Sunday Final Ratings: 'Once Upon a Time' Adjusted Up; '60 Minutes' Adjusted Down + Final Football Numbers

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October 22nd, 2013


Once Upon a Time was adjusted up a tenth while 60 Minutes was  adjusted down three  tenths among adults 18-49 versus Sunday's preliminary ratings. Final NFL numbers for NBC and CBS  are also below.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Sunday, October 20, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
7:00PM CBS Football Overrun 8.6 30 25.32
ABC America's Funniest Home Videos 1.1 3 5.58
FOX Bob's Burgers -R 0.5 2 1.39
7:30PM NBC Football Night in America 3.1 9 8.78
CBS 60 Minutes 2.8 8 14.95
FOX Family Guy -R 0.9 3 2.28
8:00 PM NBC Football Night in America/ Pre-Kick 5.5 16 15.29
ABC Once Upon a Time 2.1 5 7.05
FOX The Simpsons -R 1.3 4 3.14
8:30PM NBC Sunday Night Football (8:30-11PM) 10.0 27 26.94
CBS the Amazing Race 1.9 5 8.87
FOX The Simpsons -R 1.3 3 3.13
9:00PM ABC Revenge 1.5 4 6.16
FOX Family Guy -R 1.2 3 2.77
9:30PM CBS The Good Wife 1.4 3 8.99
FOX American Dad -R 1.1 3 2.21
10:00 PM ABC Betrayal 0.9 2 3.51
10:30PM CBS The Mentalist 1.2 3 7.75

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  • Ray

    I’m sure Revenge was probably close to being adjusted up. It’s viewers went up (6.06 preliminary to a 6.16 now). I’m sure the 18-49 demo was probably a (1.53 to 1.54 or something), so it still shows a 1.5. That’s just my guess, I’m not sure what the full breakdown for the demo was. But on the bright side, it didn’t adjust down, so that’s good.

  • Paris


  • Rodney

    each time revenge’s ratings are low, there’s is some show to be blamed by it’s fans. What the fans don’t realize that the quality of the show has tanked.

  • Toni

    4th episode on a 22-eps run and already at 2.1?
    Sorry for OUAT but these numbers are not good.

  • s0303

    glad tgw didn’t adjust down, it’s been really good this season…tar below a 2.0 is looking bad for cbs though…


    revenge and ouat in 3rd seasons syndication gods means 4th seasons for both

  • Ray

    Can someone enlighten me on what other show on broadcast television has to face as fierce competition as Revenge does? And don’t say well Revenge went up against TWD last year and did fine (TWD is much stronger this season, plus Revenge has a weaker lead in this season). Revenge had to face a 10.0 with 27 million viewers from Sunday Night Football, a 7.1 with 13.9 million viewers from The Walking Dead. I don’t want to hear they don’t share an audience, because women do watch football and The Walking Dead too you know, plus their husbands may have control over the TV on Sunday nights. Yes, season two the quality went down, but so far this season it has definitely improved.

    ABC is trying their Twitter strategy like they did with Scandal. This week for Revenge: #HamptonsKiller

    I don’t think it will do anything, but ABC is trying. I just hope ABC renews it for at least a fourth and final season. It definitely deserves it given its a veteran show & pulled in great numbers during season one and the first part of season two.

    Oh and comparing ratings versus last year is kind of irrelevant really, because typically where the ratings left off at the end of last season is where they pick up this season. So comparing episode to episode is more relevant. Ratings tanked when ABC scheduled Revenge against various awards shows in the winter of 2013 (January/February). The same thing happened years prior to Desperate Housewives (even hit a 1.8). Who knew that a show that drew in 8.0’s+ during its early years would hit a 1.8 in its final season?

  • Mandy

    Emily wants to take down the Greysons. But, hey its not gonna take 1 or 2 seasons, they’l drag the story to maybe who knows upto 5-7 seasons if they could

  • Rex

    @ray scandal goes up against Thursday night football

  • Rodney

    @Ray “(TWD is much stronger this season, plus Revenge has a weaker lead in this season)”

    TWD is much stronger quite simply because the quality of TWD is infinity times better than Revenge. Accept the facts

  • Randy


    Thursday night football is watched by FAR less people but nice try.


    Maybe CBS will renew the good wife i would test good wife on Monday’s at 10.

  • Steve A

    I’m trying to be polite but this third season and syndication gods stuff is annoying. If a fourth season was guaranteed,there wouldve been a two season pick up . Right? I don’t care if Revenge is renewed, but it’s not a certainty.

  • Rodney

    why don’t people dvr TWD or football, quite simply because there’s nothing that interesting to watch.

  • Maxwell998

    Yay for Once!! This season is awesome!

  • Ronald

    oh god revenge why dont you adjust up, dont keep falling please!

  • pan

    i really can’t understand why everyone in the comments are so glad with revenge’s bad ratings. I actually like this show very much. I don;t believe that it’s the best show, but i think its entertaining and it deserves better ratings.

  • Steve A

    @Randy it doesn’t matter. Its a football game and people are delusional if they think football fans and Revenge share an audience.

  • Ray

    @Rex Thursday night football is on cable and watched by far less people. That’s how its always been and always will be.

    @Rodney It’s not just Revenge, broadcast in general is down this season. Cable programs are rising while a majority of broadcast is dropping (there are exceptions like Scandal, The Big Bang Theory, The Voice, etc.). Much of the broadcast dramas are dropping year after year (Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Wife, etc.).

  • collegekid

    OUAT adjusted up!!!! YES!!!! And to all those who are still being negative, just be happy it adjusted up. And remember this, every show on television has their ups and downs in each individual season. Give it time.

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