearing their series lows ALREADY.
    Even the new comedies are getting “MEH” ratings at best.

    Might as well bring something back that already has a good fan base and get some syndication $ out of it as opposed to gamble on a brand new show. ABC clearly isn’t good at gambling.

  • Dan

    It should never have been cancelled to begin with. ABC could have held on to it for midseason, it really wasn’t doing horribly for ABC considering They only renewed 1/5 dramas from last season.

  • Dan W

    I think they should have held on to it for midseason (or you know, now since Lucky 7 has been canceled and Betrayal, as much as I’m enjoying it, hit a 0.8 in it’s third episode which is terrible). Wonderland’s ratings are not good and I only expect them to go down from here. Shield’s ratings really aren’t that good either for all the promotion it got – you know they expected it to be the biggest show of the season and it has failed in that aspect. They should have just kept BoP for filler and if all the shows had done decently, they could have held it for next summer if need be. Some networks really do make the worst scheduling/renewal choices.

  • Dan

    Also ABC needs something to air while Greys Nashville, Revenge OUAT and Scandal go on hiatus

    Killer Women will probably air Tuesdays at 10 and Betrayal will be replaced by Resurrection.

    That’s what happens when a network has few returning dramas that only perform OK. You keep shows like BOP when you aren’t sure how your new shows would turn out. If those new shows did well then They get renewed but when you only renew one show from a season (Nashville) you need to keep reliable performers.

  • John A

    Dont believe this for a second but would like to be wrong.

  • Dan

    @Dan W – Well ABC will probably just let Betrayal run its 13 ep order out anyway considering it will probably finish up in May and its already scheduled to be replaced by Resurrection.

    With Wonderland, ABC could just cut the order and air the already produced episodes through Dec and just Replace it with The Quest and then something else by March like Wipeout or Shark Tank some filler until May.

    BOP would have come in handy for Lucky 7’s demise, it probably would have held up against Chicago Fire and POI.

  • Matt

    If DWTS would ever go, or moved to a new night, the dream ABC Monday lineup would include 3 fantastic dramas,

    8PM- The Black Box (new ABC limited series, supposedly slated for 2014)
    9PM- Castle
    10PM- Body of Proof

    Balance the night with two procedurals and a phsycological serial (The Black Box). Since The Black Box is only slated for a 13 episode run, then they could bring in something such as the new Phillip Marlowe ABC detective dramedy pilot from creators of CASTLE.

    However, I don’t see this happening anytime soon as DWTS is most likely here to stay. But, The Black Box and Body of Proof would both work extremely well together, maybe on another night, as both feature strong female leads (Kelly Reilly/Vanessa Redgrave & Dana Delaney)… Perhaps, Tuesday? Friday? Sunday?

  • RJ

    The show was probably cancelled because it wasn’t profitable for ABC (or perhaps it was profitable but only just barely and they thought they could do better trying out new shows). They are indeed pretty desperate if they’re considering bringing this one back. It’s not like they accidentally cancelled Scandal or something here.

  • Dan

    @RJ – BOP was profitable internationally for ABC, the cancellation just happened because ABC really thought they could do better in The slot.

  • Raul

    Bad move, it rates poorly in the 18-49 demo.

  • Barbie

    Next thing you know, they’ll bring back a whole new Desperate Housewives, with the woman from the finale who has some secret. Sigh.

    RIP ABC.

  • r0ckmypants

    @Dan W – “I thought it had decent ratings in its’ time slot.”

    It didn’t. It premiered last season to a 1.2, hit a high of 1.6 a few times, and fell back to 1.2 for its finale. While that seems decent this season with the utter failures of Lucky 7 and Betrayal, its average was lower than every other surviving 10pm drama last season.

  • dee

    I am honestly waiting to see this for happy endings with how poorly the comedies are doing…

  • Fake Me Out

    Sometimes a likely 1.2 is, if cheap enough to produce, good insurance when rolling the dice with the likes of Lucky 7, Betrayal et al especially if you’re getting a tax deal and there is a syndication money light at the end of the tunnel.

    The stars may not like it but work is work in the industry and 2 or 3 years of 13-16 episodes each as flop insurance would have got them spackle coverage and into syndication territory.

    They already did a cast shake up so a second adjustment to cover the cast who decline or are otherwise employed wouldn’t be so bad … in fact that could be their thing, like a modern day Doris Day Show … each new season brings a whole new premise and cast with no explanations for the changes.

    The best thing about this is I can see the veins in Robert and Bill’s head begin to throb if it comes to pass … bring back Harry’s Law and I swear one or the others head will actually explode plus the C’Bear may have to be put down by Animal Control … or Kathy Bates gets herself a rifle and a bear tag.

  • Alex

    Wow, this season must be really bad if they’re thinking about bringing s canceled show back. Is this show bringing in ridiculous amounts of DVD money or something?

  • One

    I have to believe that the difficulty of this is insurmountable. That is the only way to preserve my sanity.

  • Mumbo

    No idea why they’d go to so much trouble to resurrect a show that had meh/terrible ratings anyway.

    I know they’re having a rough go of it this year, but first of all, who isn’t? And second of all, of all the programming they could throw on as back up, why this?

  • Jake

    ABC will likely need to fill midseason slots for Betrayel, Lucky 7, and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. They have Resurrection, Killer Woman, and Mind Games waiting in the wings (If I remember correctly). So if any of those midseason shows are DOA, then it makes sense that ABC would want to replace it with a show that has semi-stable ratings. Whether Body of Proof’s viewers return, that remains to be seen.

  • David Howell

    I personally thought BoP was worth renewing last season. Getting rid of the DWTS results show doomed it, but Super Tuesday has gone so badly that I honestly think SHIELD/DWTS/BoP would be doing better already. Maybe ABC have worked that one out themselves.

    In practice, I reckon that we’ll see SHIELD/Goldbergs-Mixology/new drama, or maybe SHIELD/new drama/DWTS. The former would be terrible, but probable.

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