Wednesday Final Ratings: 'Survivor', 'The Middle', 'Modern Family' & 'The Tomorrow People' Adjusted Up; 'Super Fun Night' Adjusted Down + Final World Series Numbers

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October 24th, 2013


Survivor, The Middle, The Tomorrow People and Modern Family were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 while Super Fun Night was adjusted down a tenth versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings. Final baseball numbers are also below.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, October 23  2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM FOX World Series Game 1 (8-10PM) 4.2 11 14.40
CBS Survivor Blood vs Water 2.4 7 9.52
ABC The Middle 2.2 7 8.31
NBC Revolution 1.4 4 5.04
CW Arrow 0.9 3 2.89
8:30PM ABC Back in the Game 1.7 5 6.27
9:00PM ABC Modern Family 3.9 10 10.32
CBS Criminal Minds 2.7 7 11.55
NBC Law and Order: SVU 1.4 4 5.53
CW The Tomorrow People 0.7 2 1.92
9:30PM ABC Super Fun Night 2.1 6 5.79
10:00PM CBS CSI 2.1 6 10.45
ABC Nashville 1.6 4 5.46
NBC Ironside 0.8 2 3.85

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  • Lyss

    Sad Back In The Game didn’t get adjusted up but at least it didn’t get adjusted down. For a freshman comedy up against the World Series, Harry Potter, and no promotion from the network I’d say 2.2, 1.9, 1.8, 1.9, and 1.7 is ok ratings, not great but still ok!

  • Dan S

    Wow, SVU tied with RVN at 1.4, methinks it’s days may be numbered. It’ll be interesting to see how the CF spinoff CPD will do in Jan replacing Ironside.

  • david

    A .7 looks better for The Tomorrow People. I loved last nights episode. I hope it and Arrow go back up next week.

  • Die Super Fat Night!


    When most of your shows average a 0.9 rtg, a 0.3 rtg is awful. I expect a Monday clean up, a TCD cancelation and a Friday revamp (dumping Dixie and the Beast loser) there bc they’re stuck with the 22 episodes they already ordered. TTP is fine.

  • Wright

    I hope all the CWs new shows do well this year. The network needs and deserves it.

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    So the Middle and Modern Family ended up not hitting lows, good!

  • starship


    A 0.6 in October can easily turn into a 0.3-0.4 by May. The only new show in recent CW history that has remained stable throughout its first (and second season) is Hart of Dixie. Even Arrow dropped quite a bit, luckily for it, it started very high (for the CW).

  • harry

    ABC move once upon a time at wednesdays at 8 , modern family 8:30, the middle 9 and revenge at 10. move comedies back in the game and super fun night at sundays and let them die there.

  • david

    @rus the CW has 4 shows that rate good now in TVD, Super Natural, The Originals and the Tomorrow People is just below that level. I think they will have higher expectations for better ratings now going into next year. next fall i mean.

  • Kissan

    Here are the Wednesday ratings from two years ago:

    Wednesday October 27th 2011


    CBS: Survivor-3.5 and 11.79 mill. viewers
    ABC: The Middle-3.2 and 10.16 mill. viewers
    NBC: Up All Night(R)-1.1 and 3.48 mill. viewers
    FOX: Glee(R)-0.7 and 2.45 mill. viewers
    CW: Ringer(R)-0.4 and 1.23 mill. viewers


    ABC: Suburgatory-3.4 and 9.73 mill. viewers
    NBC: Whitney(R)-1.1 and 3.80 mill. viewers


    ABC: Modern Family(R)-4.5 and 11.31 mill. viewers
    CBS: Criminal Minds(R)-2.8 and 11.26 mill. viewers
    CW: ANTM-1.0 and 2.27 mill. viewers
    NBC: Harry’s Law(R)-0.8 and 4.47 mill. viewers
    FOX: Glee-0.7 and 2.25 mill. viewers


    ABC: Happy Endings-3.5 and 8.33 mill. viewers


    ABC: Revenge-2.7 and 8.72 mill. viewers
    CBS: CSI(R)-2.0 and 9.06 mill. viewers
    NBC: Prime Suspect(R)-0.8 and 3.51 mill. viewers

  • david

    oh and Arrow was the other show that does good for them.

  • Tre

    when does the twitter rating thing take effect?

  • Nasir

    Good job for Survivor & TTP. Two good eps last night.

  • Russ

    @Die Super Fat Night! Yes, absolutely. Monday is a dead day. I believe, unless these new shows collapse far lower than they have so far, or Dixie bounces back, they’re going to give Dixie the Gossip Girl treatment at best, and the Nikita treatment at worst (6-10 episodes). I don’t think anything can save Beauty & The Beast, except perhaps a deranged eccentric billionare, and what are the odds of that?

    @david They can expect whatever they want, but they can only cancel 2-4 shows a year, and with losers like Dixie, BATB and Carrie Diaries, they don’t have a lot of wiggle room. These shows may or may not drop. Certainly, you can’t decide they will yet, based on losing a quarter of their ratings during The World Series.

    @starship It might, or it might not. We can’t say that, and speculating that it surely will drop to levels below what Dixie/BATB are doing, based on a 25% ratings drop during The World Series is absurd.

  • Freyja

    0.7 is not amazing or great for TTP however; it’s not that bad either considering Monday night. ;) And were gonna have to wait and see how Reign does tonight to make further comparisons.


    Not too much adjustments from the prelims

  • Ryan

    Are you people on drugs! TTP suck and 0.7 is bad considering it’s the 2nd episode of the FIRST season! I want Reign gone!, TTP Gone!, TCD gone!, and B&TB gone!, HoD gone! Can’t wait for Star-Crossed!!!!

  • Josh B

    Good numbers for the ball game, especially since Boston got a big lead early. Hopefully the series gets a little tighter.

  • Bee

    OMG YES. i was so worried nashville would adjust down. ABC really needs to do something because that show is another that could comfortably be doing 2.0-2.5 weekly. it’s DVR numbers are great and it’s so steady. it just needs more people to check it out and get into it. it’s a rookie show that only gets some attention and has a bad lead-in.

    this was a very down night. in fact, it’s been a down week. wonder how the shows will do tonight. i predict 2.5-2.7 for greys, 2.8-3.2 for scandal.

  • BBFan

    I’m starting to find the adjustments intriguing. FOX goes up 70k but less than 13k in 18-49. What market caused that?

    I think the CW will bring back their entire Tue-Thu lineup. Reign’s debut was soft but if it can hold where it’s at & offer some Thrones like action I think it can beat Beast’s avg from Nov-May last yr.

    Assuming Beast isn’t canceled before it’s finale this yr, it will have quite a few ep under it’s belt. Like Dixie, that gives it an advantage over short series like Carrie. I think they will go the Nikita route with 2 short seasons at Fri for Beast. In terms of 18-49, there hasn’t been much change for either Mon or Fri. I think Dixie is a short season away from what it needs for synd after this yr so that will probably split time with Beast on Fri. As the only solid reality tv program the CW has, Top Model will be back as well.

    That means a whole new Monday next yr for the CW.

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