Cardinals Strike Back & Propel World Series on FOX

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October 25th, 2013


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Game 2 Viewership Up 9%; Series Up 13% Over 2012


Network Wins Second Consecutive Night in Primetime


New York, NY – A World Series sweep is not in the cards for the Red Sox this time as St. Louis ends Boston’s nine-game winning streak in the Fall Classic and sets the stage for more exciting action from St. Louis.


World Series Game 2 on FOX scored an 8.3/14 national household rating/share and averaged 13.4 million viewers according to Nielsen Media Research. Last night’s game is up 6% in rating and 9% in viewership over last year’s 7.8/12 (12.3 million viewers).


Last night’s game powered the network to a first place finish in primetime television for the second consecutive night, averaging an 8.3/14 from 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM. It is FOX’s best Thursday night since the American Idol finale in May and won the night in many key demographics including Men 18-34 (3.6), Men 18-49 (4.5), Adults 18-34 (2.9) and Adults 18-49 (3.6). World Series Game 1 and 2 mark the first time that FOX has won primetime on consecutive nights since two-night American Idol finale episodes in May.


World Series Game 2 opened with a 6.3/11 and grew steadily through the exciting contest and peaked from 10:00 – 10:30 PM ET posting a 9.6/15 as 15.6 million viewers watched the Cardinals rally to even the series.


Through Games 1 & 2, the World Series in FOX is averaging an 8.5/14 and 13.9  million viewers nationally, up 10% in rating and 13% in viewership over last year’s 7.7/12 (12.3 million viewers). FOX’s LCS/World Series postseason average is up 16% from 2012 (5.7/10, 6 ALCS, 2 WS games) vs. (4.9/8, 7 NLCS, 2 WS games).


While the Cardinals won the game, the Red Sox won the social media battle on Facebook.  According to Facebook, Game 2 generated 4.7 million interactions from 2.7 million users.  Red Sox fans were responsible for 58% of the comments, likes and posts, compared to 42% buzz from Cardinals fans.  Men 25-34 and Men 35-44 led all demos.  There have been more than 11 million interactions on Facebook related to the World Series through Games 1 and 2.


According to figures released by Nielsen SocialGuide, Twitter activity for last night’s World Series Game 2 saw impressive increases over 2012. The game drew over 452,000 tweets (up 63% from 2012 World Series Game 2) from more than 222,000 unique authors (up 52%) and was the No. 1 social telecast of the night in all categories.


St. Louis led all markets with a 42.0/61, its best MLB postseason rating since Game 7 of the 2011 World Series, followed by Boston’s 37.3/57. Providence (33.8/49), Hartford (21.1/32), Kansas City (13.9/22), Fort Myers (12.3/19), Richmond (11.7/18), Memphis (11.0/16), Detroit (10.0/16), and Greensboro (9.8/14) round out the top ten markets for Thursday night’s broadcast.


Coverage of Game 3 begins Saturday, Oct. 26 from Busch Stadium in St. Louis at 7:30 PM ET on FOX.

  • DenverDean

    World Series Game 1 and 2 mark the first time that FOX has won primetime on consecutive nights since two-night American Idol finale episodes in May.

    If I were FOX, I wouldn’t be reminding people how far they’ve fallen….

  • joel

    “St. Louis led all markets with a 42.0/61, its best MLB postseason rating since Game 7 of the 2011 World Series”

    It’s good to be the king.

  • Wright

    Go Cards!!!!

  • jay

    Haha. So a close game means less viewers. Makes sense. And to think when these 2 teams met in 04 it averaged 24 million in a sweep! 13 million that laughable.

  • Baseball4Ever



    Let’s get those viewers up to 16-16.9M so I can win the poll!!


  • jay

    What would you like benz? An Padres vs Rays world series? Could you imagine? 8 million viewers is what you want? Parity will only hurt baseball. Face facts baseball is dying more and more every year. It’s only hope to keep these 13/15 million viewers is the traditional teams. Yankees, Red Sox, Cards, Giants. And if the Cubs ever win it all it will have high ratongs but will fall off because the curse would be over. That would only help baseball for 1 season. It does not matter how you run the league, baseball is just boring compared to football and basketball
    That’s why it skews much older! Baseball fans keep dying so the league keeps dying.

  • jay

    With all that being said, game 6 and 7 would bring the average up significantly. Like 2011. But this is still very very bad ratings for the first 2 games. It is less than cards vs rangers first 2 games. You would think the sox would bring in more viewers on the al side than the rangers. That has to be disheartening for mlb and especially fox. They were probably thinking the series would start at over 16 million and expand.

  • kb

    Games 1 and 2 so far are averaging 13.9 million viewers. 3rd worst ever. Behind last year and 2008. So it’s funny how these press releases try to make it seem like it is doing good. Yes it is up from last year’s which was the worst numbers ever. Congrats.

  • TW

    If baseball is”dying” why does it generate $7 billion in revenue each year, second only to the NFL’s 11B? The NBA is generating about $5 billion a year, the NHL $3 billion.

    Baseball is not dying….local TV ratings continue to be strong in many markets. And comparing the Word Series to the NBA Finals ratings is not a fair comparison. The NBA Finals are in June, with no competition. The World Series is in October, where the competition is stiff. It would be interesting to see what an NBA Finals rating would be if it had to go up against an NFL Sunday night game, or fresh fall network shows–especially if the Miami Heat are not in the finals. Good luck.

    I’ve heard people say baseball is dying since the 1970’s. It might be news to some, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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