30 Day Multi-Platform Viewing Lifts 'Sleepy Hollow' & 'New Girl' 104% Over Live + Same Day Viewership

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October 25th, 2013

Sleepy Hollow cast

via press notes:

·         Once again, SLEEPY HOLLOW saw more than +100% lift from its post same-day encore and multiplatform viewing.

·         NEW GIRL saw +104% growth from its Live + Same Day total audience – 24 percentage points higher than its premiere week episode lift (+80%).

·         Other high performers included GLEE (+79%) and BROOKLYN NINE-NINE (+88%).

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  • gigi


  • starship

    What’s the point of this?!? It’s total viewers, not 18-49 and it’s just for the premieres. The new shows would still drop sooner or later.

  • j

    Perhaps they have a quota of things to brag about each week regardless of how irrelevant.

  • DenverDean

    I’m still waiting for them to add Monday night’s encore of the pilot to the totals. A year from now when it hits Netflix, FOX will issue a release adding THOSE viewers.

  • Colin

    How did X Factor get 14M and 9.6M on those dates? That can’t be right for them on live+same day.

  • Aron

    Xfactor is not getting cancelled

  • moshane58

    To bad this isn’t counted on all shows every week then maybe less shows would get cancelled. This live day data is just to few people determining with the population now.

  • Fake Me Out

    So the second week of these stats shows, once again, Mindy is on the bottom of the pile in all listed totals. I’d love to see these stats for all the demos just to see how bad Mindy really is doing overall. End the show, give her a break and try again with a new concept in 2015. If they love her so much surely they can find the cash to keep her in a holding pattern for a season while they come up with a new approach.

  • D Pat

    Is this the sort of thing only Fox has the actual stats for? Because I’d be interested to see the demo breakdown.

  • Darcy

    Why do none of the Live+SD numbers match? They all seem to be a few million higher than the final total viewers for Live+SD reported here.

  • Jake

    I’m hoping that if FOX has enough dramas do well that they will cancel the trash that is The X-Factor. That would free up 3 hours of primetime.


    Only reason Mindy Project is so low is because her following doesn’t watch “on demand”, her following downloads her episodes illegally because they are young and tech savy!

  • Dontmindme

    Why would someone illegally download a video that is free on demand? That makes no sense.

  • aiden

    I wonder how many people have watched the episode of LOST after all these years? Hmmm ABC better release a press release soon

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