Wednesday Final Ratings: 'Survivor', 'The Middle', 'Modern Family' & 'The Tomorrow People' Adjusted Up; 'Super Fun Night' Adjusted Down + Final World Series Numbers

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October 24th, 2013


Survivor, The Middle, The Tomorrow People and Modern Family were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 while Super Fun Night was adjusted down a tenth versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings. Final baseball numbers are also below.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, October 23  2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM FOX World Series Game 1 (8-10PM) 4.2 11 14.40
CBS Survivor Blood vs Water 2.4 7 9.52
ABC The Middle 2.2 7 8.31
NBC Revolution 1.4 4 5.04
CW Arrow 0.9 3 2.89
8:30PM ABC Back in the Game 1.7 5 6.27
9:00PM ABC Modern Family 3.9 10 10.32
CBS Criminal Minds 2.7 7 11.55
NBC Law and Order: SVU 1.4 4 5.53
CW The Tomorrow People 0.7 2 1.92
9:30PM ABC Super Fun Night 2.1 6 5.79
10:00PM CBS CSI 2.1 6 10.45
ABC Nashville 1.6 4 5.46
NBC Ironside 0.8 2 3.85

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  • Midnight

    A relief for the Tomorrow People. It’s still in an acceptable range. @SJ, do you have any proof? Do you really think that of 4.2 rating that watched the World Series, 0.1 or so wouldn’t have otherwise watched the Tomorrow People? If sports has little to no effect, then why not air original episodes against the Super Bowl and Olympics?

  • starship

    Glad TTP went up, I like the show and last night’s episode was pretty good, still doubt it’ll make it to a second season, but it should at least get a back order.

  • Mike


    Saying Sports have little effect on entertainment show may be true but with a show who’s rating are below a 1.0 those little effects become noticeable. And no I’m not saying that TTP was effected by the World Series or not

  • The One

    Wow!! Amazing TTP! :)
    We should be glad!
    Suck a hot one B&B weird fans!

  • Timmy G

    @SJ, well .1 is “very little.” Everyone else was blaming FOX earlier in the day for the .2 drop, which I felt was more viewer disinterest. I can’t prove where audience overlap truly exists though, so if you can by all means.

  • Chris J

    Not sure what NBC will do this Spring.

    SVU is a pretty weak lead in for freshman spinoff Chicago PD

  • AdamP

    Yay Tomorrow People is up!
    Yay Super Fun Night is down!
    Good news all around, party at my place bring beer!

  • Dave

    Meh for TTP, I still say 18 episodes and done.

  • Die Super Fat Night!

    Indeed good news! :D

  • Mon

    So, who found all 14 300’s on last night’s CSI? I only found 10 in a single viewing, including saying the word “300”, no duplicates. But it didn’t include the “#CSI300″ and the other one. The episode was ok. I wish Nick Stokes was there though. Happy to see Catherine. Nice ratings. It could have done better but the World Series seems to have gotten in the way.

  • BBFan

    I wonder what caused that adjustment. Local coverage of Bos & Stl before the game on FOX? Just a 30k adjustment got TP to 0.7 so we can assume the prelim was at least 0.67. Either way it’s not a bad hold on Arrow viewers.

  • JeffT

    Unfortunately, Nashville is this year’s SMASH. It will suffer the same fate. Still introducing characters at this late date won’t increase the audience.

  • Billiam

    Glad for Tomorrow People but like for it to level off now…

    Sad that Revolution didn’t come up. I think this was the first episode where we’ve seen some sort of humor coming from Miles and it was great. It’s like “I’m surrounded by crazy people!!”

  • sabina

    happy for a measly 0.7!? do not forget that this is the first season so it’s a Flop TTP!

  • Billiam

    @The One hey, some of us like BATB and Tomorrow People…. I’d rather see TCD fail and get cancelled than either one of those…

  • Wright

    Great for TTP!!! Happy to see Revolution hold its rating.

  • Jamey

    Dear SJ,

    Remember last week when you boldly predicted that Super Fun Night would get a 1.8 this week? lol you were wrong :)



  • Gamma626

    Holy crap, the tomorrow people must be the new Chuck.

  • Russ

    You guys are all insane. It was like, only last year when a 0.4-0.6 was a solid CW rating, and you suddenly think just because they have a couple of hits, that a 0.6 means a show is dead? 

    The CW can only afford to cancel a few shows a year. The Carrie Diaries and Beauty and the Beast are both (probably) dead shows walking. I’d be surprised if Hart of Dixie gets picked up for a full season next year at this point; I think they’ll negotiate down to a shorter final season. If you’re above 0.3 for the year with at least a 0.5 average, I think you’re probably going to be a pretty safe show. Bottom line: it’s just too soon to be making declarations yet A 0.6 didn’t kill The Tomorrow People, nor did a 0.7 save it.

  • SVU: Hannibal

    Chris J

    SVU was getting similar (if not minutely stronger) numbers last season when it was Chicago Fire’s lead. so why would Chicago PD fail with a SVU lead in? (Ironside failure wasn’t SVU fault it was because the show was BORING).

    I wish that NBC would have put Night Shift or Believe on Wed instead of ChiPD.

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